NTL 2021

Congratulations to all Sydney Scorpions representatives on yet another successful National Touch League campaign. Scorpions took out 5 championship titles and were runners-up in another 4 divisions with the overall results below. #StrongerTogether

Men’s Open A – Semi Finalists (4th)

Men’s Open B – 9th Place Playoff (9th)
Scorpions 11 defeated Victoria (White) 5

Women’s Open A – Grand Finalists (2nd)
Sharks 5 defeated Scorpions 4
Women’s Open B – 11th Place Playoff (11th)
Scorpions 8 defeated CQ Bulls 6
Mixed Open – Quarter Finalists (5th)

Men’s 30’s – Champions (1st)
Scorpions 7 defeated Sharks 6
Player of the Final – Maurice Kennedy
Men’s 40’s – Champions (1st)
Scorpions 7 defeated Sharks 3
Player of the Final – Drew Davies
Men’s 45’s – Champions (1st)
Scorpions 5 defeated Cobras 4
Men’s 50’s – Grand Finalists (2nd)
Sharks 4 defeated Scorpions 3
Men’s 55’s – Champions (1st)
Scorpions 7 defeated Sharks 4
Player of the Final – David Cheung
Men’s 60’s – Semi Finalists (3rd)
Women’s 30’s – Semi Finalists (4th)
Women’s 40’s – Grand Finalists (2nd)
Hornets 5 defeated Scorpions 4
Women’s 45’s – Semi Finalists (3rd)
All Abilities (Tier 1) – Champions (1st)
Scorpions A 2 defeated Hornets 1
Player of the Final – Zac Jones
All Abilities (Tier 2) – Grand Finalists (2nd)
Cobras B 4 defeated Scorpions B 2

Congratulations to the following Scorpions Croft Medal winners from the recent National Touch League which took place at Coffs Harbour.

Men’s Open A: Caidyn Wynyard
Men’s Open B: Alex Tripolone
Women’s Open A: Pihuka Duff
Women’s Open B: Lucy McDonald
Mixed Open: Jesse Parker
Men’s 30’s: Harry Berryman
Men’s 40’s: Richard Foote
Men’s 45’s: Mark Leonard
Men’s 50’s: James Marks
Men’s 55’s: Rob Weatherill
Men’s 60’s: Geoff Harris
Women’s 30’s: Taiana Waddell Scanlan
Women’s 45’s: TBA
Women’s 40’s: Belinda Patterson
All Abilities – Tier 1: Zac Jones
All Abilities – Tier 2: Harry Woodhouse