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Merchandise Manager JD

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Document current as at 26/04/20


There is a large amount of organisational work required for uniforms/merchandise for events in which Sydney Scorpions compete.  To assist in this area is the appointment of the Sydney Scorpions Regional Merchandise Manager, whose primary responsibility is to ensure all Sydney Scorpions teams and officials are dressed appropriately in Sydney Scorpions (on and off-field) uniforms/merchandise.


  1. This non-Executive committee position will be appointed / reappointed at the Annual General Meeting each year
  2. Maintain strong relationships with NSWTA / TFA approved suppliers of apparel
  3. Provide a convenient means by which orders can be placed for all clothing and merchandise lines
  4. Ensure sufficient clothing stocks are maintained to ensure orders are filled promptly
  5. Ensure all orders are confirmed and approved by the committee before submission
  6. Ensure the brand and logo of the region is protected
  7. Arrange the wide promotion of clothing items to members, supporters and the community
  8. Collate sizing’s for all representative teams via team management
  9. Forward all quotations and invoices onto the Finance Director for approval prior to ordering
  10. Be responsible for ensuring adequate fulsome and complete keeping of records regarding purchases
  11. Liaise with NSWTA and TFA to ensure Sydney Scorpions remains compliant in regards to branding, which includes logos, uniforms and merchandise.
  12. Perform any other related duties as required by the committee
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