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2018 National Touch League

Sydney Scorpions is pleased to announce their 2018 NTL teams and squads, with the tournament taking place in Coffs Harbour from 7-10 March, 2018. Trial and training details for teams can be found below, with this information updated regularly.  All other teams not listed below will be finalised over the next few weeks and then published below.  Further details please make contact via

Final Teams:  (training details not published below and via team management)
Women’s 40’s: Belinda Patterson, Cheryl Burgess, Gloria Berryman, Johanne Joe, Julia McGrath, Karen Ingram, Kerrie Doyle, Lynda Robertson, Megan Taberner, Michelle Griffiths, Michelle Roberts, Natalie Mason, Rebecca Welsh, Sharlene Wong, Vicki Humpherson. Coach: Lynda Robertson Manager: Kerrie Doyle

Women’s 45’s: Carol Forlonge, Christine Matta, Jann Rose, Jenn Maarseveen, Kath Sambell, Katrina McIlwraith, Kylie Nicholas, Kylie Tallack, Linda Patterson, Megan Kennedy, Michelle Smidt, Monique Licardy, Natalie Harrison, Sharelle Pollett. Coach: Paul Robinson Manager: Megan Kennedy

Updated Squads:
Men’s T-League (23 players): Brad Cincotta, Brad Davoren, Brendan Robertson, Cameron Dow, Conor Hickey, Jaycob Fong, Jean-Louis Jones, Joe Callaghan, Keeley Bowen, Luke Maiolo, Malcolm Chenney, Mason McDonald, Matt Swain, Ray Wehbe, Reagan Walsh, Ryan Pritchard, Sam Edgley, Sam Kelly, Sam Watkins, Tom Suters, Tuatai Marsters, Tyreese Figota, Zac Simons. Coach: Brad Curl Assistant Coach: Matt Lawson Manager: Keith Lee & TBC.

Women’s T-League (28 players): Abbey Steanes, Ally Dallaway, Bailee Nix, Bella Duncan, Brearna Nathan, Briana Hibbert, Caiti Rogers, Caitlin Cimarosti, Caitlin Hickey, Chloe Butcher, Clare Vanzino, Courtney Milone, Emma Williams, Isabella Geros, Jaymi Hamilton, Jessica Nagy, Kate Ryan, Kelsy Bridgewood, Kiiahla Duff, Lara Lewis, Lara Wilkinson, Maddi McGrath, Mel Mitchell, Olivia Steer, Paris Mooney, Rachel Cain, Sabrina Green, Simone Rodgers. Coach: Brandon McDonald Assistant Coaches: Craig Beacroft & Keith Smith Manager: TBC.

Sydney Scorpions NTL Training – as at 09/01/18

Men’s T-League: Tues 16 January 6.30pm @ Nolan Reserve, North Manly
Women’s T-League: Tues 16 January 6.30pm @ Nolan Reserve, North Manly
Men’s 40’s: Sun 21 January 9am @ Jones Park, Westmead
Men’s 45’s: Sat 13 January 12.30pm @ Beacon Hill Oval, Beacon Hill
Men’s 50’s & 55’s: Sun 14 January 8am @ Nolan Reserve, North Manly
Senior Mixed: Wed 17 January 7pm @ Foxglove Oval, Foxglove Road, Mount Colah

Sydney Scorpions NTL 2018 Timelines

  • The early bird discount for deposits closed after Sunday 17 December (early bird discount of $20 comes off the final levy)
  • Any player not financial will not be considered for selection until their deposit has been paid
  • Final full levy will be announced in January 2018 with full remaining levies due by end of February 2018 (dates to be provided)
  • No new uniform for NTL 2018, same playing shirts and shorts/bike pants, off-field gear options to be advised
  • All accommodation requests to be taken during December / January with all teams accommodated at Boambee Bay Resort, Toormina
  • All payments via Scorpions bank account (with player & team name description on bank transfer) or via (details also here
    Commonwealth Bank
    BSB 062 016
    A/C 2802 4586

NSWTA Awards 2016-17

The NSWTA Awards took place last night recognising excellence in all endeavours of our sport and organisation, with NSW Touch once again putting on a gala event at Bankstown Sports Club.

Sydney Scorpions were once again announced Region of the Year, which was warmly received highlighting excellent recognition to all at Scorpions who have worked tirelessly to make our permit number one.  However it wasn’t just at regional level but also at affiliate level with Scorpions clubs, players, coaches and teams dominating the evening taking out the majority of awards.

Congratulations to both Manly Warringah & Hills Hornets who were named joint Scorpions & NSWTA Affiliate of the Year.  Graham Knights (Manly Warringah) was awarded the Rod Wise Medal for NSWTA Volunteer of the Year, along with President of the Year.  Brad Mitchell (Hills Hornets & Scorpions) once again took home a number of awards including both Scorpions & NSWTA Administrator of the Year.  Rina Janson from Northern Suburbs TA took out the inaugural Referee Director of the Year.

On the player front Parramatta & NSW Scorpions Men’s captain Daniel Barton took out a rare double in winning the NSWTA Male Player of the Year & Boland Medal.  Danielle Davis from the Manly Warringah club won the NSWTA Female Player of the Year for the second consecutive year, with her team the Manly Warringah Women’s Open winning Team of the Year for their double Vawdon & State Cup titles last year.  Sea Eagles coach Barry Gibson was named NSWTA Coach of the Year once again with young gun Pihuka Duff from Manly Warringah announced as the Junior Female Player of the Year.

Once again congratulations to all award recipients, including those below from our Scorpions region.

NSWTA Region of the Year 2016-17
Sydney Scorpions

Sydney Scorpions Administrator of the Year
Brad Mitchell – Hills Hornets TA

Sydney Scorpions Affiliate of the Year
Manly Warringah TA & Hills Hornets TA

NSWTA Affiliate of the Year
Manly Warringah TA & Hills Hornets TA

NSWTA Male Player of the Year
Daniel Barton – Parramatta TA

NSWTA Female Player of the Year
Danni Davis – Manly Warringah TA

NSWTA Boland Medal
Daniel Barton – Parramatta TA

NSWTA Junior Female Player of the Year
Pihuka Duff – Manly Warringah TA

NSWTA Coach of the Year
Barry Gibson – Manly Warringah TA

NSWTA Team of the Year
Manly Warringah Women’s Premier League

Rod Wise Medal – NSWTA Volunteer of the Year
Graham Knights – Manly Warringah TA

NSWTA President of the Year
Graham Knights – Manly Warringah TA

NSWTA Administrator of the Year
Brad Mitchell – Hills Hornets TA

NSWTA Referee Director of the Year
Rina Janson – Northern Suburbs TA

Tim Kitchingham Retirement

The recent Trans-Tasman series was played in Queensland with the Australian’s wining the series 12-0. Our own Scorpions Hall of Famer Tim Kitchingham captained the Men’s 50’s with this series his last at national level in the green and gold colours following his retirement. We asked Kitch some questions about his stellar career which included 25 years continuous Australian representative years.

National Playing History?
NSW State level 1992 – 2016
25 years straight Australian level 1997 – 2017 (85 caps)
49 World Cup caps
9 Trans Tasman caps
10 All Nations caps
17 other international caps

6 World Cups (5 times as Champions)
2003 World Cup Australian flag bearer

Year of First National Cap?  1997 World Cup

Do you recall your Aussie debut?   Haha, yep…..nervous as hell.

Best player played with?  Too many…David Cheung, John Samin, Mark Hearndon, Andy Yangiou, Dean McManus, Garry Lawless, Brett Gillard, Darren Currie, Tony Eltakchi

Best player played against?  Locally, Mark Boland…..many years ago. Also Scott Notley and internationally, Peter Walters.

Toughest opposition?  Always NZ internationally. Sharks locally at NTL’s, Wests in Sydney.

Best team played in?  2006 NSW team in Brisbane, beat Qld 12 – 1 in last game of the series plus any Australian team.

Best coach?  Again too many…John Singh, Peter Vincent, Mick McCall, Mark Edwards, Dennis Coffey taught me a lot about recovery.

Most memorable moment?   First Australian selection announcement on the Gold Coast, 2003 Flag Bearer, 2003 World Cup Final.

Worst moment?  Injuries…shoulder in 2015 World Cup Final.

Advice for young players?  Never take anything for granted, and always work hard to ensure that you have no excuses.

Never fancied coaching – why? Haha, gave my 2 bobs worth as coach in most of the teams I was in.

What’s next for Kitch? Enjoy the last of my playing days with mates at Penrith and Scorpions.

2018 Junior Regional Coaches

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their 2018 Junior Regional coaching appointments. Continuing on from last season’s success, our STING Junior Development Program will be utilised aiming to up-skill and develop players and coaches. Once again our Junior Elite Camp will act as our final section trial for our 14/16’s Junior Regional teams and this will take place on 3-4 March, 2018 at Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen. This camp will also include a “Coach the Coaches” component where leading NSW & Australian coaches will be knowledge sharing with affiliates who will be requested to nominate coaches from their local clubs to participate.  To provide the best support for our coaches we have NSW and Australian coaches Dave Nolan as our Boys Team Leader and Barry Gibson as our Girls Team Leader.  Michael Donaghy will continue in his Sports Scientist role providing the latest preparation and recovery techniques for our teams.  Stuart Geros is once again our Scorpions Tour Leader with our Player Mentors to be appointed in coming months, along with Team Managers.  NSWTA will be announcing the venue for the 2018 Junior Regionals in coming weeks.  Congratulations to all appointments.

Sydney Scorpions 2018 Junior Regional Coaching Appointments

Sydney Scorpions Boys 14’s:
Head Coach – Josh Phillips
Assistant Coaches – Matt Lawson & Daniel Barton

Sydney Scorpions Girls 14’s:
Head Coaches – Edith Nathan & Keith Smith
Assistant Coach – TBC

Sydney Scorpions Boys 16’s:
Head Coaches – Brandon McDonald & Jason Martin
Assistant Coach – Charlie Suters

Sydney Scorpions Girls 16’s:
Head Coach – Roha Paki
Assistant Coaches – Carol Jones & Kalani Duff

Sydney Scorpions Boys 18’s:
Head Coach – Brad Curl
Assistant Coaches – Brad Mitchell & Phil McIlwraith

Sydney Scorpions Girls 18’s:
Head Coaches – Melissa Mitchell & Anthony Dudeck
Assistant Coach – Tim Sleigh

Boys Team Leader: Dave Nolan
Girls Team Leader: Barry Gibson
Sports Scientist: Michael Donaghy
Tour Leader: Stuart Geros
Boys & Girls Player Mentors: TBA

Scorpions Coaching Teams 2017/18

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their 2017/18 STING coaching team that will participate in our upcoming STING Junior Development Program. Continuing on from last season’s success the program aims to up-skill and develop players and coaches both within Scorpions regional teams and additionally at local affiliate level, with this newly acquired knowledge being taken back to local clubs at the grass roots level. Further information on upcoming development & TalentID training sessions to be held later in the year will be provided in coming weeks. Once again our Junior Elite Camp will act as our final section trial for Junior Regional teams and this will take place on 3-4 March, 2018 at Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen. This camp will also include a “Coach the Coaches” component where leading NSW & Australian coaches will be knowledge sharing with affiliates nominating coaches from their local clubs to participate.

Scorpions STING Coaching Team 2017/18: Alex Ferro, Anthony Dudeck, Barry Gibson, Brad Curl, Brad Mitchell, Brandon McDonald, Carol Jones, Charlie Suters, Craig Beacroft, Daniel Barton, Dave Nolan, Edith Nathan, Jason Martin, Jim Randall, Josh Phillips, Kalani Duff, Keith Smith, Kylie Nicholas, Matt Lawson, Matt Scranage, Mel Mitchell, Peter Langmack, Phil McIlwraith, Timothy Sleigh, Tearoha Paki, Tua Marsters.

Additionally Scorpions are pleased to announce their coaching appointments for the 2018 National Touch League with further timelines to be communicated over coming weeks.

Sydney Scorpions 2018 NTL Coaching Appointments:
Men’s T-League: Head Coach – Brad Curl Assistant Coach – Matt Lawson  Manager – TBC
Women’s T-League: Head Coach – Brandon McDonald Assistant Coaches – Craig Beacroft & Keith Smith  Manager – TBC
Men’s 30’s: Head Coach – Terry Cooper  Manager – Chris Cooper
Men’s 40’s: Head Coach – Ron Larcombe  Manager – TBC
Men’s 45’s: Head Coach – Ian Kalms  Manager – Andre Bali
Men’s 50’s: Head Coach – Brett Gillard  Manager – TBC
Men’s 55’s: Head Coach – Cliff Lyons  Manager – Caren Friend
Senior Mixed: Head Coach – Damien Guilbert  Manager – Simon Kowald
Women’s 27’s: Head Coach – Charlie Hassarati  Manager – Cindy Dawson
Women’s 40’s: Head Coach – Lynda Robertson  Manager – Kerrie Doyle
Women’s 45’s: Head Coach – Paul Robinson  Manager – Megan Kennedy

Scorpions 2018 NTL Coaching & 2017/18 STING Junior Development Program EOI

Sydney Scorpions are calling for suitably qualified applicants for roles within their 2018 NTL teams & 2017/18 STING Junior Development Program.  NTL roles include Coach, Assistant Coach & Manager.  Once again we will be using our Junior Development STING program for our Junior Regional TalentID process and similar to this year final selection will be via our Junior Elite Camp at the Sydney Sports Academy, Narrabeen on 3-4 March 2018. STING coaching participants will assist with a number of Junior Development sessions during 2017, from these candidates our coaching appointments will be made for our 2018 Junior Regional teams. Additionally we are aiming for our T-League coaches to be actively involved with our STING program and our Junior Regional 18’s teams.  Tournaments include the TFA National Touch League (March 2018 @ Coffs Harbour) & NSWTA Junior Regionals (April 2018 @ Venue TBC).  Nominations are open now via this survey & close on 1 June with criteria & selection policy information found at  Appointments will be announced during June 2017 with further information available via


2017 Junior Regional Champion Permit

Congratulations to our mentors, coaches, managers and players on winning our 8th Junior Regional Championship Permit in a row. Scorpions won three divisions, those being in the Girls 14’s & 16’s plus the Boys 14’s.  More reports and photos to follow in coming days.  Special thanks to our Player Mentors and 18s Scorpions players who ran a touch development session for the local Ballina Touch Association players on Saturday. Once again the feedback from players, parents, coaches and managers on your touch knowledge, the unique value you add and the way you all conduct yourselves is an absolute credit to you all. Thank you Sam Brisby, Sarah Peattie, Jackson Mills & Sammy Rodgers.

Watch all the Scorpions TV social media interviews from the tournament via our YouTube channel now.

2017 Scorpions final teams are below.

Boys 14’s: Head Coach – Brandon McDonald Assistant Coach – Matt Lawson Manager Dean Michniewicz
Girls 14’s: Head Coach – Roha Paki Assistant Coaches – Craig Beacroft & Kalani Duff  Manager Bridget Little
Boys 16’s: Head Coach – Matthew Scranage Assistant Coaches – Tua Marsters & Charlie Suters Manager Samantha Baum
Girls 16’s: Head Coaches – Anthony Dudeck & Keith Smith Assistant Coach – Carol Jones Manager – Michelle Geros
Boys 18’s: Head Coach – Brad Curl Assistant Coaches – Brad Mitchell & Phil McIlwraith  Manager – Niccole Kelly
Girls 18’s: Head Coach – Melissa Mitchell Assistant Coach – Tracey Elliott Manager – Mel Scranage

Boys Player Mentors: Sam Brisby & Jackson Mills
Girls Player Mentors: Sarah Peattie & Sam Rodgers
Boys Team Leader: Dave Nolan
Girls Team Leaders: Sarah Peattie & Sam Rodgers
Tour Leader: Stuart Geros

Girls 14’s Champions:
Sydney Scorpions 5 Hunter Western Hornets 0
Player of the Final – Brearna Nathan
Scorpions Medal – Brearna Nathan
Players Player Award – Lara Wilkinson

Boys 14’s Champions:
Sydney Scorpions 5 Hunter Western Hornets 3
Player of the Final – Nesta Tutunoa
Scorpions Medal – Teddy Wilson

Boys 16’s Semi Finalists:
Scorpions Medal – Griff Bamford

Girls 16’s Champions:
Sydney Scorpions 5 Hunter Western Hornets 2
Player of the Final – Maddi Ashby
Scorpions Medal – Maddi Ashby
Players Player Award – Pihuka Duff
Coaches Awards – Jess Nagy, Sariah Paki, Maddi McGrath

Girls 18’s Grand Finalists:
Hunter Western Hornets 5 Sydney Scorpions 0
Scorpions Medal – Brittney Clifford
Sarah Peattie Medal – Brittney Clifford

Boys 18’s Grand Finalists:
Hunter Western Hornets 6 Sydney Scorpions 4
Scorpions Medal – Sam Kelly
Coaches Award – Matt Swain
Sam Brisby Medal – Raymond Wehbe

Sydney Scorpions 77pts
Hunter Western Hornets 76pts
Sydney Mets 54pts
Sydney Rebels 24pts
Southern Suns 15pts
Northern Eagles 6pts

Congratulations to our 2017 Scorpions Nolan Medal winners tonight which were presented at our annual Junior Regional Dinner at Ballina RSL.

Girls 14’s – Brearna Nathan
Boys 14’s – Teddy Wilson
Girls 16’s – Maddi Ashby
Boys 16’s – Griff Bamford
Girls 18’s – Brittney Clifford
Boys 18’s – Sam Kelly

Additional congratulations to our Scorpions Junior Recognition Award recipients who will complete their Scorpions junior representative tenure after this tournament.

Sarah Peattie Medal – Brittney Clifford
Sam Brisby Medal – Raymond Wehbe














Congratulations to our 14/16’s NSW Merit team representatives.

14 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team
Middles: Teddy Wilson, Nesta Tutunoa
Links: Daniel Odonnell, Lachoneus Paki
Wingers: Cuban Porter-Sheen
Utility: Finn Watkins

14 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team
Middles: Kiiahla Duff, Brearna Nathan
Links: Lara Wilkinson, Gracie Carpenter
Wingers: Malayiki Russell, Millie Durdevic

16 Boys NSW Touch Football Merit Team
Middles: Griffin Bamford, Connor McCann
Links: Decan Ahipene

16 Girls NSW Touch Football Merit Team
Middles: Pihuka Duff Scorpions, Sariah Paki Scorpions, Paris Mooney, Isabella Geros
Links: Maddi Ashby, Maddi McGrath
Wingers: Jessica Nagy, Brianna Hibbert
Utility: Lucy McDonald

2017 Scorpions Relay Team

Junior Development Session held for Ballina Touch Association U12-U16’s via our Player Mentors

Scorpions Player Profiles

The 2017 Junior Regional tournament is just over two weeks away so Scorpions caught up with some of our 14/16’s stars and found out what makes them tick including asking them what it means to represent the mighty Sydney Scorpions.

Briana Hibbert, Brody Hoy, Ellie Kerr, Finn Watkins, Joshua Menzies, Lauren Bell, Layla Ritchie, Liam Jones, Maddi McGrath, Matilda Donkin, Teddy Wilson, Will Allan.

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NSW Scorpions Elite 8 Champions

Saturday 11 March 2017

Congratulations to all of the Scorpions winners and Grand Finalists at the 2017 National Touch League in Coffs Harbour.
Women’s Open: NSW Scorpions 8 defeated Qld Broncos 5
Women’s T League:  South West Swans 6 defeated Sydney Scorpions A 1
Men’s 30’s:  South Queensland Sharks 8 defeated Sydney Scorpions 6
Women’s 45’s:  Sydney Scorpions 1 defeated Hunter Western W45 0
Men’s 50’s: Sydney Scorpions 5 defeated South Queensland Sharks 3
Men’s 55’s: Sydney Scorpions 7 defeated Sydney Mets 2

The New South Wales Scorpions have made history in the Women’s Elite Eight grand final, defeating the Queensland Broncos 8-5 in an entertaining affair at the National Touch League in Coffs Harbour.   The Broncos were aiming for three titles in a row, but it wasn’t to be, outplayed from start to finish by a highly talented Scorpions side.

Hat-tricks to Scorpions stars Yasmin Meakes and Samantha Rodgers capped off a great tournament for both.

Despite the comfortable three-touchdown win, the Scorpions did not always look comfortable.  The Broncos had all the momentum after the half-time break and they used this to their advantage, scoring through Rebecca Lapraik just minutes into the second half to make the score 4-3.   Lapraik’s touchdown cut the margin to one and the Broncos’ appeared to have all the legs heading towards the last 15 minutes of play.

But after five minutes of great defence, the Scorpions hit back, scoring in the left corner through hat-trick hero Rodgers.  The score quickly became 6-3 to the Scorpions, with Yasmin Meakes grabbing her first of the afternoon with ten minutes to play.  Meakes then grabbed her second in the 33rd minute, all but icing the game for the Scorpions as they stretched their lead to four touchdowns.

Paige Parker hit back in the 35th minute for the Broncos to give them some hope, but as the minutes ticked by it became clear that it was going to be the Scorpions year.  Meakes capped a great tournament for herself in the 38th minute, scoring her third touchdown to kick-off the celebrations for the Scorpions team.  The Broncos managed a consolation touchdown in the 39th minute, with Catherine Sargent adding some respectability to the scoreboard to make it 8-5 in favour of the Scorpions.

The Scorpions were deserved winners, leading from the outset after opening the scoring in the 7th minute. They did that through Rodgers who found open space on the right wing to stroll over for a touchdown after some lazy defence.  She doubled her tally just a minute later in an almost identical play, and it soon became clear that the Scorpions would look to target the Broncos’ left-side defence.

The Broncos were always going to hit back and they did so through Emily Hennessey just seconds after the Scorpions last score. The match was beginning to open up and with the game on the line it was either teams to win.  In the 15th minute, the Scorpions regained their two-touchdown lead, with Zara Nicholas crossing in the left corner after a slick team play to make it 3-1.  The Broncos defence were caught napping by Stephanie Maiolo in the 18th minute and the Scorpions suddenly hit a 4-1 lead.  But the Broncos regained some momentum heading into half-time through the handy work of Sargent who crossed just seconds before the hooter to make the score 4-2 at the break.  It wasn’t enough, with the Scorpions going on with it in the second half to take the 2017 title.

New South Wales Scorpions 8 (Meakes 3, Rodgers 3, Nicholas, Maiolo touchdowns)
Queensland Broncos 5 (Sargent 2, Parker, Hennessey, Lapraik touchdowns)
Player of the Final – Laura Peattie

Scorpions Hall of Fame Inductees

Special congratulations to our 21 Scorpions Hall of Fame inductees who were presented with their awards this evening at our annual Scorpions Awards Dinner by TFA CEO Colm Maguire.

Adam Fahim, Barry Gibson, Bill Slade, Brandon McDonald, Brett Gillard, Bruce Ager, Chris Benfield, David Cheung, David Roberts, Dean Murphy, Derek Duguid, Jason Scharenguivel, Jeff Cheung, Katrina McIlwraith, Mark Boland, Michelle Smidt, Phil Jarrett, Terry Cooper, Tim Kitchingham, Tony Eltakchi, Vicki Humpherson.

Scorpions Dinner Award Winners 2017

Congratulations to all our Sydney Scorpions award winners from our annual NTL dinner held this evening at Coffs Harbour.

Men’s Elite 8 Boland Trophy – Jordan Marshall King
Women’s Elite 8 Boland Trophy – Pihuka Duff
Men’s T-League – Luke Mansour
Women’s T-League A – Shannyn Bissett
Women’s T-League B – Taylah Nicholls
Mixed Opens – Luke Eisenhuth
Senior Mixed – Melissa Mitchell
Women’s 27’s – Rebecca Szewcow
Men’s 30’s – Willie Bishop
Men’s 40’s – Chris Benfield
Women’s 40’s – Kerrie Doyle
Women’s 45’s – Monique Licardy
Men’s 50’s – Tim Kitchingham
Men’s 55’s – Cliff Lyons

Junior Coach of the Year – Melissa Mitchell
Senior Coach of the Year – Jason Martin
Manager of the Year – Melinda Scranage
Referee of the Year – Paul Khoudair
Brett Gillard Medal (Regional Directors Award) – Stuart Geros

In Appreciation Awards:
Parramatta Touch Association – For the use of Doyle Ground for team training & junior selection trials
Manly Touch Association – For the use of Nolan Reserve for team training and Scorpions Junior Gala Day
Medical Team – The Healthy Body organisation for providing our expert medical team
Eastwood RU & Phil Young – For the use of TG Millner for training, Scorpions Day & junior selection trials
C-ex Club Coffs Harbour – For their outstanding service hosting our Scorpions Dinner for a number of years

Scorpions Final Boys & Girls 14/16 Teams

Sydney Scorpions is pleased to announce their final Boys & Girls 14/16 teams that will compete at the NSWTA Junior Regional Championships to be held in Ballina in the school holidays on Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 April 2017.

Boys 14’s: Brody Hoy, Cuban Porter Sheen, Daniel Odonnell, Finn Watkins, Jesse Minchniewicz, Josh Turner, Lachoneus Paki, Nesta Tutunoa, Ollie Cummins, Saxon Wood, Teddy Wilson, Tobey Lewis, Tom Morrison, Will Allen. Shadows: Matthew Curl, Oskar Warner, Riley Mayo, Saxon Youngman.

Girls 14’s: Audrey Little, Brearna Nathan, Emily Smith, Gracie Carpenter, Holli Raaff, Kilahla Duff, Lara Wilkinson, Lauren Bell, Layla Ritchie, Malayiki Russell, Matilda Donkin, Millie Durdevic, Sailor Perrett, Sophie Williams. Shadows: Imogen Sayer, Lauren McCurley, Yasmin Aloisio.

Boys 16’s: Connor Griffiths, Connor McCann, Decan Ahipene, Ethan Klien, Flynn Anges-Corke, Griffin Bamford, Jordan Cassaniti, Josh Menzies, Lachie Bamford, Liam Jones, Mitchell Quetcher, Nate Scranage, Thomas Jarrett, Tom Baum. Shadows: Benji Gallacher, Jamie Elias, Nick Russell.

Girls 16’s: Billie Taylor, Brianna Hibbet, Caitlin Hickey, Ellie Kerr, Isabella Geros, Jessica Nagy, Kate Ryan, Lucy McDonald, Macy Carrothers, Maddi Ashby, Maddi McGrath, Paris Mooney, Pihuka Duff, Sariah Paki.  Shadows: Emily Phelps, Julia Zubak, Molly Donkin, Taliah Simbolon.

Additionally Sydney Scorpions is requesting accommodation requirements for all our teams.

– All final team players need to complete this form whether they require accommodation or not
– Minimum accommodation is Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday night is an optional extra
– Accommodation in Ballina will be made available for players & where possible families
– Once all requests are collected accommodation costs will be advised – these will be separate to Scorpions JR levy
– Players are expected to be in Ballina on the Friday night with team dinners to be arranged & additionally some teams will also have light training session most likely not starting earlier than 5.00pm
– The tournament will commence Saturday 22 April in the morning and is expected to conclude on the Saturday at 4.00pm, with our Scorpions Junior Regional Dinner to take place that evening at Ballina RSL with tickets for parents available online shortly
– Sunday games commence at 9.00am with finals games concluded prior to 2.00pm.  The presentations and announcement of Merit teams will follow the last game
– The event will be held at: Saunders Oval, 144/146 Tamar Street, Ballina NSW 2478


We request that all 14/16 team players and shadows (and/or parents) join the appropriate Facebook group as listed below:
Scorpions Boys 14’s Junior Regionals 2017:
Scorpions Girls 14’s Junior Regionals 2017:
Scorpions Boys 16’s Junior Regionals 2017:
Scorpions Girls 16’s Junior Regionals 2017:

Scorpions Hall of Fame

Wednesday 1st March 2017

In conjunction with the 21st National Touch League that will take place next week in Coffs Harbour, Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce the introduction of the Scorpions Hall of Fame.  The objective is to recognise the outstanding contributions made to the permit by players, coaches, referees and administrators.  As is tradition our annual Scorpions Dinner will take place on Friday 10 March at Coffs C-ex Club and at this event we will announce the first 21 Scorpions Hall of Fame inductions.

Scorpions Life Member Brett Gillard has been working on this idea for a few years and with the 21st NTL upon us Scorpions knew now was the ideal time to introduce this new acknowledgement.

Gillard explained, “Yes it’s been on my mind for quite a while now. We formed a committee and with the help of Cary Thompson’s excellent touch almanac we reviewed all the information and came up with many notable nominees.  The final 21 names that will be inducted in this first year have all most definitely played a significant part in where Sydney Scorpions finds itself today.  Each year we will review new candidates, of which new inductee’s will be announced at our annual NTL Scorpions Dinner and no-doubt this will be a prestigious honour to have bestowed”.

The announcement of the first 21 Scorpions Hall of Fame inductees next week will add to an already special event in which the Scorpions Croft Medals, Regional Directors Award (Brett Gillard Medal), Mark Boland Elite 8 Trophy’s; along with the Junior & Senior Coach of the Year, Manager of the Year and Referee of the Year will all be presented.