Junior Regionals 2024

Congratulations to the Hunter Western Hornets who have taken out the Champion Region title at the 2024 Junior Regional event. The Hornets won four titles with Scorpions finishing second winning two titles. All Sydney Scorpions award recipients can be found below, including representatives from the NSWTA Merit Teams. All photos from the event can be found via here.

2024 Champions:
Girl’s 12 – Sydney Scorpions
Boy’s 12 – Southern Rebels
Girl’s 14 – Hunter Western Hornets
Boy’s 14 – Hunter Western Hornets
Girl’s 16 – Hunter Western Hornets
Boy’s 16 – Hunter Western Hornets
Girl’s 18 – Sydney Scorpions
Boy’s 18 – Sydney Mets

2024 Sydney Scorpions Results & Award Winners:

Girls 12’s
Champions – Scorpions 3 defeated Hornets 2
Scorpions Medal – Bo-Kiiarni Paki

Boys 12’s
Semi Finalists (4th place)
Scorpions Medal – Ariki Wihongi
Coaches Award – Axel Wolthers

Girls 14’s
Semi Finalists (3rd place)
Scorpions Medal – Ellie Fairall
Players Player – Ana Sue Delana

Boys 14’s
Semi Finalists (4th place)
Scorpions Medal – Cooper Eveleigh

Girls 16’s
Grand Finalists – Scorpions 3 defeated by Hornets 4
Scorpions Medal – Coco Marsters
Players Player – Talea Tonga & Talia Berryman

Boys 16’s
Semi Finalists (3rd place)
Scorpions Medal – Logan Bubb
Players Player – Tobias Comito
Coaches Award – James Patchett

Girls 18’s
Champions – Scorpions 2 defeated Rebels 0
Scorpions Medal – Brooke Bosland
Player of the Final – Grace French

Boys 18’s
Semi Finalists (4th place)
Scorpions Medal – Tyrone Fender
Coaches Award – Baxter Stewart

2024 Sydney Scorpions Team Captains:

Boys 12’s – Ariki Wihongi & Will Jennings
Boys 14’s – Cooper Eveleigh & Nathan Longster
Boys 16’s – Logan Bubb & Taiaroa Lowe
Boys 18’s – Ryan Charlwood
Girls 12’s – Bo-Kiiarni Paki
Girls 14’s – Layla Tonga & Sophie Mahendran
Girls 16’s – Coco Marsters & Talea Tonga
Girls 18’s – Alyssa Medved

JR Club Captains – Alyssa Medved, Ryan Charlwood
Sarah Peattie Medal – Alyssa Medved
Sam Brisby Medal – Ryan Charlwood

2024 Sydney Scorpions NSWTA Merit Teams Representatives:

At the 2024 Junior Regionals in Mudgee the NSW Touch Football Selectors have identified the Merit Teams for each division. Each team comprises 5 Middles, 5 Links, 3 Wingers, and a Utility player. These positions are selected based on where players played for their team across the event.

Girls 12’s
Middles: Siella Fotu-Moala, Bo-Kiiami Paki
Links: Amarlea Tonga, Frankie Butcher, Tiara Berryman

Boys 12’s
Links: Jordy Plummer, Ariki Wihongi
Winger: Fabrizio Mesiti

Girls 14’s
Middle: Ana Sue Delana
Link: Ellshah Berryman-Paki
Winger: Ellie Fairall

Boys 14’s
Middles: Nathan Longster

Girls 16’s
Middles: Coco Marsters, Talia Berryman, Talea Tonga
Utility: Shah Wakely

Boys 16’s
Middle: Saxon Gaw
Link: Callum Spponer
Winger: Tobias Comito

Girls 18’s
Middles: Alyssa Medved, Grace French
Link: Millie Hollis
Wingers: Baylee Broomhead, Jasmyn Vera
Utility: Brooke Bosland

Boys 18’s
Winger: Alex McIlwraith




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