Player Mentor JD

Document current as at 11/07/20


  1. This non-committee position will be appointed leading into Scorpions junior events, the need may also arise for NTL U20 team player mentors
  2. The Player Mentor should aim to share information about their own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling
  3. Aim to offer support and guidance to Sydney Scorpions Coaches, Assistant Coaches and athletes at the event and leading into the event
  4. Partner with Sydney Scorpions High Performance Unit looking to add-value where required based on their elite touch football experience (e.g. NSW and/or International level)
  5. Provide assistance where required to Sydney Scorpions in relation to skills/drills/activities the Junior Elite Camp (JEC)
  6. Needs to effectively communicate with coaches to clarify their role at events and what areas they can best add-value for the playing group
  7. Unless otherwise requested via coaches, the player mentor should not be instructing athletes from the sub-box, more so encouraging and re-inforcing coaches messaging
  8. As the Player Mentor is representing Sydney Scorpions they should be in the correct attire at events when required