Junior Regionals 2012

Sydney Scorpions 2012 NSWTA Junior Regional Champions 15.4.12
The Sydney Scorpions are the Champion Region yet again appearing in all six division finals and winning a massive five titles. The Scorpions won the Boys 14’s, Boys 16’s, Girls 16’s, Boys 18’s and Girls 18’s with the young Girls 14’s only losing in an action packed drop off.  A huge thanks must go to all our fabulous players as a huge contributing factor to their success is although they come from many different affiliates – they join together to represent our region and play as one.  More reports coming soon including photos and all Scorpion Medal Winners.  Results and Player of the Final for all divisions are as follows:

Under 14 Boys: Sydney Scorpions 6 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 5 – drop off
Player of the Final – Marley Simbolon (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Luke Osborne
Coach: Rob Barrakat

Under 14 Girls: Sydney Scorpions 2 defeated by Hunter Western Hornets 3 – drop off
Player of the Final – Cassidy Atkins (Hunter Western Hornets)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Claire Vanzino
Coach: Barry Gibson Assistant Coach: Jamie Clifford

Under 16 Boys:  Sydney Scorpions 3 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 1
Player of the Final – Kai Simbolon (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Matt Wilson
Coach: Rod Hetherington   Assistant Coach: Ricky Hetherington & Mark Leonard

Under 16 Girls: Sydney Scorpions  3 defeated Hunter Western Hornets  2 – drop off
Player of the Final – Georgia Toovey (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Abbey Papenhuyzen
Coaches Awards –  Chloe Cheney, Courtney Milone, Shellie Davis
Coaches: Anthony Dudeck & Craig Beacroft  Assistant Coach: Cristy Budd  Manager: Sandra Dyball  Head Selector: Mick Daley

Under 18 Boys: Sydney Scorpions defeated Northern Eagles
Player of the Final – Ciaran Toner (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Ciaran Toner
Coach: Louis Rizk  Assistant Coach: Nhut Trinh

Under 18 Girls:  Sydney Scorpions 8 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 2
Player of the Final – Ashley Quinlan (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Ash Quinlan
Coach: David Duguid

State Merit Teams in the Under 14 & Under 16 Divisions were named at the completion of the Junior Regionals.  Congratulations to the following Sydney Scorpions representatives:

Under 14 Girls:
Middles:  Georgette Randall
Links: Talya Fraser, Logan Glasson
Utility: Claire Vanzino

Under 14 Boys:
Middles: Marley Simbolon, Chris Barakat
Links: Adam Rizk, Ryan Papenhuyzen, Brodie Naughton

Under 16 Girls:
Middles: Hannah Dyball
Links: Stephanie Maiolo, Georgia Toovey
Wings: Abbey Papenhuyzen

Under 16 Boys:
Middles: Matt Wilson, Kai Simbolon
Links: Shane Wong
Wings: Jacob McLean

Club Championship:
Sydney Scorpions – 85 Pts
Hunter Western Hornets – 62  Pts
Sydney Rebels – 28 Pts
Northern Eagles – 24 Pts
Southern Suns – 21 Pts
Sydney Mets – 14 Pts

Sydney Scorpions NSWTA Regional Trials 4.3.12
Sydney Scorpions selectors were hard at work at the NSWTA Junior State Cup selecting squads for the upcoming 14/16/18 NSWTA Regionals to be held in April. All Sydney Scorpions squads are available below and via our Facebook page. Further info on final selection trials coming Monday and Tuesday this week. Recent changes to the structure of NSWTA Regional teams being sent to the NYC tournament has resulted in a change in process for members wishing to make the NYC squads. The six NSWTA region’s will no longer be sending teams in the Girls and Boys divisions. Instead, NSWTA will send one team to compete against the NSW school systems team, a combined Qld school team, other states and Qld regions. Selection for the NSWTA NYC squad will be based on attendance at the 14/16/18’s Junior Regional Championships to be held in Foster on the weekend 14 & 15 April. The venue will be the Tuncurry Sporting Complex, Beach Street, Tuncurry. Sydney Scorpions will be looking to retain their 2010 & 2011 Champion Permit status. Those interested in Team Manager roles should get in contact via the Coaches or Bruce Ager. Further enquiries should be via Scorpions Coaching Director Bruce Ager 0407 395 930.  Refer to Scorps Facebook page for updated and latest training details.

Girl’s 18’s Final Team 29.3.12
Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the Sydney Scorpions 18’s Girls: Aleya Wiggins, Ashleigh Quinlan, Courtney Duguid, Georgia Wallace, Jess Fowler, Keira Batiste, Kierly Wiggins, Natalie Hummelstad, Sam Cahill, Sam Rodgers, Suzannah Dewhurst, Tanisha Stanton, Taylor Mikaelian, Zane Kruger.
Coach: David Duguid 0413 802367 daduguid@mmm.com
Ass. Coach: Peter Nderia
Manager: Grace Mikaelian

Girls 16’s Final Team 4.3.12
Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the Sydney Scorpions 16’s Girls. All trials were highly competitive and we are extremely fortunate to have so many talented players. If any player that missed out on selection wishes to obtain feedback please do this via email. The first training session will be on Sunday 18th March, details to follow shortly.

Abbey Papenhuyzen, Chloe Cheney, Courtney Milone, Emma Williams, Georgia Toovey, Hannah Dyball, Kaitlin McCaffery, Shellie Davis, Steph Maiolo, Talisha Maruta, Tayla Clifford, Tayla Duguid, Taylor Hornery, Zara Nicholas. Shadows: Aleya Wiggins, Sam Cahill. Coaches: Anthony Dudeck & Craig Beacroft Assistant Coach: Cristy Budd Manager: Sandra Dyball Head Selector: Mick Daley

Boys 14’s Final Team 14.3.12
Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the Sydney Scorpions 14’s Boys.
Lawrence Bingham
Jayden Macdonald
Ray Wehbe
Ray Ray Maroun
Jacob Harrington
Brodie Naughton
Nathan Williams
Josh Zubak
Chris Barakat
Marley Simbolon
Nicholas Barakat
Adam Rizk
Luke Osborne
Ryan Papenhuyzen
Coach: Rob Barrakat
All players to contact Rob Barakat on 0419 765 401, to accept and confirm their positions in the side.

Girls 14’s Final Team 18.3.12
Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the Sydney Scorpions 14’s Girls.
Georgette Randall
Nicole Saldern
Kristy Leonard
Jane Vanzino
Claire Vanzino
Aleya Paki
Brooke Ferro
Logan Glasson
Brittney Clifford
Tayla Fraser
Ally Dallaway
Ashleigh Simpson
Isobella Duncan
Madison Noud
Shadows: Tamia Kearns, Kaitlyn Noble
(Shadows are encouraged to attend all training sessions)

Coach: Barry Gibson Assistant Coach: Jamie Clifford

Boys 16’s Final Team 14.3.12
Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the Sydney Scorpions 16’s Boys.

Matt Wilson Ryde/East
Kai Simbolon Parra
Brad Gibson Ryde/East
Shane Wong Hornsby 18s
Ben Crerar Manly
Denzal Tonise Parra
Malcolm Cheney Ryde/East
Regan Walsh Ryde/East
Billy Leonard Manly
Troy Black Parra
Jessie Bell Ryde/East
Cajun Alaatoa Parra
Zac Edgley Manly
Jacob Mclean Parra

Marnius Black Manly
Samuel Raffealle Manly

Coach: Rod Hetherington Assistant Coach: Ricky Hetherington & Mark Leonard

Boys 18’s Squad 14.3.12
Tom Jacobson, Sam Rose,Chad McMillan, Lalakai Faketi, Jed Ibbotson, Jonathan Huskins, Ryan Hazlett, Mitchel Van Noort, David Dean, Ciaran Toner, Alex Nicholls-O’Neil, Matthew Smith, Bradley Wall, Matthew Arnold, Michael Jones, RJ Hoole, Aaron Wright, Zac Docker Clay, Jeremy King, Jack Nicholls, Jayden Horo, Domonic Field, Martin Wahbe, Dylan Grech, ,Jack Dyball, Hopoate Holakeituai, Grant McDonald, Jonathan Miller, Paul Lamerton, Coach: Louis Rizk Mobile: 0402 338 303 Assistant Coach: Nhut Trinh Mobile 0411 169 540 Assistant Coach: Dave Nolan Mobile: 0411 138 972