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Assistant Regional Director JD

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Document current as at 26/04/20


  1. This Executive committee position will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting (every 2 years, currently odd numbered years)
  2. To record and distribute minutes of meetings
  3. To make certain that all Affiliated Associations are sent all correspondence originating from the Region
  4. To keep a record of all Affiliated Associations and details of their office bearers
  5. To organise meeting dates, venues and agendas
  6. To liaise and support with the Regional Director
  7. To collate and act on all correspondence
  8. To submit any outstanding claims for expenses at each meeting
  9. Liaise with Local Associations to obtain coverage of forthcoming events in the area
  10. Keep all Associations within Region aware of events / happenings that would be of iterest or applicable to them
  11. To liaise with the NSWTA Development Officer and assist in the promotion of his / her activities in the Region
  12. Where required represent the Region or ensure the Region is represented as requested at competitions, meetings and social events
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