Junior Regionals 2013

Scorps Champion Permit 2013 @ NSWTA Junior Regionals UPDATED  22.04.13
This weekend saw the NSWTA Junior Regionals Championships take place at Wagga Wagga with the Sydney Scorpions once again taking out the Champion Permit title. Congratulations to the Girls 14’s, Boys 16’s & Girls 16’s – all whom won their Finals, with the Boys 14’s and Girls 18’s going down in their Finals.  Please find results, Scorpions Croft Medal winners and NSW Merit team players listed below.  Photo’s can be found here.

Boys 14’s – Runners Up
Grand Final – Hunter Western Hornets 3 def Sydney Scorpions 2
Coach: Louis Rizk & Assistant Coach: Darren Swain   Manager:  Tony Khattar
Boy’s 14’s State Merit Team:  Middle: Finn Heath   Link: Ryley Angles-Corke, Adam Rizk    Wing: Joshua Curran

Girls 14’s – Champions
Grand Final – Sydney Scorpions 2 def Hunter Western Hornets 1
Player of the Final:  Aaliyah Paki
Coach: Jamie Clifford & Assistant Coach: Danni Davis   Manager:  Matt Scranage
Girl’s 14’s State Merit Team:  Middle: Brittney Clifford    Link: Aallyah Paki    Wings: Ashleigh Simpson, Isabella Duncan

Boys 16’s – Champions
Grand Final – Sydney Scorpions 6 def Sydney Rebels 2
Player of the Final:  Matt Wilson
Coach: Dave Nolan  & Assistant Coach: Rob Barrakat   Manager:  Simone Wilson
Boy’s 16’s State Merit Team:  Middles: Brad Gibson, Matthew Wilson    Links: Richard Takchi, Ryan Papenhuyzen    Wing: Luke Mansour

Girls 16’s – Champions
Grand Final – Sydney Scorpions 3 def Hunter Western Hornets 0
Player of the Final:  Chloe Cheney
Coaches: Anthony Dudeck & Craig Beacroft    Manager:  Sandra Dyball
Girl’s 16’s State Meriti Team:   Middles: Hannah Dyball, Tayla Clifford, Shellie Davis    Links: Chloe Cheney, Stephanie Maiolo, Georgia Toovey    Wings: Abbey Urwin, Simone Rodgers

Boys 18’s – Semi Finalists
Semi Final – Sydney Mets 7 def Sydney Scorpions 6
Coach:  Jason Martin    Manager:  Tony Suters & Scott Collins

Girls 18’s – Runners Up
Grand Final – Hunter Western Hornets 6 def Sydney Scorpions 4
Coach: David Duguid & Assistant Coach: Tony Milone   Manager:  Prue Nicholas

Sydney Scorpions 14/16/18 NSWTA Regional Teams UPDATED  18.03.13
Congratulations to the players below who will represent the Sydney Scorpions at the NSWTA Junior Regionals Championships on the 20-21 April in Wagga Wagga.  Trials were very competitive and in some teams shadows have been included.  The shadow players are asked to train with the team and can contact the Coach for further information.  Families are advised to organise their accommodation sooner than later.  The Wagga Wagga Visitor Centre can assist with this via their website, email visitors@wagga.nsw.gov.au or phone 1300 100 122.

Girls 14’s Team:  Aaliyah Paki, Abbey Steanes, Ally Dallaway, Ashleigh Simpson, Brittney Clifford, Chloe Scranage, Ellie May Asprey, Isabella Duncan, Madielyn Nolan, Paige French, Sophie Martin, Tamia Kearns, Tayla Fraser, Tully Marr.  Shadows:  Rebekah Blanchard, Maddison Hartman

Training: Details via Facebook
Selectors:  Anthony Dudeck & Jamie Clifford
Coach: Jamie Clifford & Assistant Coach: Danni Davis
Further info via playerclifford@me.com

Boys 14’s Team:  Adam Rizk, Adrian Khattar, Anthony Sakr, Curtis Wilson, Finn Heath, Jarod Spicer, Jayden Griffin, Josh Bakhos, Josh Curran, Matt Swain, Ray Wehbe, Ryley Angles Cook, Sam Kelly, Shannon Gardiner.  Shadows:  Bennett Wheelhouse, Sam Edgley

Training: Details via Facebook
Further info via lrizk@optusnet.com.au
Selectors:  Dave Nolan & Louis Rizk
Coach: Louis Rizk & Assistant Coach: Darren Swain

Girls 16’s Team: Abbey Urwin (Parramatta Eels), Chloe Cheney (Manly Sea Eagles), Clare Vanzino (Manly Sea Eagles), Courtney Milone (Parramatta Eels), Emily Gordon (Parramatta Eels), Georgia Toovey (Manly Sea Eagles), Hannah Dyball (Manly Sea Eagles), Michala Ford (Parramatta Eels), Nicole Saldern (Manly Sea Eagles), Shellie Davis (Manly Sea Eagles), Simone Rodgers (Ryde Eastwood Hawks), Steph Maiolo (Manly Sea Eagles), Tayla Clifford (Manly Sea Eagles), Tayla Duguid (Parramatta Eels)  Shadow: Talisha Maruta (Parramatta Eels)

Training: Details via Facebook
Selectors:  Brett Gillard & Craig Beacroft
Coaches: Anthony Dudeck & Craig Beacroft

Boys 16’s Team:  Troy Black (Parramatta Eels), Malcom Chaney (Ryde Eastwood), Tom Collins (Manly Sea Eagles), Josh Dickerson (Hornsby Lions), Cammeron Dow (Ryde Eastwood), Billy Eltachi (Ryde Eastwood), Brad Gibson (Ryde Eastwood), Luke Mansour (Parramatta Eels), Matthew McSweeney (Ryde Eastwood), Jackson Mills (Parramatta Eels), Ryan Pappenhuyzen (Parramatta Eels), Richard Takchi (Ryde Eastwood), Regan Walsh (Ryde Eastwood), Matt Wilson (Ryde Eastwood).  Shadows: Zac Simmons (Manly Sea Eagles), Nathan Williams (Manly Sea Eagles).

Training: Details via Facebook
Selectors:  Tim Kitchingham & Dave Nolan
Coach: Dave Nolan  & Assistant Coach: Rob Barrakat

Girls 18’s Team: Abbey Papenhuyzen, Adeline Bruce, Aleya Wiggins, Annaleise Barton, Ashley Gray, Crystal Maguire, Emma Williams, Jess Fowler, Jordan Jamer, Kate Phillips, Laara Lewis, Samantha Donlan, Taylor Hornery, Zara Nicholas. Shadows: Courtney Duguid, Mila Randall, Sinead Hickey

First training for all girls listed will be held on Wednesday March 20th at Doyle Ground, North Parramatta @ 6.30pm, and then each Wednesday at 6.30pm at Doyle Ground, North Parramatta and on Sundays 9.00 am at Meadowbank Park, Ryde.  Please wear Scorpions tops or Black/White Singlet and black shorts.  Please confirm your acceptance of position by contacting David Duguid.

Any further information that may be required please contact the following:
Coach:    David Duguid    0413 802 637    daduguid@mmm.com
Ass. Coach:    Tony Milone    0414 442 155     tony@ecoslabs.com.au
Manager:    TBA
Selectors:  Mick Daley & David Duguid

Boys 18’s Team: Aaron Wright, Adam Page, Benjamin Younis, Charlton Suters, Grant McDonald, Jacob Maclean, Jed Ibbotson, Jeremy King, Jonathan Miller, Mat Arnold, Matthew Shields, Matthew Smith, Mitchel Van Noort, Samual Raffaele. Shadows: Anthony Kartrib, Gregory O’Connor, Jacob Curran, Justin Gerges

Training: Details via Facebook
Further info via email@sydneyscorpions.com
Selectors:  Tim Kitchingham & Jason Martin
Coach:  Jason Martin

Sydney Scorpions 14/16/18 NSWTA Regional Squads 19.02.13

14 Girls Squad: Bridget Goldsmith, Rose Murray, Alexia van Noort, Brittany Wells, Tayla Fraser, Rebekah Blanchard, Danae Blewitt, Isabella Duncan, Tamia Kearns, Ashleigh Simpson, Ally Dallaway, Brittney Clifford, AAliyah Paki, Tully Marr, Ellie-May Asprey, Rachel Fear, Paige French, Abbey Steanes, Chloe Scranage, Jaala Harrison, Maddison Hartman, Hayley Nolan, Sophie Martin, Madielyn Nolan, Abigail Shepherd, Jane Hill, Chelsea Loughrey.

14 Boys Squad: Brock Langham, Ryan Mettenbrink, Jimmy Hawkins, Samuel Edgely, Finn Heath, Conor Hickey, Cooper Johns, Sam Kelly, Tom Suters, Matt Swain, Ryley Angles-Corke, Joshua Bakhos, Joshua Curran, Bradley Doherty, Shannon Gardiner, Jayden Griffin, Adrian Khattar, Brock Pelligra, Adam Rizk, Anthony Sakr, Jarrod Spicer, Raymond Wehbe, William Lawson, Bennet Wheelhouse, Curtis Wilson, Scott Brooks, Lachlan Camroux, Teika Harieka, David Tejcek.

16 Girls Squad: Ciara O’Sullivan, Emma Huskins, Hannah Dirou, Chloe Cheney, Claire Vanzino, Georgia Toovey, Hannah Dyball, Nicole Saldern, Shellie Davis, Steph Maiolo, Tayla Clifford, Georgette Randall, Jane Vanzino, Brooke Ferro, Abbey Urwin, Courtney Milone, Emily Gordon, Kaitlin McCaffery, Michaela Ford, Talisha Maruta, Tayla Duguid, Simone Rodgers, Kate Matefly, Nicole Deggens, Sally Hawkins,  Annabelle Rogers.

16 Boys Squad: Matthew McSweeney, Cammeron Dow, Nathan Cooper, Malcom Chaney, Jean Louis Jones, Bradley Cincotta, Regan Walsh, Brad Gibson, Matt Wilson, Richard Takchi, Billy Eltakchi, Brodie Naughton, Luke Mansour, Ryan Pappenhuyzen, Denzal Tonise, Troy Black, Jackson Mills, Marley Simbolin, Kai Simbolin, Issac Gorman, Jacob Harrington, Lawrence Bingham, Joshua Wandl, Zac Simmons, Jaycob Fong, Tom Collins, Mason McDonald, Nathan Williams, Josh Dickerson.

18 Girls Squad: Aleya Wiggins, Courtney Duguid,  Jess Fowler, Mila Randall, Sam Cahill, Taylor Mikaelian, Taylor Hornery, Annaleise Barton, Ashley Gray,  Jordan Jamer, Abbey Papenhuyzen, Ashley Swadling, Hollie Turner, Corina Hummelstad, Samantha Donlan, Crystal Maguire, Zara Nicholas, Eliza Parish, Emma Williams, Sinead Hickey, Kate Phillips, Amelia Suters, Adeline Bruce, Isabella Flanery, Laara Lewis, Kate Young, Bianca Sorbello, Annabel Hoysted.

18 Boys Squad:  Peter Achmar, Jacob Curran, Justin Gerges, Jeremy King, Paul Lamerton, Jacob Maclean, Christopher Nolan, Jake Nolan, Jordan Sarmento, Gregory O’Conner, Aaron Wright, Benjamin Younis, Anthony Katrib, Mat Arnold, Hopoate Holakeituai, Austin Osagie, Adam Page, Matthew Shields, Mathew Smith, Blake Spencer, Mitchel van Noort, Shane Wong, Ben Crerar, Jack Dyball, Jed Ibbotson, Billy Leonard, Grant McDonald, Jonathan Miller, Charlton Suters, Joshua Tompson, Samuel Raffaele.