Sydney Scorpions 2014 Merit Teams Training Session UPDATED  21.02.14
Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce details of their 2014 Scorpions 10's & 12's Merit Teams training session. The session will include training by Sydney Scorpions male and female NTL, Elite 8, NSW & Australian representatives.  Players are requested to wear their club colours.  Scorpions merchandise will be available for purchase.  All parents/guardians are requested to complete the online rego stating their attendance.

Date: Sunday 2nd March, 2014     Time: 11.00am-12noon
Venue: TG Millner Field, Marsfield
Details:  This event is invite only to our 2014 Boys & Girls 10's & 12's Merit teams
Wet Weather Info: Any last minute updates via our Facebook page and/or website
Online Rego:  www.surveymonkey.com/s/scorpsmerit2014

Sydney Scorpions 2014 NSWTA Junior Regional Squads UPDATED  21.02.14
Sydney Scorpions Coaches & Selectors were hard at work at the tournament selecting their squads for the 2014 NSWTA Junior Regional Championships, which will take place over the weekend of the 26/27 April 2014, at Goulburn, NSW (approx. 2hrs 10mins drive from Sydney).   The Scorpions will be looking to continue their recent run of success at this tournament after last year yet again being crowned Champion Permit by appearing in 5 out of 6 Grand Finals and winning 3 of these. As per Scorpions policy all players that were in 2013 final teams have been automatically included in the 2014 squads. For example if a player made the 14 Girls team in 2013 and she is eligible for the 14 Girls again, she will automatically be included in the 14 Girls squad. However if she is now eligible for 16 Girls then she is not an automatic selection in the 16 Girls squad.  The Sydney Scorpions Selection Policy can be found here.  Any squad player unable to attend a trial and still wishes to be considered for selection needs to complete the following document and return to Sydney Scorpions.

Girls 14's Squad:
Squad (33 players): Capri Vidler (Parramatta), Carly Abbott (Northern Beaches), Deni Ross (Parramatta), Faith Nathan (Manly), Hayley Thorndyke (Hills), Indiana Haoui (Northern Beaches), Isabella Beach (Manly), Jesse  Smith (Hills), Josephine Lenaz (Hills), Josie Bee (Ryde Eastwood), Julia Zubak (Parramatta), Kate Ryan (Manly), Kyah West (Hills), Lauren Pruscino (Parramatta), Lily Schnitzler (Manly), Lucy McDonald (Manly), Maddison Pritchard (Parramatta), Madison Ashby (Manly), Molly Bird (Hornsby), Mya Geros (Manly), Pihuka Duff (Manly), Rachel Fear (Manly), Renee Khamis (Parramatta), Ruby Cooper (Ryde Eastwood), Ruby Reid (Northern Beaches), Sariah  Paki (Manly), Shannyn Bissett (Parramatta), Tahlia Simbolon (Parramatta), Tasma Woolley (Manly), Tatum Bird (Parramatta), Taylah Nicholls (Ryde Eastwood), Tianah Geros (Manly), Tyler Pelligra (Parramatta).  Coach: Roha Paki   Assistant Coaches:  Gavin Brucey & Gloria Berryman

Girls 16's Squad: 
Squad (33 Players): Isabella Duncan, Allison Dallaway, Danae Blewitt, Jane Hill, Rebekah Blanchard, Tamia Kearns, Brianna Sorbello, Aaliyah Paki, Tayla Fraser, Brittney Clifford, Kristie Leonard, Tully Marr, Paige French, Chloe Scranage, Maddison Hartmann, Ellie-May Asprey, Jaala Harrison, Abbey Steanes, Claudia Mece, Sinead McNamara, Madielyn Nolan, Sophie Martin, Abigail Shepherd, Dana Griffin, Brittany Haskins, Jane Vanzino, Claire Vanzino, Nicole Saldern, Georgette Randall, Caitlin Cimarosti, Courtney Young, Logan Glasson, Simone Rodgers.  Coach: Jamie Clifford  Assistant Coaches: Danni Davis & Matt Scranage

Girls 18's Squad: 
Squad (27 players):  Abbey Papenhuyzen, Abbey Urwin, Aleya Wiggins, Annaleise Barton, Ashley Gray, Bianca Sorbello, Bridie Hill, Chloe Cheney, Courtney Milone, Crystal Maguire, Emily Gordon, Emma Williams, Georgia Toovey, Georgia Voura, Greta Virgona, Hannah Dyball, Jordan Jamer, Kaitlin McCaffery, Laara Lewis, Michala Ford, Shellie Davis, Steph Maiolo, Talisha Maruta, Tayla Clifford, Tayla Duguid, Taylor Hornery, Zara Nicholas.  Coach: Anthony Dudeck  Assistant Coach:  Melissa Mitchell    Further info via email
Players requested to wear their club playing or training singlets with number

Boys 14's Squad: 
Squad (33 players):  Adrian Khattar, Boehn Russell, Christian Williams, Connor Tannous, Conor Hickey, David Tejcek, Elijah Pai, Ethan Klein, Flynn Agles Corke, Fraser McGrath, Jack Stewart, Jack Walsh, Jack Paavola, Jerome Van der Helde, Jordan Adams, Jordan Hill, Josh Takchi, Joshua Anstee, Lachlan Bamford, Luke Maiolo, Matt Swain, Mitchell Quetcher, Nate Scranage, Nathan Van Buuren, Oliver Arcus, Sam Kelly, Samuel Edgeley, Thomas Edgeley, Tyran Rotondo, Tyreece Figota, William Otoole, Zach Symons, Zachary Murray. Coach: Rob Barrakat Assistant Coach: Dave Nolan

Boys 16's Squad: 
Squad (35 players):  Ryley Angles-Corke (Parramatta), Jayden Griffin (Parramatta), Jayden  McDonald (Parramatta), Luke Osborne (Parramatta), Ryan Papenhuyzen (Parramatta), Adam Rizk (Parramatta), Jarrod Spicer (Parramatta), Ray Wehbe (Parramatta), Marley Simbolon (Parramatta), Curtis Wilson (Parramatta), Jordan Khattar (Parramatta), Jacob Harrington (Parramatta), Lawrence Bingham (Parramatta), Keeley Bowen (Hornsby), Jordan Do Rozario (Hornsby), Kobby Agyei (Hills), Samuel Watkins (Hills), Brad Davoren-Whereat (Hills), Daniel Hunt (Hills), Ryan Mettenbrink (Hills), Tom Bracken (Hills), Zane O'Neill (Northern Beaches), Jarrah Rogan (Northern Beaches), Finn Heath (Northern Beaches), Jeremy Allan (Northern Beaches), Daniel Clabretta (Northern Beaches), Matthew Rocca (Manly 18's), Campbell Marks (Manly), Jack Mazaraki (Manly), Mason McDonald (Manly), Max Simons (Manly), Thomson Suters (Manly), Lachlan Elks (Manly), Harrison Haywood (Manly), Cooper Johns (Manly).  Coach: Brandon McDonald  Assistant Coach: Darren Swain

Boys 18's Squad:
Squad (32 players): Anthony Katrib (Parramatta), Ben Crerar (Manly), Bill Eltakchi (Ryde Eastwood), Billy Leonard Manly), Brad Gibson (Ryde Eastwood), Brad Stevenson (Parramatta), Cameron Dow (Ryde Eastwood), Harrison Fox (Hornsby), Jackson Mills (Parramatta), Jacob Curran (Hornsby), Jacob McLean  Parramatta), Jai Field (Parramatta), Jake Nolan (Parramatta), Jean Louis Jones (Ryde Eastwood), Jordan Sarmento (Parramatta), Joshua Wandl (Manly), Kai Simbolon (Parramatta), Luke Mansour (Parramatta), Mark Wilson (Hornsby), Matthew McSweeney (Ryde Eastwood), Matthew Shields Hornsby), Matthew Wilson (Ryde Eastwood), Nathan Cooper (Ryde Eastwood), Pat Taumata (Hills), Regan Walsh (Ryde Eastwood), Richard Takchi (Ryde Eastwood), Sam Raffaele (Manly), Shane Wong (Manly), Thomas Wong (Ryde Eastwood), Tom Collins (Manly), Troy  Black (Parramatta), Zac Simons (Manly).  Coach:  Jason Martin  Assistant Coach:  TBC

Scorps Champion Permit 2013 @ NSWTA Junior Regionals UPDATED  22.04.13
This weekend saw the NSWTA Junior Regionals Championships take place at Wagga Wagga with the Sydney Scorpions once again taking out the Champion Permit title. Congratulations to the Girls 14's, Boys 16's & Girls 16's – all whom won their Finals, with the Boys 14's and Girls 18's going down in their Finals.  Please find results, Scorpions Croft Medal winners and NSW Merit team players listed below.  Photo's can be found here.

Boys 14's – Runners Up
Grand Final – Hunter Western Hornets 3 def Sydney Scorpions 2

Coach: Louis Rizk & Assistant Coach: Darren Swain   Manager:  Tony Khattar
Boy’s 14’s State Merit Team:  Middle: Finn Heath   Link: Ryley Angles-Corke, Adam Rizk    Wing: Joshua Curran

Girls 14's – Champions
Grand Final – Sydney Scorpions 2 def Hunter Western Hornets 1
Player of the Final: 
Aaliyah Paki

Coach: Jamie Clifford & Assistant Coach: Danni Davis   Manager:  Matt Scranage
Girl’s 14’s State Merit Team:  Middle: Brittney Clifford    Link: Aallyah Paki    Wings: Ashleigh Simpson, Isabella Duncan

Boys 16's – Champions
Grand Final – Sydney Scorpions 6 def Sydney Rebels 2

Player of the Final:  Matt Wilson
Coach: Dave Nolan  & Assistant Coach: Rob Barrakat   Manager:  Simone Wilson
Boy’s 16’s State Merit Team:  Middles: Brad Gibson, Matthew Wilson    Links: Richard Takchi, Ryan Papenhuyzen    Wing: Luke Mansour

Girls 16's – Champions
Grand Final – Sydney Scorpions 3 def Hunter Western Hornets 0

Player of the Final:  Chloe Cheney
Coaches: Anthony Dudeck & Craig Beacroft    Manager:  Sandra Dyball
Girl’s 16’s State Meriti Team:   Middles: Hannah Dyball, Tayla Clifford, Shellie Davis    Links: Chloe Cheney, Stephanie Maiolo, Georgia Toovey    Wings: Abbey Urwin, Simone Rodgers

Boys 18's – Semi Finalists
Semi Final – Sydney Mets 7 def Sydney Scorpions 6

Coach:  Jason Martin    Manager:  Tony Suters & Scott Collins

Girls 18's – Runners Up
Grand Final – Hunter Western Hornets 6 def Sydney Scorpions 4

Coach: David Duguid & Assistant Coach: Tony Milone   Manager:  Prue Nicholas

Sydney Scorpions 14/16/18 NSWTA Regional Teams UPDATED  18.03.13
Congratulations to the players below who will represent the Sydney Scorpions at the NSWTA Junior Regionals Championships on the 20-21 April in Wagga Wagga.  Trials were very competitive and in some teams shadows have been included.  The shadow players are asked to train with the team and can contact the Coach for further information.  Families are advised to organise their accommodation sooner than later.  The Wagga Wagga Visitor Centre can assist with this via their website, email visitors@wagga.nsw.gov.au or phone 1300 100 122. 

Girls 14's Team:  Aaliyah Paki, Abbey Steanes, Ally Dallaway, Ashleigh Simpson, Brittney Clifford, Chloe Scranage, Ellie May Asprey, Isabella Duncan, Madielyn Nolan, Paige French, Sophie Martin, Tamia Kearns, Tayla Fraser, Tully Marr.  Shadows:  Rebekah Blanchard, Maddison Hartman

Training: Details via Facebook
Selectors:  Anthony Dudeck & Jamie Clifford
Coach: Jamie Clifford & Assistant Coach: Danni Davis
Further info via playerclifford@me.com

Boys 14's TeamAdam Rizk, Adrian Khattar, Anthony Sakr, Curtis Wilson, Finn Heath, Jarod Spicer, Jayden Griffin, Josh Bakhos, Josh Curran, Matt Swain, Ray Wehbe, Ryley Angles Cook, Sam Kelly, Shannon Gardiner.  Shadows:  Bennett Wheelhouse, Sam Edgley

Training: Details via Facebook
Further info via lrizk@optusnet.com.au
Selectors:  Dave Nolan & Louis Rizk
Coach: Louis Rizk & Assistant Coach: Darren Swain

Girls 16's Team: Abbey Urwin (Parramatta Eels), Chloe Cheney (Manly Sea Eagles), Clare Vanzino (Manly Sea Eagles), Courtney Milone (Parramatta Eels), Emily Gordon (Parramatta Eels), Georgia Toovey (Manly Sea Eagles), Hannah Dyball (Manly Sea Eagles), Michala Ford (Parramatta Eels), Nicole Saldern (Manly Sea Eagles), Shellie Davis (Manly Sea Eagles), Simone Rodgers (Ryde Eastwood Hawks), Steph Maiolo (Manly Sea Eagles), Tayla Clifford (Manly Sea Eagles), Tayla Duguid (Parramatta Eels)  Shadow: Talisha Maruta (Parramatta Eels)

Training: Details via Facebook
Selectors:  Brett Gillard & Craig Beacroft
Coaches: Anthony Dudeck & Craig Beacroft

Boys 16’s Team:  Troy Black (Parramatta Eels), Malcom Chaney (Ryde Eastwood), Tom Collins (Manly Sea Eagles), Josh Dickerson (Hornsby Lions), Cammeron Dow (Ryde Eastwood), Billy Eltachi (Ryde Eastwood), Brad Gibson (Ryde Eastwood), Luke Mansour (Parramatta Eels), Matthew McSweeney (Ryde Eastwood), Jackson Mills (Parramatta Eels), Ryan Pappenhuyzen (Parramatta Eels), Richard Takchi (Ryde Eastwood), Regan Walsh (Ryde Eastwood), Matt Wilson (Ryde Eastwood).  Shadows: Zac Simmons (Manly Sea Eagles), Nathan Williams (Manly Sea Eagles).

Training: Details via Facebook
Selectors:  Tim Kitchingham & Dave Nolan
Coach: Dave Nolan  & Assistant Coach: Rob Barrakat

Girls 18's Team: Abbey Papenhuyzen, Adeline Bruce, Aleya Wiggins, Annaleise Barton, Ashley Gray, Crystal Maguire, Emma Williams, Jess Fowler, Jordan Jamer, Kate Phillips, Laara Lewis, Samantha Donlan, Taylor Hornery, Zara Nicholas. Shadows: Courtney Duguid, Mila Randall, Sinead Hickey

First training for all girls listed will be held on Wednesday March 20th at Doyle Ground, North Parramatta @ 6.30pm, and then each Wednesday at 6.30pm at Doyle Ground, North Parramatta and on Sundays 9.00 am at Meadowbank Park, Ryde.  Please wear Scorpions tops or Black/White Singlet and black shorts.  Please confirm your acceptance of position by contacting David Duguid.

Any further information that may be required please contact the following:                                                   
Coach:    David Duguid    0413 802 637    daduguid@mmm.com                       
Ass. Coach:    Tony Milone    0414 442 155     tony@ecoslabs.com.au                       
Manager:    TBA
Selectors:  Mick Daley & David Duguid

Boys 18's Team: Aaron Wright, Adam Page, Benjamin Younis, Charlton Suters, Grant McDonald, Jacob Maclean, Jed Ibbotson, Jeremy King, Jonathan Miller, Mat Arnold, Matthew Shields, Matthew Smith, Mitchel Van Noort, Samual Raffaele. Shadows: Anthony Kartrib, Gregory O'Connor, Jacob Curran, Justin Gerges

Training: Details via Facebook
Further info via email@sydneyscorpions.com
Selectors:  Tim Kitchingham & Jason Martin
Coach:  Jason Martin

Sydney Scorpions 10's & 12's Merit Teams UPDATED 19.02.13

The Sydney Scorpions 10's & 12's Merit teams can be found below. This is the first year Sydney Scorpions have introduced these Merit teams, congratulations to all players.  Further information on Scorpions gear that can be purchased for these players will be available soon.

10 Boys Merit Team: Matthew Curl, Dylan Brettle, Darcy Brettle, Ryan Clifford, Teddy Wilson, Lachoneous Paki, Daniel Morley, Daniel O'Donnell, Joseph Katrib, Tobey Lewis, Max Downer, Jarod Walker, Cooper WheelHouse, Finn Hurst, Joseph Nohra, Jonah Tuilata.
10 Girls Merit Team: Taylor Gates, Hannah Longton, Phoebe Hunt, Ellah Johnston, Kiiahla Duff, Grace Carpenter, Hollie Raaf, Zoey Miller, Elissa Dombrovskis, Matilda Donkin, Ashley Younis, Georgia Hekeik, Zoe Chaney, Jennifer Saab, Naomi Saab, Karly O'Neill.
12 Boys Merit Team: Edmond Matta, Campbell Byrd, Cooper Price, Mitchell MacDonald, Kyle Bowen,Brock Wells, Mitch Quetcher, Ben Trobojevic, Jason Smyth, Boehn Russell, John Belcher, Lachlan Brooke, Ethan Klein, Connor McCann, Oliver Arcus, Jordan Hill.
12 Girls Merit Team: Taylah Wadsworth, Kyah West, Maddison Swan, Tiajana Gow, Kate Ryan, Destiny Halo, Lucy McDonald, Mya Geros, Sariah Paki, Pihuka Duff, Lily Schnitzler, Tyler Pelligra, Julia Zubak, Maddie Pritchard, Taliah Simbolon, Kiere Simula, Taylah Nicholls, Josie Bee, Ruby Cooper.


Sydney Scorpions 14/16/18 NSWTA Regional Squads 19.02.13

14 Girls Squad: Bridget Goldsmith, Rose Murray, Alexia van Noort, Brittany Wells, Tayla Fraser, Rebekah Blanchard, Danae Blewitt, Isabella Duncan, Tamia Kearns, Ashleigh Simpson, Ally Dallaway, Brittney Clifford, AAliyah Paki, Tully Marr, Ellie-May Asprey, Rachel Fear, Paige French, Abbey Steanes, Chloe Scranage, Jaala Harrison, Maddison Hartman, Hayley Nolan, Sophie Martin, Madielyn Nolan, Abigail Shepherd, Jane Hill, Chelsea Loughrey.

14 Boys Squad: Brock Langham, Ryan Mettenbrink, Jimmy Hawkins, Samuel Edgely, Finn Heath, Conor Hickey, Cooper Johns, Sam Kelly, Tom Suters, Matt Swain, Ryley Angles-Corke, Joshua Bakhos, Joshua Curran, Bradley Doherty, Shannon Gardiner, Jayden Griffin, Adrian Khattar, Brock Pelligra, Adam Rizk, Anthony Sakr, Jarrod Spicer, Raymond Wehbe, William Lawson, Bennet Wheelhouse, Curtis Wilson, Scott Brooks, Lachlan Camroux, Teika Harieka, David Tejcek.

16 Girls Squad: Ciara O'Sullivan, Emma Huskins, Hannah Dirou, Chloe Cheney, Claire Vanzino, Georgia Toovey, Hannah Dyball, Nicole Saldern, Shellie Davis, Steph Maiolo, Tayla Clifford, Georgette Randall, Jane Vanzino, Brooke Ferro, Abbey Urwin, Courtney Milone, Emily Gordon, Kaitlin McCaffery, Michaela Ford, Talisha Maruta, Tayla Duguid, Simone Rodgers, Kate Matefly, Nicole Deggens, Sally Hawkins,  Annabelle Rogers.

16 Boys Squad: Matthew McSweeney, Cammeron Dow, Nathan Cooper, Malcom Chaney, Jean Louis Jones, Bradley Cincotta, Regan Walsh, Brad Gibson, Matt Wilson, Richard Takchi, Billy Eltakchi, Brodie Naughton, Luke Mansour, Ryan Pappenhuyzen, Denzal Tonise, Troy Black, Jackson Mills, Marley Simbolin, Kai Simbolin, Issac Gorman, Jacob Harrington, Lawrence Bingham, Joshua Wandl, Zac Simmons, Jaycob Fong, Tom Collins, Mason McDonald, Nathan Williams, Josh Dickerson.

18 Girls Squad: Aleya Wiggins, Courtney Duguid,  Jess Fowler, Mila Randall, Sam Cahill, Taylor Mikaelian, Taylor Hornery, Annaleise Barton, Ashley Gray,  Jordan Jamer, Abbey Papenhuyzen, Ashley Swadling, Hollie Turner, Corina Hummelstad, Samantha Donlan, Crystal Maguire, Zara Nicholas, Eliza Parish, Emma Williams, Sinead Hickey, Kate Phillips, Amelia Suters, Adeline Bruce, Isabella Flanery, Laara Lewis, Kate Young, Bianca Sorbello, Annabel Hoysted.

18 Boys Squad:  Peter Achmar, Jacob Curran, Justin Gerges, Jeremy King, Paul Lamerton, Jacob Maclean, Christopher Nolan, Jake Nolan, Jordan Sarmento, Gregory O'Conner, Aaron Wright, Benjamin Younis, Anthony Katrib, Mat Arnold, Hopoate Holakeituai, Austin Osagie, Adam Page, Matthew Shields, Mathew Smith, Blake Spencer, Mitchel van Noort, Shane Wong, Ben Crerar, Jack Dyball, Jed Ibbotson, Billy Leonard, Grant McDonald, Jonathan Miller, Charlton Suters, Joshua Tompson, Samuel Raffaele.

Sydney Scorpions 10's & 12's Merit Teams 19.02.13
The Sydney Scorpions 10's & 12's Merit teams can be found below. This is the first year Sydney Scorpions have introduced these Merit teams, congratulations to all players.  Further information on Scorpions gear that can be purchased for these players will be available soon.

10 Boys Merit Team: Matthew Curl, Dylan Brettle, Darcy Brettle, Ryan Clifford, Teddy Wilson, Lachoneous Paki, Daniel Morley, Daniel O'Donnell, Joseph Katrib, Tobey Lewis, Max Downer, Jarod Walker, Cooper WheelHouse, Finn Hurst, Joseph Nohra, Jonah Tuilata.
10 Girls Merit Team: Taylor Gates, Hannah Longton, Phoebe Hunt, Ellah Johnston, Kiiahla Duff, Grace Carpenter, Hollie Raaf, Zoey Miller, Elissa Dombrovskis, Matilda Donkin, Ashley Younis, Georgia Hekeik, Zoe Chaney, Jennifer Saab, Naomi Saab, Karly O'Neill.
12 Boys Merit Team: Edmond Matta, Campbell Byrd, Cooper Price, Mitchell MacDonald, Kyle Bowen,Brock Wells, Mitch Quetcher, Ben Trobojevic, Jason Smyth, Boehn Russell, John Belcher, Lachlan Brooke, Ethan Klein, Connor McCann, Oliver Arcus, Jordan Hill.
12 Girls Merit Team: Taylah Wadsworth, Kyah West, Maddison Swan, Tiajana Gow, Kate Ryan, Destiny Halo, Lucy McDonald, Mya Geros, Sariah Paki, Pihuka Duff, Lily Schnitzler, Tyler Pelligra, Julia Zubak, Maddie Pritchard, Taliah Simbolon, Kiere Simula, Taylah Nicholls, Josie Bee, Ruby Cooper.

Sydney Scorpions 2012 NSWTA Junior Regional Champions 15.4.12
The Sydney Scorpions are the Champion Region yet again appearing in all six division finals and winning a massive five titles. The Scorpions won the Boys 14's, Boys 16's, Girls 16's, Boys 18's and Girls 18's with the young Girls 14's only losing in an action packed drop off.  A huge thanks must go to all our fabulous players as a huge contributing factor to their success is although they come from many different affiliates – they join together to represent our region and play as one.  More reports coming soon including photos and all Scorpion Medal Winners.  Results and Player of the Final for all divisions are as follows:

Under 14 Boys: Sydney Scorpions 6 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 5 – drop off
Player of the Final – Marley Simbolon (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Luke Osborne
Coach: Rob Barrakat

Under 14 Girls: Sydney Scorpions 2 defeated by Hunter Western Hornets 3 – drop off
Player of the Final – Cassidy Atkins (Hunter Western Hornets)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Claire Vanzino
Coach: Barry Gibson Assistant Coach: Jamie Clifford

Under 16 Boys:  Sydney Scorpions 3 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 1
Player of the Final – Kai Simbolon (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal –
Matt Wilson
Coach: Rod Hetherington   Assistant Coach: Ricky Hetherington & Mark Leonard

Under 16 Girls: Sydney Scorpions  3 defeated Hunter Western Hornets  2 – drop off
Player of the Final – Georgia Toovey (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Abbey Papenhuyzen
Coaches Awards –  Chloe Cheney, Courtney Milone, Shellie Davis
Coaches: Anthony Dudeck & Craig Beacroft  Assistant Coach: Cristy Budd  Manager: Sandra Dyball  Head Selector: Mick Daley

Under 18 Boys: Sydney Scorpions defeated Northern Eagles
Player of the Final – Ciaran Toner (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal –
Ciaran Toner
Coach: Louis Rizk  Assistant Coach: Nhut Trinh

Under 18 Girls:  Sydney Scorpions 8 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 2
Player of the Final – Ashley Quinlan (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Ash Quinlan
Coach: David Duguid

State Merit Teams in the Under 14 & Under 16 Divisions were named at the completion of the Junior Regionals.  Congratulations to the following Sydney Scorpions representatives:

Under 14 Girls:
Middles:  Georgette Randall
Links: Talya Fraser, Logan Glasson
Utility: Claire Vanzino

Under 14 Boys:
Middles: Marley Simbolon, Chris Barakat
Links: Adam Rizk, Ryan Papenhuyzen, Brodie Naughton

Under 16 Girls:
Middles: Hannah Dyball
Links: Stephanie Maiolo, Georgia Toovey
Wings: Abbey Papenhuyzen

Under 16 Boys:
Middles: Matt Wilson, Kai Simbolon
Links: Shane Wong
Wings: Jacob McLean

Club Championship:
Sydney Scorpions – 85 Pts
Hunter Western Hornets – 62  Pts
Sydney Rebels – 28 Pts
Northern Eagles – 24 Pts
Southern Suns – 21 Pts
Sydney Mets – 14 Pts

Sydney Scorpions NSWTA Regional Trials 4.3.12
Sydney Scorpions selectors were hard at work at the NSWTA Junior State Cup selecting squads for the upcoming 14/16/18 NSWTA Regionals to be held in April. All Sydney Scorpions squads are available below and via our Facebook page. Further info on final selection trials coming Monday and Tuesday this week. Recent changes to the structure of NSWTA Regional teams being sent to the NYC tournament has resulted in a change in process for members wishing to make the NYC squads. The six NSWTA region's will no longer be sending teams in the Girls and Boys divisions. Instead, NSWTA will send one team to compete against the NSW school systems team, a combined Qld school team, other states and Qld regions. Selection for the NSWTA NYC squad will be based on attendance at the 14/16/18's Junior Regional Championships to be held in Foster on the weekend 14 & 15 April. The venue will be the Tuncurry Sporting Complex, Beach Street, Tuncurry. Sydney Scorpions will be looking to retain their 2010 & 2011 Champion Permit status. Those interested in Team Manager roles should get in contact via the Coaches or Bruce Ager. Further enquiries should be via Scorpions Coaching Director Bruce Ager 0407 395 930.  Refer to Scorps Facebook page for updated and latest training details.

Girl's 18's Final Team 29.3.12
Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the Sydney Scorpions 18's Girls: Aleya Wiggins, Ashleigh Quinlan, Courtney Duguid, Georgia Wallace, Jess Fowler, Keira Batiste, Kierly Wiggins, Natalie Hummelstad, Sam Cahill, Sam Rodgers, Suzannah Dewhurst, Tanisha Stanton, Taylor Mikaelian, Zane Kruger.
Coach: David Duguid 0413 802367 daduguid@mmm.com
Ass. Coach: Peter Nderia
Manager: Grace Mikaelian

Girls 16's Final Team 4.3.12
Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the Sydney Scorpions 16's Girls. All trials were highly competitive and we are extremely fortunate to have so many talented players. If any player that missed out on selection wishes to obtain feedback please do this via email. The first training session will be on Sunday 18th March, details to follow shortly.

Abbey Papenhuyzen, Chloe Cheney, Courtney Milone, Emma Williams, Georgia Toovey, Hannah Dyball, Kaitlin McCaffery, Shellie Davis, Steph Maiolo, Talisha Maruta, Tayla Clifford, Tayla Duguid, Taylor Hornery, Zara Nicholas. Shadows: Aleya Wiggins, Sam Cahill. Coaches: Anthony Dudeck & Craig Beacroft Assistant Coach: Cristy Budd Manager: Sandra Dyball Head Selector: Mick Daley

Boys 14's Final Team 14.3.12
Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the Sydney Scorpions 14's Boys.
Lawrence Bingham
Jayden Macdonald
Ray Wehbe
Ray Ray Maroun
Jacob Harrington
Brodie Naughton
Nathan Williams
Josh Zubak
Chris Barakat
Marley Simbolon
Nicholas Barakat
Adam Rizk
Luke Osborne

Ryan Papenhuyzen
Coach: Rob Barrakat
All players to contact Rob Barakat on 0419 765 401, to accept and confirm their positions in the side.

Girls 14's Final Team 18.3.12
Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the Sydney Scorpions 14's Girls.
Georgette Randall
Nicole Saldern
Kristy Leonard
Jane Vanzino
Claire Vanzino
Aleya Paki
Brooke Ferro
Logan Glasson
Brittney Clifford
Tayla Fraser
Ally Dallaway
Ashleigh Simpson
Isobella Duncan
Madison Noud

Shadows: Tamia Kearns, Kaitlyn Noble
(Shadows are encouraged to attend all training sessions)

Coach: Barry Gibson Assistant Coach: Jamie Clifford

Boys 16's Final Team 14.3.12
Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the Sydney Scorpions 16's Boys.

Matt Wilson Ryde/East
Kai Simbolon Parra
Brad Gibson Ryde/East
Shane Wong Hornsby 18s
Ben Crerar Manly
Denzal Tonise Parra
Malcolm Cheney Ryde/East
Regan Walsh Ryde/East
Billy Leonard Manly
Troy Black Parra
Jessie Bell Ryde/East
Cajun Alaatoa Parra
Zac Edgley Manly
Jacob Mclean Parra

Marnius Black Manly
Samuel Raffealle Manly

Coach: Rod Hetherington Assistant Coach: Ricky Hetherington & Mark Leonard

Boys 18's Squad 14.3.12
Tom Jacobson, Sam Rose,Chad McMillan, Lalakai Faketi, Jed Ibbotson, Jonathan Huskins, Ryan Hazlett, Mitchel Van Noort, David Dean, Ciaran Toner, Alex Nicholls-O'Neil, Matthew Smith, Bradley Wall, Matthew Arnold, Michael Jones, RJ Hoole, Aaron Wright, Zac Docker Clay, Jeremy King, Jack Nicholls, Jayden Horo, Domonic Field, Martin Wahbe, Dylan Grech, ,Jack Dyball, Hopoate Holakeituai, Grant McDonald, Jonathan Miller, Paul Lamerton, Coach: Louis Rizk Mobile: 0402 338 303 Assistant Coach: Nhut Trinh Mobile 0411 169 540 Assistant Coach: Dave Nolan Mobile: 0411 138 972

NSWTA 14/16's Regionals – Sydney Scorpions Champion Permit 18.04.11
The Sydney Scorpions have continued their great performances over recent years by claiming back-to-back Regional Championship titles, this year by just two points over the Hunter Western Hornets. NSWTA Business Development Manager Daniel Rushworth explained the closeness of the competition during the presentation, “The points spread of the Regional Championship was extremely close with most regions within striking distance of each other.” Additionally congratulations to all players who were selected in the NSWTA State Merit teams. The highly talented Sydney Scorpions 14 Girls have won their division undefeated at the NSWTA 14/16's Regional Touch Championships this weekend at Penrith. Winning their Semi Final 4-1 over Southern Suns the girls met their main rivals the Sydney Mets in a tightly fought final. Kaitlin McCafferey, Shellie Davis and Georgia Toovey starred as Jamie Clifford's team beat Mets by 4-1.

In the 14 Boys the Scorpions stormed into the final beating Rebels 11-1 in their semi. However they were then upset by the Hunter Hornets who won in a drop-off 4-3. Scorps led for nearly the entire game until Hornets scored with a minute to go to even up the score. From the tap-off Scorps tried to secure the win however the siren sounded. Hornets had possession in the drop-off and after a few sets of play they managed to get the winning touchdown. The Scorpions 16 Boys coached by Dave Nolan went down in their semi-final 8-4 to the eventual winners Southern Suns. In the 16 Girls the Scorps lost in their semi final 3-0 to the Northern Eagles. Well done to all Sydney Scorpions players and management for their fantastic efforts over the weekend. Scorpions Medal winners from each team to be advised soon.

Scorpions Girl's 16's – NSWTA Regional Champs: 06.03.11
The final team for Girl's 16's is as follows:  Sam Donlan (Manly), Emma Williams (Manly), Ashley Gray (Parra), Taylor Mikaelian (Parra), Zara Nicholas (R/E), Remy Randall (Manly), Taylor Hornery (Parra), Eliza Parish (Manly), Abbey Papenhuyzen (Parra), Bottile Vette-Welsh (Parra), Kate Young (R/E), Courtney Duguid (Parra), Sam Rodgers (R/E), Mason McMillan (Manly)  Coach:  Kim Solman  Assistant Coach: Christian Alonzo 

Sydney Scorpions Girls 14's – NSWTA Regional Champs: 01.03.11
Congratulations to the following girls on their selection in the Sydney Scorpions Girls 14's team: Kaitlin McCaffery, Georgia Toovey, Rachelle Davis, Tayla Duguid, Tayla Clifford, Stephanie Miaolo, Georgette Randall, Hannah Dyball, Courtney Milone, Nicole Saldern, Logan Glasson, Simone Rodgers, Emily Gordon, Kristie Leonard, Shadow – Rebecca Fear. Coach Jamie Clifford 0420 280 287 Assistant David Duguid 0413 802 637

Scorpions Boy’s 14's – NSWTA Regional Champs: 28.03.11
Congratulations to the following boys on their selection in the Sydney Scorpions Boys 14's team: Kai Simbolon, Brodie Naughton, Mark Griffith, Malcolm Chaney, Matthew Wilson, Nathan Cooper, Simon Kennewell, Jean-Louis Jones, Regan Walsh, Brad Gibson, Denzel Tonise, Troy Black, Anthony Layoun, Billy Eltakchi, Nathan Barbieri (Shadow). Coach Barry Gibson 0416 060 402 Assistant David Brown. 

Sydney Scorpions Boys 16's – NSWTA Regional Champs: 02.03.11
Congratulations to the following boys on their selection in the Sydney Scorpions Boy's 16's team: Peter Achmar (Parramatta), Matthew Arnold (Manly), Ben Crerar (Manly), Zac Docker Clay (Parramatta), Jack Dyball (Manly), Hopoate Holakeituai (Manly), Jedd Ibbotson (Manly), Chris Jackson (Parramatta), Jeremy King (Parramatta), Paul Lamerton (Parramatta), Grant McDonald (Manly), Jacob McLean (Parramatta), Jonathan Miller (Manly),Josh Wehbe (Parramatta). Coach Dave Nolan 0411 138 972

2011 Junior State Cup: 21.02.11
Congratulations to the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles who took out the Junior State Cup Club Championship. It was an extremely successful weekend for Sydney Scorpions affiliates with the highlights below (3 points first touchdown, then 2). Sydney Scorpions and NSWTA Selector of the Year, Barry Gibson had unique Coaching success in taking out both Under 14's Divisions. Firstly the Boys with Ryde Eastwood who went through the tournament undefeated only conceding four touchdowns all weekend. They beat the well fancied Penrith Panthers 5-2 in the final with John Louie Jones, Matthew Wilson, Malcolm Chaney, and Brad Gibson the standouts in a solid team performance. In the 14's Girls Manly 11 defeated Newcastle 4, with Player of the Final going to Georgia Toovey. Other good results for Scorpions included both finalists in the Boys 18's division and a win in the Under 10 Girls with Manly defeating 13-0 over Ryde Eastwood with Player of the Final going to Monique Mortimer (Manly).

Additional congratulations to the Manly Warringah U/12 Girls for winning their division at the Junior State Cup. Coached by Te Aroha Paki and Erena Wikaire the girls came from 7th place after the round games to win against Peninsula in the round of 16, and Wagga Wagga in the Quarter Finals. The girls played a thrilling Semi-final against Ryde Eastwood coming back from 3 touchdowns to win 8-3 with winger Rebecca Farrah scoring 3 tries which were set up by two up-and-coming touch superstars Aaliyah Paki and Elliemay Asprey – with Faith Nathan stepping three players to score. Manly then met Berkeley Vale in the Grand Final winning 5-2 to take out the competition. Aaliyah Paki scooped from acting half and threw a cut out long ball to Rebecca Farrah on the wing who scored the first try. The second try was set up by Elliemay Asprey who also broke the line with her unmatchable speed off the mark. Player of the Final, Aaliyah Paki, also received the Manly Warringah club overall player award. Captained by Tully Marr and Rachel Fear, the girls found inspiration and determination to succeed in their team goal to have fun, make new friends and work hard for each other to ultimately peak at the right time and win as a team. A big thank you to Loretta Asprey who did an amazing job as Manager and all of the parents and supporters. We are very proud! Thanks Roha, Erena.

Under 18’s Boys – Galea Cup – Parramatta 7 defeated Manly 2 Player of the Final – Wesley Sefuiva (Parramatta)
Under 14’s Boys – Yiangou Cup – Ryde Eastwood 5 defeated Penrith 2 Player of the Final – John Louie Jones (Ryde Eastwood)
Under 14’s Girls – Taylor Cup – Manly 11 defeated Newcastle 4 Player of the Final – Georgia Toovey (Manly)
Under 12 Girls – Manly defeated 5 Berkeley Vale 2 Player of the Final Aaliyah Paki (Manly)
Under 10’s Girls – Tirado Cup – Manly 13 defeated Ryde 0 Player of the Final – Monique Mortimer (Manly)
Club Championships: First – Manly Sea Eagles Second – Newcastle City Third – Parramatta Eels

Sydney Scorpions 2010 NYC Champion Permit: 18/09/10
The Sydney Scorpions have made it a trifecta in 2010 by winning Champion Permit at the National Youth Touch Championships held at Caloundraon Queensland’s Sunshine. Earlier in the year they took out the Champion Permit at the NTL Opens/Seniors and at the NSWTA Regional Champs 14/16's. Congratulations to Mick Daley and the Boys 18's, along with Rod Hetheringtonandthe Girls 18's who both produced the best results for Scorpions at this event. The Scorps Boy's 18's finished 6thfrom 21 teams with the Girls 18's also finished 6th from their 20 teams. These are fantastic results taking into consideration a number of Scorpions juniors were representing the various NSW Schools at this tournament. Scorpion Medal winners for Boys 18's was Jordan Marshall-King & Grace Rynhart for the Girls 18's. Congratulations to Dani Davis and Emma Crerar from the Sydney Scoprions 16's girls who this time representing NSWCHS defeated QSST by 5-4 in the final. Results: NYC website

Congratulations to the following players on their selection in the Sydney Scorpions 18’s Boys team to participate in the National Youth Touch Championships being held at Caloundra on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in September:

Scorpions 18's Boys Final Squad 28/06/10

Matt Raso, Blake Cook, Aidan Cousin, Reece Jones, Jack Nicholls, Jordan Marshall, Josh Gillard, Scott Daley, Justin Campbell, Lalakai Foketi, Alex Franklin, Peter Achmar, Jonathan Huskins, Josh O'Connor, Tom Jacobson, Alex Nicholls.
Mick Daley, Coach. Phone: 0421 654 440

Scorpions 18's Girls Final Squad 07/07/10
Congratulations to the following players on their selection in the Sydney Scorpions 18’s Girls team to participate in the National Youth Touch Championships being held at Caloundra on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in September:
Rebecca Cachia (Parramatta), Grace Ryanhart (Parramatta), Kiera Baptiste (Parramatta), Kim Kennedy (Parramatta), Natalie Hummelstad (Parramatta), Courtney Duguid (Parramatta), Madeline Pemble (Parramatta), Samantha Rodgers (Ryde/Eastwood), Kate Young (Ryde/Eastwood), Brittany Skewes (Manly), Charmayne Nathan (Manly), Jess Shanahan (Manly), Kate Devlin (Manly), Lizzie Baxter (Manly), Remy Randall (Manly)

Rod Hetherington Coach 0402 268375
Ricky Hetherington Assistant Coach 0401651975
Pam Hetherington Manager 0402140357

NSWTA Regional Champs 14/16's – Sydney Scorpions Champion Permit 25/04/10
Fresh on the back of their recent NTL Opens & Senior Champion Permit win, the young Sydney Scorpions Boys & Girls 14's/16's did the permit proud with all four teams appearing in their respective Finals helping the Scorps take out the NSWTA 14/16's Regional Champion Permit. Excellent weather conditions at Orange allowed for superb touch to be played with the Boys & Girls 14's both narrowly losing their Finals in drops-offs. The Boys 16's, under the guidance of Coach David Nolan took out the title 4-3 beating Northern Eagles. Last but not least the Scorps Girls 16's won all of their 7 games over the weekend to completely dominate the division. An impressive 6-1 semi final win over Rebels was followed up by another fantastic win in the game that mattered 5-1 over Hornets. More reports later in the week including all the Scorpions Medal Best & Fairest Winners and NSWTA Merit Teams.

Sydney Scorpions Girls 16's 25/04/10
The Sydney Scorpions Girls 16's team won the NSWTA Regional Championships played in Orange, 17th/18th April 2010. The team included; Taylor Mikaelian, Madeline Pemble, Mason McMillan, Danni Davis (Co-Captain), Laura Peattie, Kate Young, Sam Rodgers, Sarah-Jane Eltakchi, Alana Lamerton (Co-Captain) Courtney Duguid, Natalie Hummelstad, Sam Donlan, Emma Crerar, Charmayne Nathan. Craig Beacroft (Coach), Anthony Dudeck (Assistant Coach), Managers: Grace Mikaelian & Carole Eltakchi.

Orange was the venue for the 2010 NSWTA 14/16’s Regional Championships and thankfully for all involved the weather conditions included plenty of sunshine. After an extremely unfortunate and disruptive lead up to the tournament, the Sydney Scorpions 16 Girls were very much approaching the unknown. They’d been written off by other teams, however Coaches Craig Beacroft and Anthony Dudeck knew the girls had the talent and ability to give the competition a big shake. The question that remained was did they have the self belief and confidence required to beat the best teams in the state. Time would tell.

The Scorps first game was at 9.00am up against the Hunter Western Hornets. First up games are always unpredictable and very challenging, and the warm-up showed quite a few nerves with a lot of ball dropped in the early morning dewy conditions. However it wasn’t too long before all involved knew that this team of girls were indeed ready for the massive challenge ahead easily disposing of the Hornets in a solid 4-1 victory. Two double touchdowns to Charmayne Nathan and Sam Donlan set the platform for a good win. Other pleasing first up performances were by Sarah-Jane Eltakchi, Mason McMillan and Danni Davis.

The Sydney Rebels were the next challenge at 11.20am and the team were keen to build on the success of their first win. The game was a tight affair with the Rebels a fast fit team looking to pressure the Scorps at every opportunity. The Scorps went to an early lead with Alana Lamerton rising to the occasion grabbing a double. Natalie Hummelstad scored the other with the Scorps defeating Rebels 3-2. The Scorps defence was excellent and the foundation of another good win with excellent on field talk by Sarah-Jane Eltakchi and Madeline Pemble amongst others.

The next game was a big one for the Scorps, up against their main rivals the Sydney Mets at 1.40pm. After a solid warm-up the girls were understandably a bit nervous but following on from two good wins entitled to believe they could win this game. The game was fast and once again a close battle. The Mets took an early lead but then the Scorps ticker took control with the team producing some excellent attacking and defensive touch, frustrating the Mets main game players. Laura Peattie was showing her obvious class at middle scoring a good touchdown and causing Mets all kinds of problems in attack. The turning point of the game was no doubt a length of the field chase and touch by speedster Alana Lamerton which typified the commitment and belief of the Scorpions girls. Other touchdowns to the flying Sam Rodgers, Emma Crerar and Madeline Pemble meant that the Scorps had beaten the Mets 4-3, with the Mets only scoring their final touchdown very late in the game. During the warm down the Scorps girls were extremely pleased and all present could see their confidence and self-belief was now sky high. Comments from Dudie post game included, “From this day fourth you should never fear the Mets, always respect them – but never fear them!”

The final game at 3.25pm on Saturday was simply a massive game for the Scorps. After setting a fantastic foundation of three wins from three games, they really wanted to finish the day in style virtually guaranteeing themselves a Sunday Semi- Final position. As Dudie stated losing was not an option. The opposition were the Southern Suns who up until this time had experienced a win, draw and loss. The game started in much the same manner the others had ended with the Scorps girls going through their attacking moves and producing outstanding team defence. When things weren’t going to plan the girls listened to the Coaches and changed it on the field which was extremely pleasing. Laura Peattie was once again in the touchdowns scoring another double. Charmayne Nathan was causing the Sun’s defence all kinds of trouble creating many chances from acting half and scoring herself. Kate Young finished off two great touchdowns with Taylor Mikaelian rewarded for her outstanding driving grabbing a touchdown herself. The Scorps girls had blown away the Southern Suns winning 6-3. This was the score on the referee card, however Coach Beaks was sure it was actually only 6-2. Whatever the result the girls had a produced an outstanding day of touch football winning all four games and sitting nicely in top spot on the competition table.

Saturday night was time for the team to relax, reflect on the days accomplishments, and for Beaks and Dudie to look to plan for more success on Finals day Sunday. A Scorpions Club Dinner was held at the Orange Ex-Serviceman’s Club which included the Scorps 14 Girls, 14 Boys and the 16 Girls. It was a great night and atmosphere to renew past friendships and build on new ones.

Sunday had arrived and once again Orange was blessed with sunshine. The Scorps Girls 16’s final round game was at 10.10am up against the Northern Eagles who were last placed. In the team warm-up and pre-match discussion all once again reinforced the need to respect the opposition, however it was an opportunity to build on the previous day and come away with a win. Once again the Scorps girls started strongly and pleasingly put on some excellent touchdowns to Danni Davis, Laura Peattie, Kate Young, Courtney Duguid and a double to Sam Rodgers who was having a very good tournament. Scorps had beaten the Northern Eagles 6-2.

With the round games now done and dusted all attention focused to the Semi Finals. First placed Scorps were up against fourth placed Sydney Rebels with second placed Sydney Mets to face third placed Hunter Western Hornets. The Scorps were very excited by the new challenge ahead, however knew they would have to be at their best to make it to the Final. Coaches Beaks and Dudie had the girls fired up for a big performance reminding them although they had proved to all the doubters they were the real deal, their biggest games laid ahead and once again losing was not an option.

In what can only be described as a complete demolition the Scorps girls played outstanding touch to completely shut-out the Sydney Rebels beating them by 6 touchdowns to 1. Once again Co-Captains Alana Lamerton and Danni Davis led from the front and along with Charmayne Nathan, Laura Peattie and Emma Crerar caused the Rebels constant problems with their classy attacking flair. A bag of touchdowns to Madeline Pemble, Danni Davis, Charmayne Nathan, Sam Rodgers, Natalie Hummelstad, and Laura Peattie saw the team progress to the Final.

In the other Semi Final the Hunter Western Hornets easily defeated the Sydney Mets 6-2 meaning the top two teams, the Scorps versus Hornets would play off for the Girls 16’s Championship.

The warm-up showed great team talk and enthusiasm with the girl’s just one game away from a memorable undefeated weekend. A drop-off in the Girls 14’s Final meant the game start was delayed. As a result the Scorps girls took time out and sat in the field dug-out. Looking to the Coaches for their final words they were simple. Coach Beaks message was straight forward enough – just to go out and win it, just do what they’d been doing all weekend. Dudie stated he didn’t need to speak any great words of inspiration – that was required from the opposition coach – the Scorps girls had the ability and belief it was just a matter of going out and getting the job done. In the meantime Charmayne Nathan gave the team a great dancing rendition of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” via Dudie’s iPhone. The game was now ready to commence with the final hurdle now ready to be hit head on.

The Final started at a hectic pace with the Scorps girls having to defend and once again frustrated the opposition with excellent team talk. However it wasn’t too long before the Scorps showed their class with Charmayne Nathan, Laura Peattie and Alana Lamerton all playing big roles. The Scorps went to a very handy 3-0 lead and throughout the game showed why they were the standout team all weekend. As the game went on so did the Scorps touchdowns now leading 5-1 with minutes to go. The sub-box was filled with absolute delight with Co-Captain Danni Davis congratulating players on their fantastic achievement. Touchdowns to Courtney Duguid, Charmayne Nathan, Mason McMillan, Laura Peattie and Alana Lamerton meant that the Scorps had convincingly beaten the Sydney Rebels 5-1 to take out the NSWTA Girls 16’s Regional Championships. The players, coaches, great supporters including many parents were all over the moon with delight.

What followed was the NSWTA Presentation which included the announcement of the 2010 NSWTA State Merit Team 16 Girls Representatives. A great reward saw five Scorps players make the State team, including; Alana Lamerton (Link), Charmayne Nathan (Middle), Courtney Duguid (Winger), Danni Davis (Link), Laura Peattie (Middle).

NSWTA presented the Scorps 16 Girls with their winning medals and there were huge smiles all round. Then the team had their own awards with Scorpions Medal Best & Fairest going to Charmayne Nathan, who had a fantastic tournament and was no doubt Player of the Final. The two Coaches awards went to Alana Lamerton & Sam Rodgers who also had excellent tournaments. Coaches Craig Beacroft and Anthony Dudeck thanked the Team Mangers Grace Mikaelian & Carole Eltakchi for their efforts over the weekend and lead-up to the tournament and also to the girls for their great belief and trust in the team game plan all weekend. Special thanks also went to Barry Gibson whose dedication to Scorpions Juniors for many years most certainly laid the foundation for the success over the weekend.

In the aftermath of the team’s success there have been many touching messages of thanks to all involved. This highlights the fact that this great achievement was very much a team effort. Most importantly a great amount of thanks must go to every one of the Sydney Scorpions 16’s Girls who did themselves, their families, their coaches, their clubs and the Scorpions permit very proud. Their strong minded self belief and determination proved that they can conquer any obstacle that is put in front of them, whether it be on the sporting field or in life in general. Losing is not an option, stand up for what you believe in and go out and get it! Until we meet again. Dudie & Beaks


Scorpions Boy's 16's 15/03/10
The final team for the Sydney Scorpions Boys 16's to compete in the upcoming Regional Championships to be played in Orange, 17th/18th April 2010 can be found below:
John Huskins, Jed Ibbotson, Peter Achmar, Aidan Cousin, Alex Nicholls-O'Neill, Lalakai Foketi, Jonathan Vaux, Chad McMillan, Jack Nicholls, Phillip Jeffreys, Tom Jacobson, RJ Hoole, Ryan Matterson, Ciaran Toner.

Scorpions Girls 14's 07/03/10
The final team for the Sydney Scorpions Girls 14's to compete in the upcoming Regional Championships to be played in Orange, 17th/18th April 2010 can be found below:
Stephanie Miaolo, Kaitlin McCaffery, Courtney Milone, Hannah Dyball, Georgia Toovey, Rachelle Davis, Taylor Hornery, Jordan Jamer, Hollie Turner, Tayla Duguid, Tayla Clifford, Samantha Cahill, Zara Nicholas, Ashley Gray

Scorpions Boy's 14's 07/03/10
The final team for the Sydney Scorpions Boys 14's to compete in the upcoming Regional Championships to be played in Orange, 17th/18th April 2010 can be found below:
Ben Crerar, Brad Gibson, Jacob McClean, Jessie Bell, Josh Nohra, Kai Simbolon, Malcolm Chaney, Mark Griffith, Matthew Wilson, Nathan Cooper, Samuel Rafaelle, Shane Wong, Simon Kennewell, Troy Black.

NSW Regional Champs & Trans Tasman 2/05/09
The young Sydney Scorpions competed in the New South Wales Touch Association’s Under 14 and 16 Regional Championships over the weekend of Friday 24 – Sunday 26 April, 09, in Wollongong NSW. Here are the results from the tournament..

Girl's 14's Grand Final Winners
Scorpions 3 def Hornets 1

Boy's 14's – Semi Finalists (drop off 3 on 3)
Hornets 3 def Scorpions 2

Girl's 16's – Semi Finalists
Suns 4 def Scorpions 1

Boy's 16's – Grand Finalists (drop off 3 on 3)
Suns 4 def Scorpions 3

2009 Scorpions Girls 16's:
Emma Crerar, Gemma McMillan, Jenna Hitch, Jordon Clay, Laura Peattie, Tamara Cochrane, Jackie Prendergast, Kim Kennedy, Natalie Hummerson, Sarah Jane Eltakchi, Allanah McCaffery, Chelsea Ross, Naomi Khoudair, Carla Webbe
Girl's 14's Grand Final Winners

Left to right Back Row:
Kelvin Farrington, Remy Randell, Taylor Mikaelian, Alisha Bass, Taylor Hornery, Eliza Parish , Jasmine Murphy, Ashley Gray, Kate Young, Charmayne Nathan

Left to right Front Row:
Jordan Jamer, Tegan Wilson, Melissa Farrington, Sam Donlan, Samantha Rogers

2009 Scorpions Girls 14's:
Alisha Bass
Ashley Gray
Charmayne Nathan
Eliza Parish
Jasmin Murphy
Jordan Jamer
Kate Young
Mason McMillan
Melissa Farrington
Remy Randall
Sam Donlan
Samantha Rodgers
Taylor Hornery
Taylor Mikaelian
Courtney Duguid
Teagan Wilson

2009 Scorpions Boys 14's:
Josh Nohra Ryde Eastwood
Dane Clifford Ryde Eastwood
Matthew Arnold Manly
Jed Ibbotson Manly
Jonothon Miller Manly
Jake Vale Manly
Liam Hines Hornsby
Ben Cotton Parramatta
Chris Jackson Parramatta
Josh Wehbe Parramatta
Jeremy King Parramatta
Peter Achmar Parramatta
Andrew Warden Parramatta
Josh Dixon Parramatta
Shadow: Matthew Woods Manly

2009 Scorpions Boys 16's:
Blake Cook Parramatta
Aidan Cousins Parramatta
Sam Eisenhuth Parramatta
Jacob Eussen Manly
Mason Farrell Ryde-Eastwood
Lalakai Foketi Manly
Sam Gorman Parramatta
Tom Jacobson Manly
Harry McBride Manly
Chad McMillan Manly
Nathan Milone Parramatta
Adrian Moussa Parramatta
Fabian Natoli Manly
Josh O Connor Parramatta
Andrew Shaw Manly

2008 Girls 16's Semi Finalists
Rebbecca Cachia Parramatta
Grace Ryanhart Parramatta
Jenna Hitch Manly
Sarah Peattie Manly 18's
Carla Wehbe Parramatta
Morgan Randall Manly
Monique McHugh Parramatta
Karley Morton Manly
Simone Papas Parramatta
Emily Goodser Parramatta 18's
Jess Shanahan Manly
Ellen Marfleet Parramatta
Sheridan Lillyman Manly
Tamara Cochrane Manly

2008 Boys 16's Champions (below)
Grand Final Scorpions 6 V Suns 1

Sam Brisby – Manly
Daniel Chiddy – Manly
Matt Rasso – Parra
Mitchell Mahoney – Parra
Caiden Wynard – Parra
Tim Donlan – Manly
Josh Gillard – Manly
Bevan De Vries – Parra
Joe Ng – Parra
Reece Jones – Manly
Scott Daley – Parra 18s
Alex Franklin – Manly
Adrian Moussa – Parra
Tyrone Tadross – Parra
Justin Campbell – Parra
Alex McKenzie – Manly
Coach Mark Mahoney

2008 Girl's 14's Runners Up:
Grand Final Hornets 2 V Scorpions 1

Alana Lamerton Parra
Charmayne Nathan Manly
Coutney Duguid Parra
Danni Davis Manly
Emma Crerar Manly
Laura Peattie Manly
Madeline Pemble Parra
Mason Mcmillan Parra
Natalie Dougal Manly
Natalie Hummeistad Parra
Remy Randall Manly
Sarah-jane Eltakchi Parra
Samantha Donlan Manly
Taylor Mikaelian Parra
Coach: Graham Fleming

2008 Boy's 14's Champions
Grand Final Scorpions 3 V Rebels 1

1 Bechara Nathan Parramatta
2 Hodge Reece Manly
3 Milone Nathan Parramatta
4 Plug Brad Ryde-Eastwood
5 Moses Mitchell Parramatta
6 Evans Jamai Manly
7 Farrel Mason Ryde-Eastwood
8 McMillin Chad Manly
9 Hoole RJ Parramatta
10 Cousin Aiden Parramatta
11 Hoskins John Manly
12 O'Neil Alex Hornsby
13 Dimarco Max Ryde-Eastwood
14 Matterson Ryan Parramatta
15 Flynn Michael Parramatta

2008 NSWTA 14's/16's Regionals
Following on from a successful NTL by the Sydney Scorpions Open's and Seniors teams, it has been the junior teams that have really put the Sydney Scorpions on the map. At the recent NSWTA 14's/16's Regionals held in Forster on the weekend of 29th and 30th March, Sydney Scorpions were named as the Champion Junior Permit in NSW, thanks to the efforts of players, coaches and managers of all 4 teams.

After an encouraging Junior State Cup in Wollongong by all affiliates within the Scorpions region, selectors had a difficult task in choosing players to represent Sydney Scorpions at the 14's/16's Regional Championships. Those selections were vindicated with all 4 Scorpions teams making the semi finals, with 2 teams (Boy's 14's and Boy's 16's) taking out the titles on offer and the Girl's 14's falling just short in the final.

The coaches, managers and support staff had a huge task in moulding those players selected, into competitive teams in the short time frame between JSC and the Regional Championships, and what a job they did! The success of all 4 teams is a true indication of the efforts of the coaches, and also reflects on the tremendous job that the Scorpions Junior committee is doing with the juniors in our region.

And the players, what can you say. Their behaviour, off field dress and playing gear, were the envy of the other permits and was backed up on the fields of play with some amazing skills on show. It made all involved, very proud to be associated with such a group of fine young people.

Overall Championship
Sydney Scorpions 47 points
Southern Suns 31 points
Hunter Western Hornets 29 points

Boy's 16's Champions
Grand Final Scorpions 6 V Suns 1

Girls 16's Semi Finalists

Boy's 14's Champions
Grand Final Scorpions 3 V Rebels 1

Girl's 14's Runners Up
Grand Final Hornets 2 V Scorpions 1

The winners of the Scorpions "Croft" Medal for each team were;
Boy's 16's Daniel Chiddy
Girl's 16's Sarah Peattie
Boy's 14's Nathan Milone
Girl's 14's Laura Peattie with Natalie Hummelstad winning the team game ball.

Also selected were NSW Merit Teams for each division, and the Scorpions players chosen were:

14's Girls
Laura Peattie
Natalie Hummelstad
Courtney Duguid

16's Girls
Rebecca Cachia
Sheridan Lillyman
Grace Ryanhart
Carla Wehbe

14's Boys
Jamai Evans
Alex O'Neil

16's Boys
Sam Brisby
Daniel Chiddy
Scott Daley
Alex Franklin
Adrian Moussa

Congratulations to all, the future looks very bright.

2007 Scorpions Girl's 14's

Jenna Hitch: Manly, Jordan Clay: Manly, Alannah McCaffery: Parramatta, Laura Peattie: Manly, Carla Wehbe: Parramatta, Tamara Cochrane: Manly, Emma Crerar: Manly, Sarah-Jane Eltakchi: Parramatta, Jess Shanahan: Manly, Karlie Morton: Manly, Alana Lamerton: Parramatta, Eliza Barton: Parramatta, Chelsea Ross: Parramatta, Kirsty Dunsmore: Manly, Casey-Lee Prosper: Hornsby

2007 Scorpions Boy's 14's

Sam Gorman: Parramatta, Matt Rasso: Parramatta, Mitchell Moses: Parramatta, Jamie Evans: Manly, Luke Vescio: Parramatta, Michael Nuchanathon: Parramatta, John Vaux: Manly, Nathan Milone: Parramatta, Justin Wolstenholme: Parramatta, Mhernard Cajobe: Manly, Josh O'Connor: Parramatter, Adrian Moussa: Parramatta, Ray Bechara: Parramatta, Chad McMillian: Manly Shadows: Bradley Wall: Hornsby, Jake Pickering: Manly

2007 Scorpions Girl's 16's

Ashley Dyer: Manly, Morgan Randall: Manly, Christine Clancy: Manly, Sarah Peattie: Manly, Danielle Ashworth: Manly, Kayla Stewart: Manly, Sam Sweeney: Manly, Rebecca Cachia: Parramatta, Grace Ryanhart: Parramatta, Monique McHugh: Parramatta, Simone Pappas: Parramatta, Ellen Marfleet: Parramatta, Ellie Farrington: Parramatta, Sheridan Lillyman: Tamworth. Shadows: Monique Mau'u: Manly, Kylie Vidigal: Parramatta

2007 Scorpions Boy's 16's

Jonathon Wehbe: Parramatta, Mitchell Mahoney: Parramatta, Nathan Wong: Manly, Daniel Chiddy: Manly, Sam Brisby: Manly, Scott Daley: Parramatta, Francis Katoa: Manly, Joe Ng: Parramatta, Morris Eltakchi: Parramatta, Shane Brown: Parramatta, Ben Saunders: Parramatta, Alex Franklin: Manly, Reece Jones:, Anthony Salerno.