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Scorpions 2021 NYC Coaching Nominations

Nominations are now being taken for Sydney Scorpions coaching and management roles for the 2021 National Youth Championships to be held on Wed 29 Sept – Sat 2 Oct on the Sunshine Coast. Initial responses close on 10 May, 2021. Further information via our Sydney Scorpions Coaching Director via

2021 Junior Regional Results, Awards & Merit Team Selections

Congratulations to all Scorpions players on their individual awards and NSWTA Merit Team selections following the 2021 Junior Regional event held in Orange.

Boys 12’s: Champions
Grand Final: Scorpions 5 Southern Suns 4
Scorpions Medal: Ethan Fletcher
Coaches Award: Beau Patterson
NSWTA Player of the Final: Harry Smythe

Girls 12’s: Grand Finalists
Grand Final: Sydney Rebels 2 Scorpions 1
Scorpions Medal: Talia Black-Berryman
Players Player: Tegan Nicholas

Boys 14’s: 3rd Place
Semi Final: Hunter Western Hornets 5 Scorpions 3
Scorpions Medal: Tamoko Berryman-Duff
Coaches Awards: Darcy Feltham, Bede Lill

Girls 14’s: Champions
Grand Final: Scorpions 5 Sydney Mets 1
Scorpions Medal: Coco Marsters
Players Player: Tia Matthews
NSWTA Player of the Final: Waiaria Ellis

Boys 16’s: 4th Place
Semi Final: Hunter Western Hornets 5 Scorpions 3
Scorpions Medal: Vaviakila Rawali

Girls 16’s: Champions
Grand Final: Scorpions 3 Hunter Western Hornets 2
Scorpions Medal: Mackenzie Davis
Players Player: Mackenzie Davis
Coaches Awards: Ellie Wilson, Ashley Fung
NSWTA Player of the Final: Mackenzie Davis

Boys 18’s: Champions
Grand Final: Scorpions 7 Hunter Western Hornets 6
Scorpions Medal: Jarod Wright
Players Player: Jarod Wright
NSWTA Player of the Final: Finn Watkins

Girls 18’s: Grand Finalists
Grand Final: Hunter Western Hornets 4 Scorpions 3
Scorpions Medal: Maggie O’Reilly
Players Player: Lara Wilkinson

Champion Permit
1st Sydney Scorpions 94pts
2nd Hunter Western Hornets 81pts
3rd Sydney Mets 70pts

Girls 12’s Merit Team
Middles: Talia Black Berryman, Ruby Nero
Links: Layla Tonga, Charlotte Baum
Winger: Scout Ferguson

Boys 12’s Merit Team
Middle: Harry Smythe
Links: Isaac Carlile, Beau Patterson
Wingers: Ethan Fletcher, Lachlan Head

Girls 14’s Merit Team
Middles: Logan Lemusu, Waiaria Ellis, Khyliah Gray
Links: Mia Tonga, Talea Tonga
Winger: Olivia Durdevic

Boys 14’s Merit Team
Link: Logan Tolar
Winger: Luke Takchi

Girls 16’s Merit Team
Middles: Piper Simons, Mackenzie Davis, Chelsea Smyth
Link: Nina van der Reyden
Winger: Ellie Wilson

Boys 16’s Merit Team
Middle: Tylan Berryman
Link: Vaviakila Rawali
Winger: Charlie Boyle

Girls 18’s Merit Team
Middles: Emily Smith, Holli Raaff
Links: Layla Ritchie, Lara Wilkinson
Wingers: Sophie Kavanagh, Sara Ryan

Boys 18’s Merit Team
Middles: Finn Watkins, Matthew Curl
Links: Cooper Angles-Corke, Reilly Canning
Utility: Will Hickey

Champion Region 2021

Congratulations to all our players, officials, referees and parents on making history yet again, this time at the 2021 NSWTA Junior Regional event held at Orange. Scorpions have won their 12th Champion Permit, 11 of these consecutively since 2010. Scorpions claimed four of the eight divisions on offer winning the Girls 14’s, Girls 16’s, Boys 12’s and Boys 18’s titles. Scorpions were runners up in the Girls 12’s and Girls 18’s divisions. Further details to follow including all Scorpions Medal award winners and Merit team selections. Additionally, further information will be provided on the National Youth Championships which will be held on 29 September – 2 October on the Sunshine Coast with Scorpions sending 8 teams in the U12/14/16/18’s divisions.
Boys 12’s: Scorpions 5 def Southern Suns 4
Player of the Final: Harry Smythe – Sydney Scorpions
Girls 14’s: Scorpions 5 def Sydney Mets 1
Player of the Final: Waiaria Ellis – Sydney Scorpions
Girls 16’s: Scorpions 3 def Hunter Western Hornets 2 (Drop-off)
Player of the Final: Mackenzie Davis – Sydney Scorpions
Boys 18’s: Sydney Scorpions 7 def Hunter Western Hornets 6
Player of the Final: Finn Watkins – Sydney Scorpions
Champion Permit:
1st Sydney Scorpions 94pts
2nd Hunter Western Hornets 81pts
3rd Sydney Mets 70pts
NSWTA Junior Regionals – Champion Permit
2021 – Sydney Scorpions – 12/14/16/18’s @ Orange
2019 – Sydney Scorpions – 12/14/16/18’s @ Orange
2018 – Sydney Scorpions – 14/16/18’s @ Penrith
2017 – Sydney Scorpions – 14/16/18’s @ Ballina
2016 – Sydney Scorpions – 14/16/18’s @ Parkes
2015 – Sydney Scorpions – 14/16/18’s @ Penrith
2014 – Sydney Scorpions – 14/16/18’s @ Goulburn
2013 – Sydney Scorpions – 14/16/18’s @ Wagga Wagga
2012 – Sydney Scorpions – 14/16/18’s @ Foster
2011 – Sydney Scorpions – 14/16’s @ Penrith
2010 – Sydney Scorpions – 14/16’s @ Orange
2008 – Sydney Scorpions – 14/16’s @ Foster

Junior Regional Club Captains

Sydney Scorpions is proud to announce the Boys & Girls Junior Recognition Award recipients who will represent Scorpions as our Club Captain at the upcoming 2021 Junior Regional & National Youth Championship events. Congratulations to Matthew Curl from the Hills Hornets who has been awarded the 2021 Sam Brisby Medal. Congratulations to Holli Raaff from the Northern Beaches Renegades who has been awarded the 2021 Sarah Peattie Medal.


2021 NSWTA Junior Regional Squads

Sydney Scorpions is pleased to announce their NSWTA 2021 Junior Regional final teams. Non-selection feedback should be requested via the link below.  Further information on the Selection Process and Feedback can be found here.

Updated Squads:
Feedback via:
Selection Process and Feedback Info via here.

Sydney Scorpions 2021 junior pathway information can be found below.

NTL 2021 Results & Scorps Medal Recipients

Congratulations to all Sydney Scorpions representatives on yet another successful National Touch League campaign. Scorpions took out 5 championship titles and were runners-up in another 4 divisions with the overall results below. #StrongerTogether  Also congratulations to South Queensland Sharks Touchwho have taken out the Golden Boot Champion Permit at the 2021 NTL. Better yet to win all three Open divisions in the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed is an outstanding accomplishment and no doubt due to a great amount of behind the scenes hard work by the Sharks committee, staff and volunteers. Scorpions are already looking forward to the challenge at NTL 2022.

NTL Golden Boot Final Standings:
1. South Queensland Sharks (104 pts)
2. Sydney Scorpions (100 pts)
3. Hunter Western Hornets (77 pts)
4. Brisbane City Cobras (72 pts)
5. Sydney Mets (31 pts)

Scorpions NTL Raffle

Sydney Scorpions raffle is now open raising funds for our athletes in assisting with their financial commitments at the upcoming National Touch League (NTL). The NTL will take place on 10-13 March at Coffs Harbour International Stadium. Regardless of any potential COVID impact to the event the raffle will still be drawn and Visa Gift Card prizes won. Tickets are $20 each and buyers have the option of selecting an athlete for whom they wish to provide their fundraising support. The raffle will be drawn on 22 February 2021. #GOSCORPS

Buy your tickets here:

Visa Gift Card Prizes:
1st $1,000
2nd $500
3rd $250
4th $100

Scorps Junior Gala Day – Sunday 31 January

21/01 – Sydney Scorpions are pleased to release their 2021 Scorps Junior Gala Day draw which can be found below. Any changes to the draw will happen via the same link. The event will take place on Sunday 31 January 2021 at Doyle Ground, North Parramatta. The draw includes a field map and strict COVID guidelines for the day.

Junior Regional 2021 Coaching Appointments

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their coaching teams for the 2021 NSWTA Junior Regional event. Scorpions have appointed a mix of seasoned experienced coaches along with a number of developing coaches representing six different Scorpions affiliates. Team Managers will be interviewed and appointed at a later date.  The Junior Regional championships will be held at Orange on 1-2 May 2021.  Timelines and junior pathway information for the event can be found here.

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Scorpions 2021 Junior Regional Player Expression of Interest

Sydney Scorpions is requesting all U12-U18 players to complete the Scorpions 2021 Junior Regional Expression of Interest (EOI) form.  Scorpions Junior Elite Camp will not take place in 2021, instead trials will take place on Sunday 21 March at the Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen. Final teams will compete at the 2021 NSWTA Junior Regional Championships to be held at Orange on 1-2 May 2021. Further information is available via time 2021 pathway document below and additionally contained in the EOI form via