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Selectors Director JD

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Document current as at 18/05/20


  1. This non-Executive committee position will be appointed / reappointed at the Annual General Meeting each year
  2. Must be a Level Two Selector or equivalent
  3. Capacity to exercise mature judgement in impartial assessment of Selectors
  4. Must have ability to provide leadership within the Panel
  5. Possess the Level One Course Presenters Certificate
  6. Be present at least one annually at a Level Once Selectors Course


  1. Liaise with the State Director at all times with specific respect to the conduct of Selectors Courses
  2. To arrange for the State Director, Panel member of any other authorised person to attend an Affiliate for the purpose of assessing a course presenter
  3. To become qualified, pursuant to the requirements of the position, both as a practical Selector and as a course presenter
  4. To advertise, promote and conduct Selector courses within the Affiliates
  5. To assist in the educational programs for Selectors in the Affiliates
  6. To approve any awards connected with selectors in the Affiliates
  7. To assess Selectors performance within their Affiliates
  8. To develop a selection policy for the Region and ensure it is adhered to
  9. To organise the distribution of application forms for the position of regional selectorsthrough the Assistant Regional Director and submit for consideration at a meeting of the Region
  10. To organise the selectors for tournaments and events conducted by the Region and for NSWTA tournaments and events as requested
  11. To organise as required selectors books for tournaments conducted by the Region
  12. To co-ordinate the selection of the Region’s teams or squads and submit to the Executive for approval
  13. To maintain a register of all qualified selectors in the Region and the Selectors contacts with each affiliated association
  14. Attend meetings as requested
  15. Submit annual report for Sydney Scorpions AGM
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