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Referees Director JD

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Document current as at 26/04/20


  1. Appointed every two (2) years by the Executive of the Region
  2. Possess maturity, self-confidence and tact and the ability to deal effectively with Referees, Players and Officials at all levels
  3. Capacity to exercise mature judgement and participate in impartial assessment of Referees
  4. Undertake courses, reading lecturers etc. so as to be able to Coach and assess Referees with a high degree of credibility
  5. Must possess a knowledge of the standards and behaviour expected of a NSWTA Official and or Representative, and an acceptance of these standards
  6. Possess the Level One Course Presenters Certificate or Level One Referees Coaching co-ordinators Certificate


  1. This non-Executive committee position will be appointed / reappointed at the Annual General Meeting each year
  2. Work with and be responsible to the Regional Director
  3. Liaise with NSWTA Director of Referees
  4. Submit reports to a (a) Regional Committee (b) NSWTA Director of Referees on the Referees and Associations within the Region
  5. Prepare and submit to Regional Director a suitable budget for use within the Region, to enable travelling and promotion of Referees at Affiliate Level
  6. Foster the development of Referees in the Region by doing the following:

    1. Coaching of District Director of Referees
    2. Assist in the setting up of Referees as a body, group or Association
    3. Conducting rules lectures for both player and Referee groups
    4. Conduct and co-ordinate Level 1-3 examinations and seminars
    5. Conduct and co-ordinate Refereeing seminars on practical aspects of Refereeing
    6. Assist in Coaching and assessing of referees at all Affiliates within the Region
    7. Conduct regular Regional Meetings, to pass on information from State Level
  7. Attend meetings/seminars as required at (a) Regional Level (b) State Level
  8. Assist with Regional Competitions, trials, etc.
  9. Notify NSWTA Director of Referees of prospective candidates to be considered for possible State Grading
  10. To keep fully aware the changes in both the direction of Touch, Refereeing and rule changes
  11. Co-ordinate referees for Scorpions gala days, trials, camps and tournaments
  12. Be actively involved and the lead in relation to any Sydney Scorpions Referee Development Program
  13. Submit annual report for Sydney Scorpions AGM
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