NYC 2020 Coaching Appointments

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their coaching teams for the upcoming 2020 National Youth Championships. Scorpions have appointed a mix of seasoned experienced coaches along with a number of developing coaches representing five different Scorpions affiliates.  Scorpions U12/14/16/18 squad members will be invited to trial with details to be published when available.  Scorpions are also pleased to announce our Juniors Directors and High Performance Managers for the NYC campaign and beyond. Scorpions Player Mentors and Referees will also be announced in coming weeks.  Further announcements on our 2020/21 committee will follow our AGM which will take place on 3 August 2020.

Boys 12’s:
Head Coach – Craig Lowe
Assistant Coach – Liam Liston
Interim Manager – Lena Lowe

Girls 12’s:
Head Coach – Gloria Berryman

Assistant Coach – Kylie Nicholas
Assistant Coach – Tim Sleigh
Interim Manager – Kellie Cohen

Boys 14’s:
Head Coach – Harry Berryman
Assistant Coach – Brad Curl
Assistant Coach – Mark Jones
Interim Manager- Chanelle Berryman

Girls 14’s:
Head Coach – Keith Smith

Assistant Coach – Andre Bali
Assistant Coach – Trevor McDougall
Interim Manager – Keith Smith

Boys 16’s:
Head Coach – Matt Lawson

Assistant Coach – Terry Joe
Assistant Coach – Phil McIlwraith
Manager – Jo Lawson

Girls 16’s:
Head Coach – Anthony Dudeck

Head Coach – Melissa Mitchell
Assistant Coach – Carol Jones
Manager – Johanne Joe

Boys 18’s:
Head Coach – Brandon McDonald

Assistant Coach – Nhut Trinh
Assistant Coach – Tim Kitchingham
Interim Manager – Dean Michniewicz

Girls 18’s:
Head Coach – Edith Nathan

Head Coach – Roha Paki
Assistant Coach – Kalani Duff
Interim Manager – Michelle Geros

Regional Juniors Directors (Boys) – Craig Lowe, Nhut Trinh
Regional Juniors Directors (Girls) – Carol Jones, Edith Nathan
Regional High Performance Managers – Anthony Dudeck, Johanne Joe, Michael Donaghy, Michelle Geros