NTL 2021 Results & Scorps Medal Recipients

Congratulations to all Sydney Scorpions representatives on yet another successful National Touch League campaign. Scorpions took out 5 championship titles and were runners-up in another 4 divisions with the overall results below. #StrongerTogether  Also congratulations to South Queensland Sharks Touchwho have taken out the Golden Boot Champion Permit at the 2021 NTL. Better yet to win all three Open divisions in the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed is an outstanding accomplishment and no doubt due to a great amount of behind the scenes hard work by the Sharks committee, staff and volunteers. Scorpions are already looking forward to the challenge at NTL 2022.

NTL Golden Boot Final Standings:
1. South Queensland Sharks (104 pts)
2. Sydney Scorpions (100 pts)
3. Hunter Western Hornets (77 pts)
4. Brisbane City Cobras (72 pts)
5. Sydney Mets (31 pts)

Men’s Open A – Semi Finalists (4th)
Men’s Open B – 9th Place Playoff (9th)
Scorpions 11 defeated Victoria (White) 5
Women’s Open A – Grand Finalists (2nd)
Sharks 5 defeated Scorpions 4
Women’s Open B – 11th Place Playoff (11th)
Scorpions 8 defeated CQ Bulls 6
Mixed Open – Quarter Finalists (5th)
Men’s 30’s – Champions (1st)
Scorpions 7 defeated Sharks 6
Player of the Final – Maurice Kennedy
Men’s 40’s – Champions (1st)
Scorpions 7 defeated Sharks 3
Player of the Final – Drew Davies
Men’s 45’s – Champions (1st)
Scorpions 5 defeated Cobras 4
Men’s 50’s – Grand Finalists (2nd)
Sharks 4 defeated Scorpions 3
Men’s 55’s – Champions (1st)
Scorpions 7 defeated Sharks 4
Player of the Final – David Cheung
Men’s 60’s – Semi Finalists (3rd)
Women’s 30’s – Semi Finalists (4th)
Women’s 40’s – Grand Finalists (2nd)
Hornets 5 defeated Scorpions 4
Women’s 45’s – Semi Finalists (3rd)
All Abilities (Tier 1) – Champions (1st)
Scorpions A 2 defeated Hornets 1
Player of the Final – Zac Jones
All Abilities (Tier 2) – Grand Finalists (2nd)
Cobras B 4 defeated Scorpions B 2

Congratulations to the following Scorpions Croft Medal winners from the recent National Touch League which took place at Coffs Harbour.

Men’s Open A: Caidyn Wynyard
Men’s Open B: Alex Tripolone
Women’s Open A: Pihuka Duff
Women’s Open B: Lucy McDonald
Mixed Open: Jesse Parker
Men’s 30’s: Harry Berryman
Men’s 40’s: Richard Foote
Men’s 45’s: Mark Leonard
Men’s 50’s: James Marks
Men’s 55’s: Rob Weatherill
Men’s 60’s: Geoff Harris
Women’s 30’s: Taiana Waddell Scanlan
Women’s 45’s: TBA
Women’s 40’s: Belinda Patterson
All Abilities – Tier 1: Zac Jones
All Abilities – Tier 2: Harry Woodhouse