Scorpions 2020 Junior Regional Coaching Roles

Sydney Scorpions is pleased to announce our 2020 NSWTA Junior Regional coaching teams. Our coaches continue to be a strong mix of experienced and developing leaders who will be looking to get the best out of their teams at the Junior Regional event on 2-3 May at the Central Coast Regional Sporting & Recreation Complex, Tuggerah. Our Scorpions Junior Elite Camp will once again take place as our primary selection trials for our 12/14/16’s at the Sydney Sports Academy, Narrabeen on 21-22 March 2020. Further information including the 2020 junior representative pathway timelines can be found via here.

Boys 12’s
Head Coach – Craig Lowe
Head Coach – Jonathan Palau
Assistant Coach – Liam Liston

Girls 12’s
Head Coach – Gloria Berryman
Assistant Coach – Kalani Duff
Assistant Coach – Tim Sleigh
Manager – Kylie Nicholas

Boys 14’s
Head Coach – Harry Berryman
Assistant Coach – Mark Jones
Assistant Coach – Phil McIlwraith

Girls 14’s
Head Coach – Keith Smith
Assistant Coach – Trevor McDougall
Assistant Coach – Andre Bali

Boys 16’s
Head Coach – Matt Lawson
Assistant Coach – Tim Kitchingham
Assistant Coach – TBC

Girls 16’s
Head Coach – Melissa Mitchell
Head Coach – Anthony Dudeck
Assistant Coach – Carol Jones

Boys 18’s
Head Coach – Brandon McDonald
Assistant Coach – Nhut Trinh
Assistant Coach – TBC

Girls 18’s
Head Coach – Edith Nathan
Assistant Coach – Roha Paki
Assistant Coach – Carly Easterbrook