Appearance Records

Thanks to Touch Football Historian Cary Thompson, find below Sydney Scorpions appearance records since our inception in 1997.

The history of the NTL goes back to 1997 when the National Championships changed from a State verses State series to a Franchise verses Franchise competition.The first year saw only a handful of scorers being recorded. Despite efforts to obtain the information from Permit Holders, the data has been lost.  Information regarding scorers in several games in 2006 is missing. Much of it was never recorded electronically and paper records have since disappeared despite a mammoth effort by the TFA office staff to locate them.

Stats up and including NTL 2019.

NSW Scorpions Elite 8 Leading Touchdown Scorers:
Yasmin Meakes 48
Simon Lang 40
Jonathan Palau 36
Samuel Brisby 32
Jordan Horo 23
Laura Peattie 23
Samantha Rodgers 19
Elesha Dougal 14
Stephanie Maiolo 14

Sydney Scorpions NTL Open Leading Touchdown Scorers:
Jamie Stowe 64
Adam Fahim 53
Jonathon Palau 50
Lars Hanson 33
Adam Lollback 32
Heath Cooper 29
Shane-Lee Frederiksen 29
Jason Scharenguivel 28
Troy Malcolm 26
David Roberts 25

Sydney Scorpions NTL Seniors Leading Touchdown Scorers:
David Cheung 122
Peter Wandl 103
Paul MacPherson 95
Jeffrey Cheung 85
Anthony Dudeck 83
Brett Gillard 81
Andrew Windsor 76
William Bishop 76
Dean Murphy 71
Michelle Smidt 63
Tim Kitchingham 63
David McDonald 62
Heath Cooper 60

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