Merit Teams

2015 Sydney Scorpions 10’s & 12’s Merit Teams
Many thanks to all the players and parents who attended our second annual 10/12’s Merit Training Session.  The talented players that took part from all the Scorpions affiliates is mind-blowing – the future looks extremely positive!  Many thanks to Interno for supporting the day with some of their fantastic waterbottles.  Our 2015 Boys & Girls 10’s & 12’s Merit teams are below.

Boy’s 10’s: Beau Morrison (Renegades), Ben Noble (Ryde Eastwood), Dylan Brettle (Hills), Gabe Stuart (Renegades), Hamish Douglas (Renegades), Jack O’Connor (Hornsby), Jai Kendal (Hills), Jayden Jenkins (Hills 2), Joey Walsh (Manly), Josh Curl (Hills), Kennan Lawandos (Ryde Eastwood), Jackson Landsdown (Hills 2), Liam Bissett (Parramatta), Luke Maroun (Parramatta), Max Marsters (Manly), Nicholas McMahon (Hornsby), Oscar Gray (Parramatta), Patrick Young (Ryde Eastwood), Tylan Black Berryman (Manly).

Girls 10’s: Amber Jurotte (Hornsby), Anaia Cruickshank (Renegades), Chelsea Smyth (Renegades), Giselle Kusto (Ryde Eastwood), Hannah Dale (Parramatta), Hayley Hopper (Ryde Eastwood), Laila Dimech (Parramatta), Mackenzie Davis (Hills), Marissa Stubbs (Renegades), Mia McGregor (Hornsby), Milla Elaro (Parramatta), Mischa Morrell (Manly), Olivia Inkster (Manly), Piper Simons (Manly), Raph Perigo (Hills), Sienna Wheelhouse (Ryde Eastwood), Tara Roberts (Hornsby), Taylor Gates (Hills), Claudia Bowen (Norths), Sienna Kafer (Norths), Chloe McDonell (Norths).

Boy’s 12’s: Bailey Swain (Manly 2), Brody Howard (Ryde Eastwood), Cameron Hall (Hornsby), Daniel Denison (Hills 2), Daniel O’Donnell (Manly), Ethan Sanders (Hills), Jayden Ambichi (Parramatta), Joseph Nohra (Ryde Eastwood), Josh Ruxton (Hills 2), Lochoneus Paki (Manly), Malakai Halo (Manly 2), Malakai Latitevu (Ryde Eastwood), Matt Curl (Hills), Michael Geddes (Parramatta), Oskar Warner (Renegades), Riley Canning (Hills), Riley Mayo (Renegades), Ryan Brophy (Hornsby), Teddy Wilson (Manly), Tobey Lewis (Parramatta), Tom Morrison (Renegades), Zac Davidson (Hornsby), Jack Bowen (Norths), Ben Kafer (Norths), Charlie Marwedel (Norths).

Girls 12’s: Addison Cordery (Parramatta), Brearna Nathan (Manly), Georgia Hekeik (Parramatta), Grace Carpenter (Manly), Hannah Longton (Hills), Holly McNamara (Hills), Holy Raaff (Renegades), Imogen Sayer (Manly 2), Karly O’Neill (Ryde Eastwood), Lala Duff (Manly), Lauren Geddes (Hornsby), Layla Ritchie (Renegades), Loren Gorman (Hornsby), Mackenzie Williams (Hornsby), Matilda Donkin (Parramatta), Phoebe Hunt (Hills), Portia Amy-Wilson (Ryde Eastwood), Summer Syron (Manly 2), Zoe Chaney (Ryde Eastwood), Zoey Miller (Renegades), Madeleine McDonell (Norths), Jessica MacLennan-Pike (Norths), Sasha Oaten (Norths).

2014 Sydney Scorpions 10’s & 12’s Merit Teams

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2013 Sydney Scorpions 10’s & 12’s Merit Teams
The Sydney Scorpions 10’s & 12’s Merit teams can be found below. This was the first year Sydney Scorpions have introduced these Merit teams, congratulations to all players.

10 Boys Merit Team: Matthew Curl, Dylan Brettle, Darcy Brettle, Ryan Clifford, Teddy Wilson, Lachoneous Paki, Daniel Morley, Daniel O’Donnell, Joseph Katrib, Tobey Lewis, Max Downer, Jarod Walker, Cooper WheelHouse, Finn Hurst, Joseph Nohra, Jonah Tuilata.
10 Girls Merit Team: Taylor Gates, Hannah Longton, Phoebe Hunt, Ellah Johnston, Kiiahla Duff, Grace Carpenter, Hollie Raaf, Zoey Miller, Elissa Dombrovskis, Matilda Donkin, Ashley Younis, Georgia Hekeik, Zoe Chaney, Jennifer Saab, Naomi Saab, Karly O’Neill.
12 Boys Merit Team: Edmond Matta, Campbell Byrd, Cooper Price, Mitchell MacDonald, Kyle Bowen,Brock Wells, Mitch Quetcher, Ben Trobojevic, Jason Smyth, Boehn Russell, John Belcher, Lachlan Brooke, Ethan Klein, Connor McCann, Oliver Arcus, Jordan Hill.
12 Girls Merit Team: Taylah Wadsworth, Kyah West, Maddison Swan, Tiajana Gow, Kate Ryan, Destiny Halo, Lucy McDonald, Mya Geros, Sariah Paki, Pihuka Duff, Lily Schnitzler, Tyler Pelligra, Julia Zubak, Maddie Pritchard, Taliah Simbolon, Kiere Simula, Taylah Nicholls, Josie Bee, Ruby Cooper.