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NSW Scorpions 2018

Congratulations to all involved on another successful National Touch League campaign with NSW Scorpions Women’s successfully winning back to back Elite 8 tiles. The Women’s Elite 8 went into a drop off, and, despite a slow start and a 0-3 half-time deficit, the NSW Scorpions won 4-3 against the Broncos to claim back to back titles – and three titles in five years.  Player of the Final: Women’s Elite 8: Laura Peattie (NSW Scorpions)

In the Elite 8 Men’s final between the Cowboys and the Mavericks, it went down to four a side in a drop off ended by the Cowboys, with a result of 7-6, meaning a threepeat for them. Yet the Men’s Player of the Series, Dylan Thompson, came from the Mavericks.  NSW Scorpions were unlucky to go down in a drop-off in the semi finals again the Cowboys.

Men’s Elite 8: Alex Nichols, Brad Gibson, Caidyn Wynard, Charlie Suters, Ciaran Toner, Dylan Hennessey, Jacob Harrington, Jonathon Palau, Jordan Horo, Jason Kazzi, Kai Simbolon, Kyle Jermyn, Mark Roberts, Marley Simbolon, Robert Nakhla, Simon Lang.  Head Coach – Jason Martin Assistant Coach – Nhut Trinh Manager – Ricky Hetherington Selector – Tim Kitchingham

Women’s Elite 8:  Billie Taylor, Brittney Clifford, Chloe Cheney, Danielle Davis, Elesha Dougal, Faith Nathan, Hannah Dyball, Laura Peattie, Lucy McDonald, Madison Higgins-Ashby, Rachelle Davis, Samantha Rodgers, Stephanie Maiolo, Tayla Clifford, Yasmin Meakes, Zara Nicholas.  Head Coach – Barry Gibson Assistant Coaches – Anthony Dudeck & Christian Browne Manager – Christian Browne Selector – Annette Thomas-Schumacher

NSW Scorpions 2017

The New South Wales Scorpions have made history in the Women’s Elite Eight grand final, defeating the Queensland Broncos 8-5 in an entertaining affair at the National Touch League in Coffs Harbour.   The Broncos were aiming for three titles in a row, but it wasn’t to be, outplayed from start to finish by a highly talented Scorpions side.

Hat-tricks to Scorpions stars Yasmin Meakes and Samantha Rodgers capped off a great tournament for both.

Despite the comfortable three-touchdown win, the Scorpions did not always look comfortable.  The Broncos had all the momentum after the half-time break and they used this to their advantage, scoring through Rebecca Lapraik just minutes into the second half to make the score 4-3.   Lapraik’s touchdown cut the margin to one and the Broncos’ appeared to have all the legs heading towards the last 15 minutes of play.

But after five minutes of great defence, the Scorpions hit back, scoring in the left corner through hat-trick hero Rodgers.  The score quickly became 6-3 to the Scorpions, with Yasmin Meakes grabbing her first of the afternoon with ten minutes to play.  Meakes then grabbed her second in the 33rd minute, all but icing the game for the Scorpions as they stretched their lead to four touchdowns.

Paige Parker hit back in the 35th minute for the Broncos to give them some hope, but as the minutes ticked by it became clear that it was going to be the Scorpions year.  Meakes capped a great tournament for herself in the 38th minute, scoring her third touchdown to kick-off the celebrations for the Scorpions team.  The Broncos managed a consolation touchdown in the 39th minute, with Catherine Sargent adding some respectability to the scoreboard to make it 8-5 in favour of the Scorpions.

The Scorpions were deserved winners, leading from the outset after opening the scoring in the 7th minute. They did that through Rodgers who found open space on the right wing to stroll over for a touchdown after some lazy defence.  She doubled her tally just a minute later in an almost identical play, and it soon became clear that the Scorpions would look to target the Broncos’ left-side defence.

The Broncos were always going to hit back and they did so through Emily Hennessey just seconds after the Scorpions last score. The match was beginning to open up and with the game on the line it was either teams to win.

In the 15th minute, the Scorpions regained their two-touchdown lead, with Zara Nicholas crossing in the left corner after a slick team play to make it 3-1.  The Broncos defence were caught napping by Stephanie Maiolo in the 18th minute and the Scorpions suddenly hit a 4-1 lead.

But the Broncos regained some momentum heading into half-time through the handy work of Sargent who crossed just seconds before the hooter to make the score 4-2 at the break.

It wasn’t enough, with the Scorpions going on with it in the second half to take the 2017 title.

New South Wales Scorpions 8 (Meakes 3, Rodgers 3, Nicholas, Maiolo touchdowns)
Queensland Broncos 5 (Sargent 2, Parker, Hennessey, Lapraik touchdowns)
Player of the Final – Laura Peattie

NSW Scorpions Men’s Open
Jonathon Palau – Manly
Jordan Horo – Parramatta
Ciaran Toner – Hornsby
Daniel Barton – Parramatta
Jordan Marshall King – Parramatta
Jake Pickering – Manly
Sam Brisby – Manly
Simon Lang – Manly
Tim Barton – Parramatta
Jordan Sarmento – Parramatta
Jed Ibbotson – Manly
Kai Simbolon – Parramatta
Marley Simbolon – Parramatta
Jackson Mills – Parramatta
Joshua Gillard – Manly
Caidyn Wynyard – Parramatta

NSW Scorpions Women’s Open
Zara Nicholas – Manly
Jenna Hitch – Manly
Chloe Cheney – Manly
Steph Maiolo – Manly
Laura Peattie – Manly
Danni Davis – Manly
Tayla Clifford – Manly
Rachelle Davis – Manly
Hannah Dyball – Manly
Sam Rodgers – Manly
Yasmin Meakes – Manly
Brittney Clifford – Manly
Pihuka Duff – Manly
Aaliyah Paki – Manly
Madison Higgins-Ashby – Manly
Faith Nathan – Manly

NSW Scorpions 2016

Men’s Elite 8: Cain Rangi, Ciaran Toner, Daniel Barton, Dominic Tripp, Jackson Mills, Jake Pickering, Jed Ibbotson, Jonathon Palau, Jordan Horo, Jordan Sarmento, Kai Simbolon, Luke Simmons, Mark Roberts, Quin Witika, Simon Lang, Tjadyn Ashby. Coach: Dave Nolan Assistant Coach: Jason Martin Manager: Vince Bateman

Women’s Elite 8:  Alexandra Chung, Amy Dufour, Andrea Roditis, Annabelle Regan, Courtney Young, Danni Davis, Emma Williams, Haley Crawford, Hannah Dyball, Kylie Hilder, Logan Flanagan, Naomi Richardson, Stephanie Cummins, Stephanie Maiolo, Tegan Chandler, Zara Nicholas. Coach: Graham Fleming  Assistant Coach:   Brandon McDonald  Manager: Robyn Maiolo

NSW Scorpions 2015

A huge well done to the NSW Scorpions Men’s Elite 8 team who had an excellent tournament going all the way to the final. Sam Brisby once again stamped his class on the tournament with the Player of the Series award.

Men’s Elite 8:  Alex Nicholls, Cain Rangi, Ciaran Toner, Daniel Barton, Derek Duff, Ed Burrell, Harry Berryman, Jackson Mills, Jonathan Palau, Jordan Sarmento, Jordon Horo, Kai Simbolon, Mark Roberts, Quinn Witaker, Sam Brisby Simon Lang. Coach: Dave Nolan Assistant Coach: Jason Martin

Women’s Elite 8:  Danielle Davis, Elesha Dougal, Hannah Dyball, Laura Peattie, Sarah Peattie, Yasmin Meakes, Kylie Hilder, Jenna Hitch, Jess Fowler, Josie Ruawai, Nicky Albery, Tayla Duguid, Zara Nicholas, Steph Maiolo, Tegan Chandler, Haley Crawford. Coach: Barry Gibson  Assistant Coach: Anthony Dudeck  Managers: Gary & Mel Croft

NSW Scorpions 2014

Men’s Elite 8:  Chad McMillan, Ciaran Toner, Daniel Barton, Grant McDonald, Jed Ibbotson, Jonathon Polau, Josh Gillard, Mark Roberts, Matt Arnold, Matt Wilson, Nathan Wong, Sam Brisby, Simon Lang, Tom Hillard, Tyrone Tadros, Willie Bishop. Coach: Graham Knights Assistant Coach: Dave Roberts  Manager: Dean Harris

Women’s Elite 8:  Abbey Papenhuyzen, Brittney McLeod, Danni Davis, Elesha Dougal, Hannah Dyball, Kylie Hilder,Laura Peattie, Lizzy Hewitt, Maddie Fisher, Sarah Peattie, Shellie Davis, Steph Maiolo, Tayla Clifford, Tegan Chandler, Yasmin Meakes, Zara Nicholas. Coach: Barry Gibson Assistant Coach: Anthony Dudeck  Managers: Gary & Mel Croft

Women’s NSW Scorpions Take Out Elite 8 Title By Ben Harris – TFA website.

It has been described as the best game of the 2014 X-Blades National Touch League. NSW Scorpions ended NSW Mets domination in the Women’s division by claiming the Elite Eight title in a thriller.  A touchdown to Yasmin Meakes with 15 seconds left on the clock gave the Scorpions a 7-6 victory.  Three touchdowns were scored in the final minute as the two combatants threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other.  The win maintained the Scorpions’ perfect record at the 2014 tournament.  It also gave them their first NTL Women’s Open title.  Scorpions Captain Elesha Dougal said it was an incredible achievement for her team.  “People said at the start [of the tournament], ‘errr, I don’t know how they will go’ but we have just proved them all wrong,” Dougal said.  “I am so proud of the girls. It was the hardest game we’ve played in and I knew it would be; so credit to our team and credit to Mets. They pushed us.  “We believed in ourselves so a full credit to the girls and the coaching staff.”  In a match that was tit-for-tat until the final whistle, the Mets opened the scoring first through Botille Veitte-Walsh.  Both teams attacked each other’s scoreline but could not get the touchdown.  A bit of Teagan Chandler magic put Laura Peattie over for a touchdown to level the scores.  The Scorpions hit the lead through Yasmin Meakes but it was cancelled out by Claire Moran’s touchdown in the corner. In the final two minutes, Mets scored twice and Scorpions once, which made the score 4-3 in favour of the two-time champions.

 Shortly after the break a Hilder pass put Sarah Peattie over the line and levelled the scores again. Scorpions hit the lead when Lizzy Hewitt found the scoreline and immediately after, Mets were disallowed a touchdown due to a forward pass. But it soon did not matter as Kristin Boss scored to level the scores.  The final minute had the crowd on the edge of their seats.  Scorpions thought they had won it when Shellie Davis buried her way over the line to score.  But Mets’ captain Claire Tandek scored immediately and a drop-off was highly likely.  The Scorpions had one last shot and they made it count when Meakes scored the decisive touchdown in the corner with 15 seconds to go.  The referees conferred on the field and they were happy for the touchdown to count.

NSW Scorpions 7 defeated NSW Mets 6
Touchdowns: Scorpions 7 (Yasmin Meakes 3, Sarah Peattie, Laura Peattie, Lizzy Hewitt, Shellie Davis) defeated Mets 6 (Botille Veitte-Walsh 2, Claire Moran, Kirstie Jenkins, Kristin Boss, Claire Tandek)
Player of the Final:  Danielle Davis
TFA YouTube:  Full video footage of the game can be found here.  Highlights of the game can be found here.

Women’s Open Final timeline:  3 minute Mets 1-0 Scorpions – Botille Veitte-Walsh touchdown.   9 minute 1-all – Laura Peattie touchdown.  13 minute Scorpions 2-1 – Yasmin Meakes touchdown.  14 minute 2-all – Claire Moran touchdown.  18 minute Mets 3-2 – Botille Veitte-Walsh touchdown.  19 minute 3-all – Yasmin Meakes touchdown.   19 minute Mets 4-3 – Kirstie Jenkins touchdown.   Half-time – Mets 4-3.  23 minute 4-all – Sarah Peattie touchdown.  32 minute Scorpions 5-4 – Lizzy Hewitt touchdown.  36 minute 5-all – Kristin Boss touchdown.  39 minute Scorpions 6-5 – Shellie Davis touchdown.    40 minute 6-all – Claire Tandek touchdown.  40 minute Scorpions 7-6 – Yasmin Meakes touchdown.

NSW Scorpions 2013

Men’s Elite 8:  Sam Brisby,  Grant McDonald, Jonathon Polau, Willie Bishop, Simon Lang, Mark Roberts, Josh Gillard, Joe Ng, Dominic Field, Ciaran Toner, Jay Miller, Chad McMillon, Matt Wagstaff, Alex Nicholls.
Coach: Dave Roberts  Assistant Coach: Graham Knights

Women’s Elite 8: Danni Davis, Sarah Peattie, Laura Peattie, Brittany McLeod, Elesha Dougal, Patricia Michaelopula, Shayna Coyne, Maddison Fisher, Maddison Regan, Nicky Albery, Elin Mortimer, Hannah Dyball, Yasmin Meakes, Rebecca Cachia, Amy Regal. Coach: Tony Eltakchi  Assistant Coach: Barry Gibson  Manager:  Kerrie Doyle




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