Congratulations to all our Sydney Scorpions teams and players for their success over the weekend at Tuggerah. A total of 52 teams from the six New South Wales Regions including Sydney Mets, Sydney Scorpions, Southern Rebels, West South West Suns, Hunter Western Hornets, Northern Eagles, and ACT Raiders – competed in the two day event at the excellent Central Coast Regional Sporting & Recreation Complex.

Scorpions had six out of eight teams making Grand Finals with the Girls 14’s, Girls 16’s and Girls 18’s all being crowned champions. As a result Scorpions successfully retained their Champion Region title, making it 12 in a row and a total of 13 wins. It was noticeable to see a spread of regions contesting finals and the closeness of competition across all divisions through the finals series.

Congratulations to West South West Suns and Hunter Western Hornets for finishing second and third placed respectively.  All our action and team photos can now be found via here with many thanks to Matt Long Photography.

2022 Sydney Scorpions  Results & Award Winners:

Boys 12’s
Grand Finalists – Rebels 2 defeated Scorpions 1
Scorpions Medal – Isaac Casey

Girls 12’s
Semi Finalists – Hornets 2 defeated Scorpions 0
Scorpions Medal – Bethany Wilson
Players Player – April Unwin

Boys 14’s
Semi Finalists – Hornets 5 defeated Scorpions 4
Scorpions Medal – Rhys Webster
Coaches Award – Taj Paterson

Girls 14’s
Champions – Scorpions 5 defeated Mets 1
Scorpions Medal – Olivia Durdevic
Coaches Award – Davina Raghvani
Player of the Final – Kelsey Berryman

Boys 16’s
Grand Finalists – Suns 6 defeated Scorpions 5 (Drop-off)
Scorpions Medal – Tylan Berryman
Players Player – Tylan Berryman
Coaches Award – Issac Fotu-Moala

Girls 16’s
Champions – Scorpions 3 defeated Suns 1
Scorpions Medal – Tia Matthews
Player of the Final – Ava Jones

Boys 18’s
Grand Finalists – Hornets 4 defeated Scorpions 2
Scorpions Medal – Dylan Charlier
Players Player – Josh Turner

Girls 18’s
Champions – Scorpions 3 defeated Suns 2
Scorpions Medal – Imogen Sayer
Players Player – Lauren McCurley
Player of the Final – Mackenzie Davis

JR Club Captains – Emily Smith & Josh Turner
Sarah Peattie Medal – Emily Smith
Sam Brisby Medal – Josh Turner

2022 Regional Championship:

1st Sydney Scorpions 89 points
2nd West South West Suns 64 points
3rd Hunter Western Hornets 63 points

2022 Sydney Scorpions NSWTA Merit Teams Representatives:

Girls 12’s
Middle: April Unwin

Boys 12’s
Link: Cooper Eveleigh, Jay Calandruccio
Utility: Kobe Bishop

Girls 14’s
Middle: Coco Masters , Shah Wakely, Talea Tonga
Link: Kelsey Berryman, Mia Tonga
Winger: Summer Bourke
Utility: Olivia Durdevic

Boys 14’s
Middle: Taj Paterson
Link: Jack Kalms
Winger: Rhys Webster, Jake Medved

Girls 16’s
Middle: Waiaria Ellis, Ava Jones
Winger: Jazz Vera, Leila McDougall

Boys 16’s
Middle: Tylan Berryman
Link: Max Davies, Logan Tolar
Winger: Taj Thompson

Girls 18’s
Middle: Emily Smith, Mackenzie Davis
Link: Imogen Sayer, Nina Vander Reyden

Boys 18’s
Middle: Josh Turner
Link: Cooper Angles-Cork
Winger: Cooper Wood




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