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Illinois Drill – Change of Direction

Drill Overview:
  • The aim is to run around a small grid made up of a number of cones
  • This tests speed, running efficiency and turning ability through change of direction
  • This drill is repeated once, then can be repeated after a short break
Drill Set-up:
  • Course length is 10 metres with a width of 5 metres
  • Four cones are used to mark the start, finish and the two turning points
  • Another four cones are placed down the centre at an equal distance of 3.3 metres apart
  • Stationary starting position lying face down, head to the start line and hands by shoulders, all parts of the body should be behind the starting line
  • Starting cue is 3,2,1 with the participant starting on 1
  • Advise giving at least 3-4 minutes rest before repeating
Equipment Required:
  • Use a flat well-maintained playing field or artificial surface
  • At least 8 cones
  • Measuring wheel or tape to ensure distance is accurate
  • Stop watch or mobile device to record times
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