2021 Junior Regional Results, Awards & Merit Team Selections

Congratulations to all Scorpions players on their individual awards and NSWTA Merit Team selections following the 2021 Junior Regional event held in Orange.

Boys 12’s: Champions
Grand Final: Scorpions 5 Southern Suns 4
Scorpions Medal: Ethan Fletcher
Coaches Award: Beau Patterson
NSWTA Player of the Final: Harry Smythe

Girls 12’s: Grand Finalists
Grand Final: Sydney Rebels 2 Scorpions 1
Scorpions Medal: Talia Black-Berryman
Players Player: Tegan Nicholas

Boys 14’s: 3rd Place
Semi Final: Hunter Western Hornets 5 Scorpions 3
Scorpions Medal: Tamoko Berryman-Duff
Coaches Awards: Darcy Feltham, Bede Lill

Girls 14’s: Champions
Grand Final: Scorpions 5 Sydney Mets 1
Scorpions Medal: Coco Marsters
Players Player: Tia Matthews
NSWTA Player of the Final: Waiaria Ellis

Boys 16’s: 4th Place
Semi Final: Hunter Western Hornets 5 Scorpions 3
Scorpions Medal: Vaviakila Rawali

Girls 16’s: Champions
Grand Final: Scorpions 3 Hunter Western Hornets 2
Scorpions Medal: Mackenzie Davis
Players Player: Mackenzie Davis
Coaches Awards: Ellie Wilson, Ashley Fung
NSWTA Player of the Final: Mackenzie Davis

Boys 18’s: Champions
Grand Final: Scorpions 7 Hunter Western Hornets 6
Scorpions Medal: Jarod Wright
Players Player: Jarod Wright
NSWTA Player of the Final: Finn Watkins

Girls 18’s: Grand Finalists
Grand Final: Hunter Western Hornets 4 Scorpions 3
Scorpions Medal: Maggie O’Reilly
Players Player: Lara Wilkinson

Champion Permit
1st Sydney Scorpions 94pts
2nd Hunter Western Hornets 81pts
3rd Sydney Mets 70pts

Girls 12’s Merit Team
Middles: Talia Black Berryman, Ruby Nero
Links: Layla Tonga, Charlotte Baum
Winger: Scout Ferguson

Boys 12’s Merit Team
Middle: Harry Smythe
Links: Isaac Carlile, Beau Patterson
Wingers: Ethan Fletcher, Lachlan Head

Girls 14’s Merit Team
Middles: Logan Lemusu, Waiaria Ellis, Khyliah Gray
Links: Mia Tonga, Talea Tonga
Winger: Olivia Durdevic

Boys 14’s Merit Team
Link: Logan Tolar
Winger: Luke Takchi

Girls 16’s Merit Team
Middles: Piper Simons, Mackenzie Davis, Chelsea Smyth
Link: Nina van der Reyden
Winger: Ellie Wilson

Boys 16’s Merit Team
Middle: Tylan Berryman
Link: Vaviakila Rawali
Winger: Charlie Boyle

Girls 18’s Merit Team
Middles: Emily Smith, Holli Raaff
Links: Layla Ritchie, Lara Wilkinson
Wingers: Sophie Kavanagh, Sara Ryan

Boys 18’s Merit Team
Middles: Finn Watkins, Matthew Curl
Links: Cooper Angles-Corke, Reilly Canning
Utility: Will Hickey