National Touch League 2022 Coaching Appointments

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their 2022 National Touch League coaching appointments with the event taking place on 9-12 March at Coffs Harbour. 

Men’s Open (Blue)
Head Coach – Dave Roberts
Assistant Coach – TBC
Manager – Johanne Joe

Men’s Open (Green)
Head Coach – Brad Curl
Assistant Coach – Matt Lawson
Manager – Amy Alagna

Women’s Open (Blue)
Head Coach – Anthony Dudeck
Head Coach – Barry Gibson
Assistant Coach – Craig Beacroft
Interim Manager – Elesha Te Paa

Women’s Open (Green)
Head Coach – Jason Martin
Head Coach – Te Aroha Paki
Assistant Coach – Kalani Duff
Interim Manager – Elesha Te Paa

Women’s 20’s
Head Coach – Christian Browne
Assistant Coach – Justin Richardson
Assistant Coach – Stewart Parnaby
Manager – Jordan Parsonage

Mixed Open
Head Coach – Matt Scranage
Assistant Coach – Christian Frost
Assistant Coach – Daniel Rushworth
Interim Manager – Matt Scranage

Men’s 30’s
Head Coach – Terry Cooper
Assistant Coach – Mark Boland
Manager – Chris Cooper

Women’s 27’s
Head Coach – Keith Smith
Assistant Coach – Christian Browne
Assistant Coach – Trevor McDougall
Manager – TBC

Men’s 40’s
Head Coach – Ron Larcombe
Manager – Paul Macpherson
Assistant Manager – John Boreland

Women’s 40’s
Head Coach – TBC
Manager – Sharlene Wong

Men’s 45’s
Head Coach – Phil Jarrett
Manager – Melanie Murray

Women’s 45’s
Head Coach – Phil McIlwraith

Assistant Coach – Monique Nolan
Manager – TBC

Men’s 50’s
Head Coach – Ian Kalms
Manager – Aron Watson

Men’s 55’s
Head Coach – Cliff Lyons
Manager – Caren Friend

Men’s 60’s
Head Coach – Graeme Pickering
Manager – Philip Lindsay