Update from Anthony Dudeck

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the honour of serving on the Sydney Scorpions executive committee. Within this capacity, I served as Technical Director from 2009 to 2015 and have held the position of Regional Director for the past 9 years.

Throughout my tenure, together, we’ve achieved remarkable and sustained success across junior, open, and senior levels. This includes winning the NSWTA Region of the Year on 8 occasions, securing the NSWTA Junior Regional champion region 13 times, and clinching the TFA National Touch League Golden Boot champion entity 9 times. In 2020, I was privileged to be recognised as the fifth Sydney Scorpions Life Member.

Maintaining sustained success requires adaptation and innovation, and this has resulted in making tough decisions. I’m proud that our committee has never hesitated to implement necessary change or engage in difficult conversations when required. 

Our slogan, #StrongerTogether, highlights the foundation of which our Scorpions culture is based, and success has followed.

My recent appointment as a NSWTA Board Director presents a unique opportunity to represent our state membership. As such, in the interest of upholding transparency and avoiding any potential conflict of interest, I have resigned from my role as Regional Director stepping down from Sydney Scorpions executive committee. Scorpions committee has talented individuals that make up a highly capable team, and I have full confidence in their ability to continue elevating the region to new heights. 

On that note, I extend my congratulations to Brad Curl, who has stepped into the role of Regional Director. Brad has served as Coaching Director since 2016 and has been an integral member of the executive committee since 2018. He will continue to be supported on the executive committee by Amy Alagna (Regional Administrator) and Johanne Joe (Regional Finance Director). Brad’s previously held Technical and Coaching Director roles are now vacant.

For those that may be interested, please submit expressions of interest for the vacant committee positions, in accordance with the provided position descriptions, to amy.alagna@sydneyscorpions.com no later than March 25, 2024.

Regional Technical Director (Executive Committee)
Regional Coaching Director (General Committee)
Regional Selectors Director (General Committee)
Regional Media & Communications Manager (General Committee)

Thank you to everyone who has supported myself and our committee members during my tenure.

Anthony Dudeck