Junior Regionals 2014

The 2014 NSWTA Junior Regional Championships have taken place in Goulburn with Sydney Scorpions crowned Champion Permit yet again.  The two day tournament saw the Scorps off to a flying start on the Saturday with a total of 24 games being played across the 6 divisions – with Scorpions winning a massive 21, drawing 2 and losing 1.  On the Sunday there were 3 title winners starting with the 14 Girls who defeated the Hunter Western Hornets 3-2 in a close Final.

Congratulations to the girls, many of which were on debut for Scorpions, and additionally the coaching staff led by Roha Paki, Gloria Berryman and Gavin Bruce.  The extremely talented Lucy McDonald was awarded the Scorpions Medal whilst Players Player went to Shannyn Bissett.  The 16 Boys also took out the title, a first for Coaches Brandon McDonald and Scott Collins.  The team also defeated the Hornets, this time by 4-3 with Luke Osborne the Scorpions Medal recipient.

Moving onto the 18 Girls division and Scorpions remained undefeated scoring 43 touchdowns whilst only conceding 5.  The team won their semi-final over a young gallant Sydney Mets team 6-1 and then put on a dominating performance beating the Hornets 7-0.  Player of the Final was Hannah Dyball with the inspiring Abbey Papenhuyzen being awarded the Scorpions Medal whilst Georgia Voura, Hannah Dyball and Abbey Urwin all received Coaches Awards.

The 14 Boys had a solid tournament only to be knocked out in the semi-final losing 3-2 to Hornets with Jack Walsh the Scorpions Medal winner.  In the 16 Girls division a very young team led by Captain Nicole Saldern were defeated 5-3 in the semi-final against Hornets with Brittney Clifford receiving the Scorpions Medal and Aalayah Paki the other award.

Finally in the 18 Boys the Scorps went down in a topsy-turvey final with Sydney Rebels deserving the victory by 6-5.  For Scorpions Kai Simbolon was awarded the Scorpions Medal.  Many thanks to all Scorpions Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers, players, parents, supporters and referees on their achievements over a fantastic weekend of touch.

2014 Sydney Scorpions NSWTA Merit Teams Representatives:

Girl’s Under 14’s State Merit Team: Pihuka Duff, Tatum Bird, Sariah Paki, Madison Higgins-Ashby, Faith Nathan, Isabella Beach, Mackenzie Glasson, Shannyn Bissett
Boy’s Under 14’s State Merit Team: Adrian Khattar, Samuel Edgley, Jerome Van Der Heide
Girl’s Under 16’s State Merit Team: Aaliyah Paki, Maddison Hartman
Boy’s Under 16’s State Merit Team: Curtis Wilson, Max Simons, Raymond Wehbe, Marley Simbolon, Luke Osborn

2014 NSWTA Junior Regional Championships Preview:

The NSWTA Junior Regional Championships take place this weekend in Goulburn with Sydney Scorpions looking for strong performances in all divisions as they take on the best from around the state.   For the past few years Scorps have been crowned Champion Permit with 2013 resulting in 5 out of 6 Grand Final appearances whilst winning 3 of these.  This year in the 14’s divisions many of these young players will be making their debut for Scorpions after strong performances for their affiliates at the Junior State Cup.  In the Girls 14’s division the team has a great amount of young talent with coach Roha Paki also making her debut in the Scorpions coaching ranks after a number of years of success at affiliate level.  The Boys 14’s under the guidance of coaches Robbie Barrakat and Matt Scranage will be looking to Sam Edgeley, Luke Maiolo and the pacey Tyreece Figota as they strive for success.  The Girls 16’s are coached by Jamie Clifford and Keith Smith with many of these girls already tasting success at this tournament by winning the title last year in the 14’s and 16’s division.  Scorps boast a number of extremely talented players including Aaliyah Paki, Brittney Clifford, Madielyn Nolan and Simone Rodgers to name just a few.  The Boy’s 16’s have Brandon McDonald as coach in what should be a very competitive division.  Marley Simbolin and Matthew Rocco are amongst a number of excellent up and coming players to watch. The 18’s division is an area that Scorpions have struggled to win in the past and this year there has been increased focus aiming to attract the best possible players in both teams.  The Boys 18’s are looking for a good tournament with NSW State Coach Jason Martin at the helm.  Their main strike players all have an abundance of experience at junior level including Kai Simbolon, Regan Walsh, Tom Collins and NSW Scorpions Men’s Open young gun Matt Wilson.  Last but not least is the Girls 18’s with Anthony Dudeck & Craig Beacroft moving up from the Girls 16’s division where they have had title success the previous two years.  This year they are assisted by Hills Hornets Mel Mitchell and the team will most certainly not be taking any opposition lightly, even though they have eight players that recently competed at the TFA Elite 8 tournament.  The team will be looking to the likes of Shellie Davis, Abbey Papenhuyzen, Steph Maiolo, Hannah Dyball and Tayla Duguid to keep them focused and on track as they chase yet another title. Good luck to all Sydney Scorpions teams this weekend.

Sydney Scorpions 2014 NSWTA Junior Regional Squads

Sydney Scorpions Coaches & Selectors were hard at work at the tournament selecting their squads for the 2014 NSWTA Junior Regional Championships, which will take place over the weekend of the 26/27 April 2014, at Goulburn, NSW (approx. 2hrs 10mins drive from Sydney).   The Scorpions will be looking to continue their recent run of success at this tournament after last year yet again being crowned Champion Permit by appearing in 5 out of 6 Grand Finals and winning 3 of these. As per Scorpions policy all players that were in 2013 final teams have been automatically included in the 2014 squads. For example if a player made the 14 Girls team in 2013 and she is eligible for the 14 Girls again, she will automatically be included in the 14 Girls squad. However if she is now eligible for 16 Girls then she is not an automatic selection in the 16 Girls squad.

Girls 14’s Squad:
Squad (33 players): Capri Vidler (Parramatta), Carly Abbott (Northern Beaches), Deni Ross (Parramatta), Faith Nathan (Manly), Hayley Thorndyke (Hills), Indiana Haoui (Northern Beaches), Isabella Beach (Manly), Jesse  Smith (Hills), Josephine Lenaz (Hills), Josie Bee (Ryde Eastwood), Julia Zubak (Parramatta), Kate Ryan (Manly), Kyah West (Hills), Lauren Pruscino (Parramatta), Lily Schnitzler (Manly), Lucy McDonald (Manly), Maddison Pritchard (Parramatta), Madison Ashby (Manly), Molly Bird (Hornsby), Mya Geros (Manly), Pihuka Duff (Manly), Rachel Fear (Manly), Renee Khamis (Parramatta), Ruby Cooper (Ryde Eastwood), Ruby Reid (Northern Beaches), Sariah  Paki (Manly), Shannyn Bissett (Parramatta), Tahlia Simbolon (Parramatta), Tasma Woolley (Manly), Tatum Bird (Parramatta), Taylah Nicholls (Ryde Eastwood), Tianah Geros (Manly), Tyler Pelligra (Parramatta).  Coach: Roha Paki   Assistant Coaches:  Gavin Brucey & Gloria Berryman

Girls 16’s Squad:
Squad (33 Players): Isabella Duncan, Allison Dallaway, Danae Blewitt, Jane Hill, Rebekah Blanchard, Tamia Kearns, Brianna Sorbello, Aaliyah Paki, Tayla Fraser, Brittney Clifford, Kristie Leonard, Tully Marr, Paige French, Chloe Scranage, Maddison Hartmann, Ellie-May Asprey, Jaala Harrison, Abbey Steanes, Claudia Mece, Sinead McNamara, Madielyn Nolan, Sophie Martin, Abigail Shepherd, Dana Griffin, Brittany Haskins, Jane Vanzino, Claire Vanzino, Nicole Saldern, Georgette Randall, Caitlin Cimarosti, Courtney Young, Logan Glasson, Simone Rodgers.  Coach: Jamie Clifford  Assistant Coaches: Danni Davis & Matt Scranage

Girls 18’s Squad:
Squad (27 players):  Abbey Papenhuyzen, Abbey Urwin, Aleya Wiggins, Annaleise Barton, Ashley Gray, Bianca Sorbello, Bridie Hill, Chloe Cheney, Courtney Milone, Crystal Maguire, Emily Gordon, Emma Williams, Georgia Toovey, Georgia Voura, Greta Virgona, Hannah Dyball, Jordan Jamer, Kaitlin McCaffery, Laara Lewis, Michala Ford, Shellie Davis, Steph Maiolo, Talisha Maruta, Tayla Clifford, Tayla Duguid, Taylor Hornery, Zara Nicholas.  Coach: Anthony Dudeck  Assistant Coach:  Melissa Mitchell    Further info via email
Players requested to wear their club playing or training singlets with number

Boys 14’s Squad:
Squad (33 players):  Adrian Khattar, Boehn Russell, Christian Williams, Connor Tannous, Conor Hickey, David Tejcek, Elijah Pai, Ethan Klein, Flynn Agles Corke, Fraser McGrath, Jack Stewart, Jack Walsh, Jack Paavola, Jerome Van der Helde, Jordan Adams, Jordan Hill, Josh Takchi, Joshua Anstee, Lachlan Bamford, Luke Maiolo, Matt Swain, Mitchell Quetcher, Nate Scranage, Nathan Van Buuren, Oliver Arcus, Sam Kelly, Samuel Edgeley, Thomas Edgeley, Tyran Rotondo, Tyreece Figota, William Otoole, Zach Symons, Zachary Murray. Coach: Rob Barrakat Assistant Coach: Dave Nolan

Boys 16’s Squad:
Squad (35 players):  Ryley Angles-Corke (Parramatta), Jayden Griffin (Parramatta), Jayden  McDonald (Parramatta), Luke Osborne (Parramatta), Ryan Papenhuyzen (Parramatta), Adam Rizk (Parramatta), Jarrod Spicer (Parramatta), Ray Wehbe (Parramatta), Marley Simbolon (Parramatta), Curtis Wilson (Parramatta), Jordan Khattar (Parramatta), Jacob Harrington (Parramatta), Lawrence Bingham (Parramatta), Keeley Bowen (Hornsby), Jordan Do Rozario (Hornsby), Kobby Agyei (Hills), Samuel Watkins (Hills), Brad Davoren-Whereat (Hills), Daniel Hunt (Hills), Ryan Mettenbrink (Hills), Tom Bracken (Hills), Zane O’Neill (Northern Beaches), Jarrah Rogan (Northern Beaches), Finn Heath (Northern Beaches), Jeremy Allan (Northern Beaches), Daniel Clabretta (Northern Beaches), Matthew Rocca (Manly 18’s), Campbell Marks (Manly), Jack Mazaraki (Manly), Mason McDonald (Manly), Max Simons (Manly), Thomson Suters (Manly), Lachlan Elks (Manly), Harrison Haywood (Manly), Cooper Johns (Manly).  Coach: Brandon McDonald  Assistant Coach: Darren Swain

Boys 18’s Squad:
Squad (32 players): Anthony Katrib (Parramatta), Ben Crerar (Manly), Bill Eltakchi (Ryde Eastwood), Billy Leonard Manly), Brad Gibson (Ryde Eastwood), Brad Stevenson (Parramatta), Cameron Dow (Ryde Eastwood), Harrison Fox (Hornsby), Jackson Mills (Parramatta), Jacob Curran (Hornsby), Jacob McLean  Parramatta), Jai Field (Parramatta), Jake Nolan (Parramatta), Jean Louis Jones (Ryde Eastwood), Jordan Sarmento (Parramatta), Joshua Wandl (Manly), Kai Simbolon (Parramatta), Luke Mansour (Parramatta), Mark Wilson (Hornsby), Matthew McSweeney (Ryde Eastwood), Matthew Shields Hornsby), Matthew Wilson (Ryde Eastwood), Nathan Cooper (Ryde Eastwood), Pat Taumata (Hills), Regan Walsh (Ryde Eastwood), Richard Takchi (Ryde Eastwood), Sam Raffaele (Manly), Shane Wong (Manly), Thomas Wong (Ryde Eastwood), Tom Collins (Manly), Troy  Black (Parramatta), Zac Simons (Manly).  Coach:  Jason Martin  Assistant Coach:  TBC




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