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NTL 2019 Golden Boot Champions

Congratulations to all involved as Sydney Scorpions took home it’s 8th Golden Boot Champion Permit title at the 2019 National Touch League.  More reports coming soon.

Check-out all the action photos via our Facebook page, these will be uploaded to the website in coming weeks.

Women’s Open: Sharks 7 def. Scorpions 2
Men’s 30s: Scorpions 8 def. Sharks 6
Senior Mixed: Scorpions 6 def. Raiders 2
Men’s 40s: Sharks 6 def. Scorpions 4
Women’s 40s: Scorpions 3 def. Sharks 2
Men’s 45s: Scorpions 6 def. Sharks 3
Women’s 45s: Broncos 3 def. Scorpions 0
Men’s 50s: Scorpions 5 def. Cyclones 4
Men’s 55s: Scorpions 5 def. Pineapples 4

NTL 2019 Player of the Final Awards:
Men’s 30’s – John Kennedy
Men’s 45’s – Willie Chan
Men’s 50’s – James Marks
Men’s 55’s – David Chueng
Senior Mixed – Simon Kowald (Male) & Charlotte Henry (Female)

NTL 2019 Preview

The 2019 National Touch League takes place in Coffs Harbour from Wednesday 13 March with Finals Day on Saturday 16 March, with Sydney Scorpions sending 11 teams.  With the NRL Touch Premiership now in full-swing there is no Elite 8 division, meaning that the elite divisions at this event will be the Men’s, Women’s & Mixed Open.  In the Champion Permit Golden Boot stakes the Sydney Scorpions and the South Queensland Sharks are both locked at 7 titles each. The annual Scorpions Dinner will take place on Friday 15 March at Coffs C-ex Club with the usual awards presented including; Junior and Senior Coaches of the Year, Manager of the Year, Referee of the Year.  Additionally, we will see a few new inductees in the Scorpions Hall of Fame which was introduced two years ago. As a nice touch all Scorps new Inferno design playing shrts will have the names of all our Hall of Fame inductees printed on the playing numbers.  As we look towards another successful campaign and preview each of thedivisions, a quick thanks to the fabulous Zoe Zinetti and Collette Richie who have done an excellent job as usual as part of the TFA NTL events team.

In the Men’s Open division, a very young team will embark on Coffs aiming to gain invaluable experience at the top level.  In what is expected to be an extremely competitive division the team will be guided by coaches Brad Curl, Jason Martin and Matt Lawson.  The group will look to the leadership of Matt Swain and others including Jaycob Fong, Zac Simons and Keeley Bowen all of whom have come through the Scorpions Junior Regional ranks. Brendan Robertson made his successful Scorps NTL debut last season.  Add to that the three Sam’s in Edgley, Watkins and Kelley plus Dallas Patterson and there is obvious talent in this team.

It’s a time of opportunities in the Women’s Open division with Scorpions welcoming many young ladies ready to step up to the open division after doing their time in T-League and through the junior ranks.  Elesha Te Paa is captain of the team and her leadership on and off the field will be immense. Coaches Roha Paki, Anthony Dudeck and Craig Beacroft have a lot of experience between them and will be after a bold showing.  Players to watch include Olivia Steer who is no doubt a star on the rise, along with Aaliyah Paki, Nicole Saldern and Simone Rodgers who is argulably one of the most under-rated players in the Women’s game.  Add to that the speed and grit of Tatum Bird along with young guns Bella Geros and Kiiahla Duff and you’ve got yourself a solid line-up.

Scorpions are back in the Mixed Open division with a number of the all-conquering NSW Scorpions Elite 8 Women’s team trying their hand at this divison with Sarah Peattie, Steph Maiolo (Australia World Cup Mixed Open rep), Shellie Davis and others on-board.  One of the top female players in the game Ash Quinlan returns in the Scorps colours after playing Junior Regionals many years ago.  Add to that some very handy male players including Aussie rep Jackson Mills, Connor Hickey and Casey Shelley.  In a coaching ranks Barry Gibson is at the helm with one of the best technical coaches in the game at his side in Justin Creighton (Australian World Cup Mixed Open Assistant Coach).  These coaches don’t do anything by halves so this will be an interesting division to keep an eye on.

Scorps Senior Mixed are a new look team this NTL and much thanks needs to go to Simon Kowald for persisting and getting this team off the ground.  Player coaches Terry Joe and Shannon Warren have this talented team ready to go after a lengthy and focused campaign. Johanne Joe and Claire Hole lead a group of talented female players which in the mixed game usually goes a long way to determining a teams success at the tournament. Teams are set to play each other at least twice in this division, and add to that the final series.  As a result coaching smarts could really play a big part with Scorps looking strong in that department.  Stephen Day is a try scoring machine and Taga Paa will be electric in this division.

In the Men’s 30’s division, after a successful winning campaign in 2018, the team are raring to go back to back in what looks more like a Men’s Open than 30’s line-up.  In last year’s Grand Final the team were down 8-2 at half time, only to come home like a Hornsby freight train, turning it into an exciting drop off 9-8 memorable victory against the Scotty Prince led Sharks.  The team are very excited to announce super stars John and Maurice Kennedy are playing along with Georgie “the world’s best winger” Palau, just watch the sparks fly. Anything other than a Grand Final would be underperforming for this great bunch of athletes.

Men’s 40s are returning to defend the title they won last year. The South Queensland Sharks return to this division providing further quality opposition. Scorps will be relying on Tony Eltakchi who is racing the clock to be fit, along with and Darren Reynoldson who is arguably the best current Men’s 40’s player in the game. The ever-reliable Chris “Rowdy” Benfield will also give a quality contribution (including the KFC bucket at the end of the tournement). Other players to watch are Scorps Hall of Famers Phil Jarrett and Dean Murphy who are returning to NTL after not playing in 2018.  There are many Queensland teams who continue to improve so the team under Rocket Ron will need to perform at their best to retain the title.

Scorpions Women’s 40s finished 3rd last year, losing the semi-final yet again to Hornets in a drop off.  Vicki Humpherson, Scorpions Hall of Fame member, brings a wealth of experience to the team yet again.  The team is led by captain Gloria Berryman who has plenty of NTL experience in many divisions.  With four fresh faces to the team to add youth and speed the teams goal is to take home the champion trophy in 2019.  The Women’s 45’s are this season coached by the knowledgeable and passionate Phil McIlwraith.  Katrina McIlwraith and Monique Nolan will be no doubt adding their input and players to watch include Michelle Smidt, Carol Forlonge and Mel Harrison.

The Men’s 45’s enter this year’s NTL supremely confident of a top 6 finish, and whilst their cavalcade of stars such as Fong, Chan, Bali and Spud are unlikely to be the only four letter words the coach drops over the course of the tournament.  An improvement on last year’s Grand Final drop-off loss to the Sharks is within their powers if the touch gods smile.  Tournament rules prevent these thoroughbreds being let out of the stable more than twice a day, so mark them in your calendar if you don’t want to miss the show.  In addition to the quadrumvirate above, expect big things from Kalms, Michniewicz and Dudeck who will all provide speed, guile and beauty (admittedly in varying proportions) to the squad.   Leaving nothing to chance the team have bolstered their ranks by successfully luring coach Nhut Trinh out of semi-retirement to assist with the chalkboard and bring a veneer of composure to the sideline (just watch the casual head nod in action).

Last year’s winners in the Men’s 50s division are a side bristling with talent and they have rejigged the team after the gutsy performance to win the final in a 4 v 4 drop-off in 2018.  The team carries the usual strong performers led by Kitchingham and including Duguid, Gillard, McDonald and Wandl.  This group is ably backed up by the likes of Marks, Simons, Kritikarkis & Stratham who all add devastating speed to this side, these are the players to watch this year for the excitement they create.  Once again this side are looking for a Grand Final finish. Nothing but a win will do for this team.  In the Men’s 55’s Cliffy Lyons returns with his trusty troops and would have to be close to favourites to take out this division yet again.  Dave Cheung and Phil Young are always big contributors to this team along with Michael Hardgrave and of course the Sea Eagles legend that is Napper Lyons.

In the Scorps referee ranks Bill Slade takes the lead yet again with some experienced whistle blowers ready to take the field at Coffs Harbour.  Luke Saldern is a quality referee and in the top 10 nationally.  Also in the Scorps ranks for this NTL are 2017 Referee of the Year Paul Khoudair and Angela Budai who is a referee on the rise. Not forgetting the Scorps Medical team who will have the tough job of keeping all Scorpions able to take the field.  The team from 2018 are back including Nathan Duguid, Emma Williams, Garry Heskett and Robyn Walsh.  Michael Donaghy, Scorpions Sports Scientist, will be making his debut at NTL and his knowledge and experience will be aligned to the Men’s and Women’s Open teams.  Tour Leader Stuart Geros is back after leading the region to victory in 2018 and we also welcome Baxography for our action photos this year plus NRL Films who will be doing some production filming for Scorps so be ready to smile!

Good luck to all involved in what promises to be yet another fantastic National Touch League. Go Scorps!

2019 Junior Regional Expressions of Interest

Sydney Scorpions is requesting players (or parents/guardians) to state their expression of interest for the Scorpions Junior Regional Boys & Girls 12/14/16/18’s squads by completing this form
– Scorpions Junior Elite Camp will take place on 11-12 May, 2019 at the Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen
– This will act as the Boys & Girls 14/16’s final selection trial weekend for our 2019 Junior Regional teams, with selected squad invited to attend
– The Boys & Girls 12’s squad will only attend a few hours of the camp
– Approx. 26 player squads will be selected from the NSW Touch Junior State Cup Conference & Final will be invited to the camp
– Squads will be announced by Monday 29 April with acceptances then being taken for the Junior Elite Camp
– The Boys & Girls 18’s will not attend the camp and their final teams will be selected via trials with the selected squad invited to attend

Final teams will compete at the 2019 NSWTA Junior Regional Championships to be held at Orange Touch Association on 13-14 July 2019.

Some player and parent accommodation has been arranged.

Further info via & via this form

2019 NTL Gear Designs

Sydney Scorpions along with Inferno are pleased to release our 2019 National Touch League playing uniforms and off-field gear designs. We are also delighted to be able to acknowledge our 27 Scorpions Hall of Fame inductees with their names appearing within all playing numbers. It’s another great way we pay respect to those who have had such a huge contribution in making Scorpions the success it is today. Bring on NTL 2019!

Hall of Fame 2017/18: Adam Fahim, Barry Gibson, Bernard O’Donohue, Bill Slade, Brandon McDonald, Brett Gillard, Bruce Ager, Chris Benfield, David Cheung, David McDonald, David Roberts, Dean Murphy, Derek Duguid, Heath Cooper, Jason Martin, Jason Scharenguivel, Jeff Cheung, Katrina McIlwraith, Linda Patterson, Mark Boland, Michelle Smidt, Peter Wandl, Phil Jarrett, Terry Cooper, Tim Kitchingham, Tony Eltakchi, Vicki Humpherson

2019 Junior Regional Coaching Appointments

Sydney Scorpions is pleased to announce their 2019 NSWTA Junior Regional coaching teams.  The event which is being held at Orange on 13-14 July 2019, sees the exciting introduction of the U12’s division.  Our 2019 appointments are a mix of experienced and new Scorpions coaches. Team Manager roles will be appointed after the final teams are announced after our Junior Elite Camp on 11-12 May 2019.  Further information on Junior Regional timelines and representative pathways can be found via here.

12 Boys
Head Coach – Jonathan Palau
Assistant Coach – Craig Lowe

12 Girls
Head Coach – Gloria Berryman
Assistant Coach – Tim Sleigh
Assistant Coach – Kylie Nicholas

14 Boys
Head Coach – Harry Berryman
Assistant Coach – Nathan Wong
Assistant Coach – Mark Jones

14 Girls
Head Coach – Keith Smith
Assistant Coach – Trevor McDougall
Assistant Coach – Andre Bali

16 Boys
Head Coach – Matt Lawson
Assistant Coach – Charlie Suters
Assistant Coach – Nhut Trinh

16 Girls
Head Coach – Edith Nathan
Assistant Coach – Carol Jones
Assistant Coach – Charmayne Nathan

18 Boys
Head Coach – Brad Curl
Assistant Coach – Barry Gibson
Assistant Coach – Tim Kitchingham

18 Girls
Head Coach – Roha Paki
Assistant Coach – Kalani Duff
Assistant Coach – Carly Easterbrook

2019 Junior Regional Championship

Sydney Scorpions congratulates Orange Thunder Touch Football on being awarded the hosting rights for the 2019 and 2021 NSW Touch Junior Regional championships. The 2019 event will be held on 13-14 July, with Scorpions aiming for 10 consecutive Junior Regional Championship titles. Additionally Sydney Scorpions is excited by the inclusion of the new Boys & Girls U/12 divisions, which add to the U14, U16 and U18’s. Once again Scorpions will be hosting their Junior Elite Camp at the Sydney Sports Academy at Narrabeen on 11-12 May, 2019. The U12’s will be attending one day of the camp with the U14’s and U16’s plus Scorps Referees Junior Dev Program taking place over both days.  More info will be made available in coming weeks.

2019 Junior Representative Key Dates:

Sunday 27 January, 2019
Scorpions Junior Gala Day @ North Manly

Friday 15 – Sunday 17 February, 2019
NSWTA Junior State Cup – Northern Conference @ Port Macquarie

Friday 22 – Sunday 24 February, 2019
NSWTA Junior State Cup – Southern Conference @ Wagga Wagga

Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 April, 2019
NSWTA Junior State Cup – State Finals @ Wollongong

Saturday 11 – Sunday 12 May, 2019
Sydney Scorpions Junior Elite Camp @ Sydney Sports Academy, Narrabeen
U12’s (1 day only), U14’s, U16’s + Scorps Referees Junior Dev Program

Saturday 13 – Sunday 14 July, 2019
NSWTA Junior Regionals @ Orange

NTL 2019 Coaching Appointments

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their coaching appointments for the 2019 National Touch League. The tournament will be held at Coffs Habour on 13-16 March, 2019.  Scorpions have a proud history of winning the NTL Golden Boot Champion Permit on six occasions since 2012 and once again will be aiming for a memorable and successful campaign. In coming weeks all NTL initial squads will be published along with trial dates.  With no T-League division Scorpions will be heavily investing in our three open division teams aiming to get a good mix of young developing talent and experienced players. Additionally, a number of our senior teams have new coaches at the helm who will be striving  for success in their first outing with these teams. Further information via

Men’s Open
Head Coach – Brad Curl
Head Coach – Jason Martin
Assistant Coach – Matt Lawson
Manager – TBA

Women’s Open
Head Coach – Anthony Dudeck
Head Coach – Roha Paki
Assistant Coach – Craig Beacroft
Manager – TBA

Mixed Open
Head Coach – Barry Gibson
Manager – TBA

Mixed 30s
Head Coach – Terry Joe
Manager – Simon Kowald

Men’s 30s
Head Coach – Terry Cooper
Manager – Christine Cooper

Men’s 40s
Head Coach – Ron Larcombe
Manager – Paul Macpherson

Men’s 45s
Head Coach – Ian Kalms
Manager – Andre Bali

Men’s 50s
Head Coach – Brett Gillard
Manager – Aron Watson

Men’s 55s
Head Coach – Cliff Lyons
Manager – Caren Friend

Women’s 30s
Head Coach – Edith Nathan
Assistant Coach – Vacant
Manager – Alana Barlow

Women’s 40s
Head Coach – Lynda Robertson
Manager – Kerrie Doyle

Women’s 45s
Head Coach – Phil McIlwraith
Assistant Coach – Monique Nolan
Manager – Megan Kennedy

R U OK Teammate? Because we are all on the same team!

September is R U OK awareness month and we at Sydney Scorpions believe we can all do more to encourage these important conversations.  Why?  Because deep down we are all on the same team and need to support each other where we can.

We are challenging all touch affiliates and teams competing in the NSW Touch Vawdon Cup and at the National Youth Championships on the Sunshine Coast to get involved in our R U OK Teammate initiative. Of course any other team is also invited to join regardless of what competition you play in.

To sweeten the deal we’ve got a fantastic prize pack to be won from our friends at Inferno and Touch Football Australia.  How to take part?  Well it’s easy just follow the steps below!

01. List your team players names in alphabetical or player shirt number order
02. Publish the list on your team or club Facebook group or by whatever other means you communicate with your team
03. Player 1 needs to have a R U OK conversation with Player 2, then Player 2 with Player 3 and so on until all the list is complete
04. If you have a number of teams you can add the names together to make it more challenging to get through the entire list
05. Refer to the R U OK conversation tip sheet and video below – face to face conversation is the best if possible, otherwise by any other means, but try not to rush it
06. Everyday is R U OK day… aim to have all your teams conversations completed by the end of September
07. Get in contact with Scorps letting us know your club and teams involved by responding to our Facebook post or via
08. By participating you will go into the draw to win a fantastic prize pack thanks to Inferno and Touch Football Australia, which will be announced at the end of the month
09. Updates will be provided via Scorps Facebook and via with more info via
10. And if your players need help at anytime through the process encourage support for them via coaches, managers, parents or guardians



2018/19 Sydney Scorpions Committee

Sydney Scorpions held their 2018 AGM on Monday 20 August at Northmead Bowling Club.  It’s been another extremely successful year with Sydney Scorpions holding both the national open/senior NTL champion permit along with the state junior regional champion permit.  NSWTA General Manager Dean Russell was in attendance with Scorpions communicating regularly with NSWTA in relation to upcoming decisions regarding the Junior State Cup final date and further information on the 2019 Junior Regional event.  Additionally Scorpions are liaising with Touch Football Australia and are expecting further information on the 2019 National Touch League divisions within the next few weeks.  Once updated information comes to hand Scorpions will provide further notice in regards to 2019 NTL coaching appointments and squads, plus our 2019 Junior Regional selection process and coaching nominations.  At this stage Scorpions will be once again leveraging their Junior Gala Day (Sunday 27 January, 2019 at Nolan Reserve, North Manly) and the Parramatta TA Twilight Gala Event (Doyle Ground, North Parramatta) for TalentID squad selection for the Boys & Girls 14/16/18’s squads.  At this time whether the Scorpions Junior Elite Camp progresses in 2019 is still unknown – the congested touch calendar of great concern.  Additionally at the meeting Brad Curl was elected as Assistant Regional Director and Tim Kitchingham re-elected as Finance Director.  As such Scorpions committee for the next 12 months is as follows.

2018/19 Sydney Scorpions Committee:
Regional Director – Anthony Dudeck
Assistant Regional Director – Brad Curl
Regional Technical Director – Brad Mitchell
Regional Finance Director – Tim Kitchingham
Regional Juniors Director – Dave Nolan
Regional Coaching Director – Brad Curl
Regional Referees Director – Bill Slade
Regional Selectors Director – Bruce Ager
Regional High Performance Managers – Stuart Geros, Michael Donaghy
Regional Sports Scientist – Michael Donaghy
Regional Merchandise Manager – Tim Kitchingham
Regional Communications Managers – Anthony Dudeck, Brad Mitchell

Sydney Scorpions 2019 NTL Coaching Nominations

Expressions of interest are now being taken for Sydney Scorpions coaching and management roles for the 2019 National Touch League, to be held at Coffs Habour on 13-16 March, 2019.  At present there is a TFA review process taking place in regards to the divisions to be offered, and as such our EOI survey has named the divisions with that in mind – also taking into account there will be no Elite 8 event at the upcoming NTL.   Further information via our Sydney Scorpions Coaching Director Brad Curl or via

For nominations click here

Sydney Scorpions 2018 AGM

Notice of Sydney Scorpions Annual General Meeting

Date: Monday 20 August 2018 @  7.00pm
Venue: Northmead Bowling Club, 166 Windsor Rd, Northmead NSW 2152

All reports, Notice of Motions, Special resolutions, Nominations for Executive Officer Positions and General Business items are to be forwarded to Tim Kitchingham, Assistant Regional Director by close of business  July 9, 2018.  Reporting period will cover an 18-month period 1 January 2017 – 30 June 2018.  Meeting papers can be requested and will be distributed in in advance.  This meeting will include the election of the two officers those being Assistant Regional Director and Finance Director.  All affiliates are encouraged to attend and have representation. Further information via

1. Welcome
2. Apologies
3. Registration of Attendance
4. Minutes from previous AGM

5. Annual Reports (1 January 2017 – 30 June 2018)
a) Technical reports: i. Referees report  ii. Coaching report  iii. Selectors report  iv. Participation (Juniors) report
b) Assistant Regional Director’s report
c) Regional Director’s report

6. Financial Statement
7. Election Of Officers  a) Assistant Regional Director (2 year appointment)  b) Finance Director (2 year appointment)
8. Appointment of Life Membership
9. Special Resolutions
10. Notice of Motions
11. Appointment of Auditor
12. General Business

Scorpions Claim 2018 Junior Regional Title

The Sydney Scorpions have continued their dominance of the Junior Regionals claiming their 9th consecutive Regional Championship title. The Scorpions claimed three of the six divisions on offer. Whilst the Scorpions were dominant they were pushed to the limits yet again by the ever-improving Hunter Western Hornets, who also participated in four finals and claimed two titles in Boys 14’s and Boy’s 18 divisions. Sydney Mets also claimed the 16 Boys Division for their lone title.

Final Results
14 Girls: Champions
Sydney Scorpions 3 def Northern Eagles 2
Player of the Final: Emily Smith Sydney Scorpions
Scorpions Medal: Yasmin Aloisio
Coaches Award: Esme Sergi

14 Boys: Grand Finalists
Hunter Western Hornets 4 def Sydney Scorpions 3
Player of the Final: Elijah Faalua Hunter Western Hornets
Scorpions Medal: Ollie Cummins
Player Player: Finn Watkins

16 Girls: Champions
Sydney Scorpions 4 def Southern Suns 3
Player of the Final: Kiiahla Duff Sydney Scorpions
Scorpions Medal: Brearna Nathan
Player Player: Kiiahla Duff & Brearna Nathan

16 Boys: Semi-Finalists
Scorpions Medal: Daniel O’Donnell
Coaches Awards: Harry Fryer

18 Girls: Champions
Sydney Scorpions 5 def Hunter Western Hornets 2
Player of the Final: Faith Nathan Sydney Scorpions
Scorpions Medal: Faith Nathan
Player Player: Faith Nathan
Coaches Awards: Tatum Bird, Molly Donkin, Billie Taylor
Sarah Peattie Medal: Tatum Bird

18 Boys: Semi-Finalists
Scorpions Medal: Matt Swain
Coaches Award: Josh Menzies
Sam Brisby Medal: Matt Swain

Regional Championships
1st Sydney Scorpions 69pts
2nd Hunter Western Hornets 64pts
3rd Sydney Mets 53pts
4th Northern Eagles 24pts
5th Sydney Rebels 14pts
6th Southern Suns 10pts