Junior Regionals 2012

The Sydney Scorpions are the Champion Region yet again appearing in all six division finals and winning a massive five titles. The Scorpions won the Boys 14’s, Boys 16’s, Girls 16’s, Boys 18’s and Girls 18’s with the young Girls 14’s only losing in an action packed drop off.  A huge thanks must go to all our fabulous players as a huge contributing factor to their success is although they come from many different affiliates – they join together to represent our region and play as one.

2012 Sydney Scorpions Results & Award Winners:

Boys 14’s: Sydney Scorpions 6 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 5 – drop off
Player of the Final – Marley Simbolon (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Luke Osborne
Coach: Rob Barrakat

Girls 14’s: Sydney Scorpions 2 defeated by Hunter Western Hornets 3 – drop off
Player of the Final – Cassidy Atkins (Hunter Western Hornets)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Claire Vanzino
Coach: Barry Gibson Assistant Coach: Jamie Clifford

Boys 16’s:  Sydney Scorpions 3 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 1
Player of the Final – Kai Simbolon (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Matt Wilson
Coach: Rod Hetherington   Assistant Coach: Ricky Hetherington & Mark Leonard

Girls 16’s: Sydney Scorpions  3 defeated Hunter Western Hornets  2 – drop off
Player of the Final – Georgia Toovey (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Abbey Papenhuyzen
Coaches Awards –  Chloe Cheney, Courtney Milone, Shellie Davis
Coaches: Anthony Dudeck & Craig Beacroft  Assistant Coach: Cristy Budd  Manager: Sandra Dyball  Head Selector: Mick Daley

Boys 18’s: Sydney Scorpions defeated Northern Eagles
Player of the Final – Ciaran Toner (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Ciaran Toner
Coach: Louis Rizk  Assistant Coach: Nhut Trinh

Girls 18’s:  Sydney Scorpions 8 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 2
Player of the Final – Ashley Quinlan (Sydney Scorpions)
Sydney Scorpions Medal – Ash Quinlan
Coach: David Duguid

2012 Regional Championship:

Sydney Scorpions – 85 Pts
Hunter Western Hornets – 62  Pts
Sydney Rebels – 28 Pts
Northern Eagles – 24 Pts
Southern Suns – 21 Pts
Sydney Mets – 14 Pts

2012 Sydney Scorpions NSWTA Merit Teams Representatives:

Girls 14’s
Middles:  Georgette Randall
Links: Talya Fraser, Logan Glasson
Utility: Claire Vanzino

Boys 14’s
Middles: Marley Simbolon, Chris Barakat
Links: Adam Rizk, Ryan Papenhuyzen, Brodie Naughton

Girls 16’s
Middles: Hannah Dyball
Links: Stephanie Maiolo, Georgia Toovey
Wings: Abbey Papenhuyzen

Boys 16’s
Middles: Matt Wilson, Kai Simbolon
Links: Shane Wong
Wings: Jacob McLean




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