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Sprint Drill – Acceleration & Speed

Drill Overview:
  • Aim is to determine acceleration & speed
  • Involves running a single sprint over 40 metres
  • A thorough warm up should be used prior, including some practice starts and accelerations
  • The drill is repeated once, then can be repeated after a short break
Drill Set-up:
  • Course length is a 40 metre straight line
  • Cones are only required at the start and finish, however more can be used as a running lane
  • Stationary start position bent down with at least one hand on the ground, with front foot on the starting line
  • Starting cue is 3,2,1 with participant starting on 1
  • Advise giving at least 3-4 minutes rest before repeating
Equipment Required:
  • Use a flat well-maintained playing field or artificial surface
  • 40 metre straight area
  • Measuring wheel or tape to ensure distance is accurate
  • Stop watch or mobile device to record times or timing gates
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