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Document current as at 26/04/20


The development and ongoing support of coaches is a key strategic priority for the Sydney Scorpions. To assist in this area is the appointment of the Regional Coaching Director. The primary responsibility of this role is to provide guidance, recommendations, leadership, and accountability to achieve positive outcomes for the Sydney Scorpions permit.


  1. Must be an Elite / Level Two Coach or equivalent as approved by the NSWTA State Technical Panel
  2. Must be able to provide leadership and direction to all selected Scorpions Regional Coaches
  3. Must display an ability to work positively with other members of the Scorpions Committee, NSWTA appointed coaches and the NSWTA Regional Coaches Committee
  4. Must possess the ability and capabilities to receive and disseminate information
  5. May be required to undertake the NSWTA Coaching Mentor Program & associated Leadership Program


  1. This non-Executive committee position will be appointed / reappointed at the Annual General Meeting each year
  2. To liaise with the Scorpions Executive at all times with any aspects of the Coaching Director portfolio
  3. Work closely with and under the direction of the regional Technical Director
  4. To become qualified, pursuant to the requirements of the position, both as a practical Level 2 / Elite Level Coach and as a Course Presenter
  5. To arrange for a member of the Sydney Scorpions Executive or any other suitable person to attend an affiliate for the purpose of assessing a Course Presenter
  6. Partner with Scorpions High Performance Unit aiming for positive outcomes
  7. Partner with the Selectors & Juniors Director looking to add value in regards to the selection of athletes including the conduct of selection trials and/or camps in accordance with agreed policies
  8. Where deemed appropriate advertise, promote and conduct courses within the region and assist in the education program for coaches within the region
  9. Encourage and assist affiliate coaches to seek a pathway in higher regional level coaching
  10. To provide recommendations & proactively seek applicants for the regional coaches roles
  11. Provide regional coaches with ongoing support, advice and assist where necessary the appointment of an assistant coach and manager for the respective Sydney Scorpions teams
  12. To assess Scorpions coaches performances pre, during and post tournament via a 360 degree review and feedback process
  13. To nominate and assist in the selection process for any regional coaching awards
  14. Submit annual report for Sydney Scorpions AGM
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