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Technical Director JD

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Document current as at 28/05/20


  1. This Executive committee position will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting (every 2 years, currently even numbered years)
  2. Develop, review and monitor Region policies
  3. Supervise and co-ordinate the Region technical panel via regular meetings / communication
  4. Provide leadership and direction to the technical arms of the sport
  5. Receive and disseminate information promptly
  6. To partner with the High Performance Unit in relation to Sydney Scorpions representative pathway information
  7. Monitor Directors Development, research and budgetary plans
  8. Co-ordinate budgeting of technical arms
  9. Co-ordinate development grants
  10. Monitor of Accreditation course programs
  11. Develop policy across all arms of the sport
  12. Liaise with all arms
  13. Monitor performance of Regional Directors and their Panels
  14. Represent Technical Panel at General Committee and Executive Committee Meeting
  15. Where required represent the Region at NSWTA meetings
  16. Submit annual report for Sydney Scorpions AGM
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