National Touch League 2016

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their final teams here when they come to hand, they will be competing at the National Touch League in Coffs Harbour on 9-12 March, 2016.

Women’s Elite 8: Alex Chung, Amy Dufor, Andrea Roditis, Annabelle Regan, Courtney Young, Danni Davis, Emma Williams, Haley Crawford, Hannah Dyball, Kylie Hilder, Logan Flanagan,  Naomi Richardson, Steph Commins, Steph Maiolo, Tegan Chandler, Zara Nicholas. Coach: Graham Fleming  Manager: Robyn Maiolo

Men’s Elite 8:  Cain  Rangi, Ciaran  Toner, Daniel Barton, Dom  Tripp, Jackson Mills, Jake  Pickering, Jed  Ibbotson, Jonathon  Palau, Jordan  Horo, Jordan  Sarmento, Kai  Simbolon, Luke Simmons, Mark  Roberts, Quin Witika, Simon  Lang, Tjadyn Ashby.  Head Coach: Dave Nolan  Assistant Coach:  Jason Martin  Manager: Vincent Bateman

Men’s T-League:  Anthony Mercieca, Brad Davoren-Whereat, Campbell Marks, Charlie Suters, Jacob Harrington, Jaycob Fong, Josh O’Connor, Josh Phillips, Lawrence Bingham, Liam Simbolon, Marley Simbolon, Mason McDonald, Ray Wehbe, Sam Edgley, Tom Suters, Zac Simons.  Head Coach: Brad Curl  Assistant Coaches: Anthony Dudeck, Ian Kalms, Scott Collins  Manager: Mark Harrington 

Women’s T-League:  Alana Barlow, Amber Cheney, Ashlee Clifford, Bailee Nix, Bianca Sorbello, Briana Hibbert, Brianna Sorbello, Bronte Fletcher, Caitlin Rogers, Hayley Bird, Jacelyn Maher, Jane Hill, Maddie McManus, Mel Harrison, Rebekah Blanchard, Talisha Maruta. Coach: Christian Browne  Assistant Coach:  Matt Lawson  Manager: Stacey Parker

Mixed Open: Ben Dossetor, Blake Vanderwoude, Brad Gibson, Chloe Scranage, Clare Belfanti, Connor Hickey, Greg Robinson, Jordie Jamer, Josh Gillard, Julia Epstein, Jye Malcolm, Larissa Canning, Luke Eisenhuth, Michala Ford, Regan Walsh, Troy Malcolm.  Coach: Jye Malcolm  Assistant Coach: Andrew Windsor

Senior Mixed: Adam Fahim, Brad Mitchell, Damien Guilbert, Phil Jarrett, Matt Lawson, Rocco Giaquinto, Shannon Warren, Simon Kowald, Stephen Day, Tony Eltakchi, Katrina McIlwraith, Kelly Nicholas, Melissa Mitchell, Michelle Roberts, Rosa-Lee Oster, Sarah Nash. Coach: Dave Roberts  Manager: Simon Kowald

Women’s 40’s:  Cheryl Burgess, Jann Rose, Joanne Joe, Kerry Doyle, Kim Paull, Kylie Nicholas, Lynda Robertson, Megan Kennedy, Megan McGhie, Megan Taberner, Michelle Griffiths, Michelle Smidt, Monique Licardy, Monique Nolan, Sharlene Wong, Vicki Humpherson.  Coach: Paul Robinson  Manager: Monique Licardy

Men’s 30’s: Adrian Vallelonga, Charbel Maroun, Dean Murphy, Drew Davies, Grant Behrens, Heath Cooper, Jason Schrenguivel, Jonathon Bailey, Ken Richardson, Michael Abood, Nathan Smith, Paul Macpherson, Putt Berryman, Shane Warman, William Bishop. Coach: Terry Cooper Manager: Bruce Ager

Men’s 40’s:  Andre Bali, Andrew Windsor, Anthony Dudeck, Barry Gibson, Brad Curl, Christian Browne, Christian Papalia, Darren Swain, Dion Sereni, Ian Kalms, Jason Martin, Joe Salim, Lars Hanson, Matt Scranage, Robin Day, Shane Frederiksen.  Coach: Ron Larcombe  Manager: Ian Kalms

Men’s 45’s: Alex Ferro, Brandon McDonald, Brett Gillard, David Cheung, David McDonald, Derek Duguid, Edward Fong, Graham West, James Marks, Jeff Cheung, John Moujalli, Lenny Ryan, Peter Wandl, Rob Weatherill, Scott Collins, Tim Kitchingham.  Coach:  Brett Gillard

Men’s 50’s: Amir Ayoub, Andrew Humpherson, Bruce Ager, Cliff Lyons, Darryl Anderson, David Mills, George Kritikarkis, Greg Friend, John Menegus, Mark Harrington, Michael Hardgrave, Paul Robinson, Peter Mcdonald, Rick Spence, Roy Stratham, Steve Sutton, Wayne Callaghan. Coach: Cliff Lyons  Manager: Greg Friend

Men’s 55’s: Barry Draws, Brett Jenkins, Bruce Cole, Dave McLean, Garry Simmons, Gordon Parish, Matt Holland, Jack Angelo, John Watts, Paul Ibbotson, Phil Young, Stephen McMahon, Steven Turner, Warren Booker. Coach: Graeme Pickering  Manager: Gordon Parish

29 March 2016 – Please find results of our Scorpions 2016 NTL survey below.  Overall we believe these results are positive however as always there are areas to improve.  Please find additional responses to your survey comments on specific topics below.

  • Clothing gear sizing always seems to be a challenge with manufacturers, particularly when they use varying suppliers themselves.  As in the past we will request sample garments where we can and then request that the final product is as per the sample size provided
  • We are asked each year do Scorpions have input into the Elite 8 NSW Scorpions appointments or player selections.  We do not as these are controlled via NSWTA however we have requested that we do have input particularly as we are responsible for Elite 8 accommodation and financials
  • We need to improve our ice baths, at least have an esky to keep the ice frozen until it is ready to be used as the ice baths can be colder.  There were delays on day one with the ice deliveries which a local company co-ordinates
  • Online portal is in its early design phase and all feedback is being taken on board to make the process easier and reduce the PayPal fees, although you should have been able to pay direct from a bank account via PayPal to avoid the fees – we will investigate further.  Overall objective of the online system is to reduce time spent on admin related tasks from Scorpions volunteers
  • At our accommodation it would be ideal if we didn’t have to use pull-out sofa’s, however we are limited to the amount of rooms we can book therefore we have to do best with what we have.  Additionally unfortunately it is not as cost effective if we do not use pull-up out sofa beds due to the room configuration. Other option is using additional accommodation elsewhere however feedback received in the past is that all teams prefer to stay at the one location
  • In regards to 2017 campaign the overwhelming majority agree we need to start appointing proactive coaches and managers a lot earlier.  Then squads will be formed and final teams will be selected much earlier than in the past.  For this to be successful we need player buy-in and with this future approach it is most likely that we will be sending less teams to NTL in 2017 – something that we are prepared to do.  During April/May 2016 our roadmap for our next NTL campaign will be provided with details of timelines that will be enforced
  • Our T-League teams should also be selected earlier and it’s obvious information on these NTL divisions is not getting out to the players and parents at affiliate level.  During April/May 2016 we will be releasing information on our updated Scorpions Sting program which will be focused on greater success for our T-League teams and additionally where possible finalising selection of our Junior Regionals Boys/Girls 18’s teams post NTL to ensure we get the strongest teams in all divisions – there is no better trial for our 18’s teams from players that are playing in our T-League teams
  • Further feedback on the above comments via Anthony Dudeck – Scorpions Regional Director

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SH1859 Mar. 29 12.22  SH1857 Mar. 29 12.22 SH1856 Mar. 29 12.22 SH1855 Mar. 29 12.21

SH1858 Mar. 29 12.22 SH1860 Mar. 29 12.23