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Assistant Coach JD

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Document current as at 29/04/20


  1. An advertisement for expressions of interest for the role will be published on Sydney Scorpions website and social media platforms
  2. All Assistant Coaching positions will be appointed at the discretion of Sydney Scorpions Executive Committee after initial consultation of the appointed Head Coach
  3. The position will be declared vacant at completion of representative tournament for which it was appointed (e.g. NTL, Junior Regionals, NYC)
  4. Must adhere to the Sydney Scorpions Selection Policy, Code of Conduct and applicable policies and guidelines at all times including any NSWTA and TFA requirements
  5. Must possess good written and oral skills and communicate effectively with the committee, the coaching team and players
  6. Able to demonstrate the ability to work well under pressure whilst achieving objectives
  7. Demonstrate an ability to work in conjunction with a Head Coach and be a part of a coaching partnership/team
  8. Must provide a record of Coaching ability and results to be assessed against the appointment criteria
  9. Must require a minimum Level 1 / Foundation coaching qualification
  10. Must submit a valid WWC and Play by the Rules certificate/reference number with their nomination
  11. As part of this process, it is a requirement that all prospective Coaches demonstrate the ability to work within the Sydney Scorpions policies, procedures and philosophies (e.g. club culture requirements)
  12. Partner with Scorpions selectors in a positive manner leading to the selection of the final team
  13. Accept responsibility to ensure your players qualify for the event that they are taking part in representing Sydney Scorpions
  14. Head Coach will be appointed prior to Assistant Coach, thus enabling Head Coach to have some input into their Assistant Coach/es


  1. To provide assistance to the Head Coach for the team to which the appointment was made
  2. To work with the Head Coach and Team Manager providing support in relation to arranging team training sessions providing direction and development strategies
  3. To liaise with team management and the committee regarding administrative matters
  4. Adhere to Sydney Scorpions HPU policies and guidelines
  5. To work with the Head Coach to ensure game/tournament HPU preparation protocol including suggested nutrition is adhered to
  6. To work with the Head Coach to ensure game/tournament HPU recovery protocol is adhered to (e.g. ice baths, massage, etc)
  7. To work with the Head Coach to maintain player profiles and constantly review and monitor player performance and give individual player feedback
  8. To work with the Head Coach and Team Manager to ensure the conduct of the team is beyond reproach
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