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Juniors Director JD

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Document current as at 02/06/20


  1. This non-Executive committee position will be appointed/reappointed at the Annual General Meeting each year
  2. This role is currently split into Boys and Girls portfolios – each portfolio may be shared by two people
  3. To work with the Technical & Coaching Directors plus High Performance Unit (HPU) to improve the skills and knowledge of Scorpions juniors
  4. To partner with Sydney Scorpions Director of Selectors and coaches during the Junior Regional campaign
  5. To work with Scorpions junior coaches and HPU planning the Junior Elite Camp (JEC) program/schedule
    1. Logistics are handled via the HPU, Junior Directors focus on what drills/games/team bonding activities are required with buy-in from coaches
    2. Ensure all junior coaches are prepared for their squad debrief session at the end of day one
    3. Aiming to innovate and improve the JEC program/schedule year on year
    4. Partner with the HPU ensuring all roles and responsibilities for the JEC are covered
    5. Partner with the HPU and encourage the use of Scorpions preparation and recovery protocols at the JEC
    6. If required engage technical resources/presenters to act as subject matter experts at the JEC
  6. Submit annual report for each portfolio for Sydney Scorpions AGM
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