2020 Junior Coaching Appointments

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their coaching teams for 2020 Junior campaign. Scorpions have appointed a mix of seasoned experienced coaches along with a number of developing coaches representing five different Scorpions affiliates.   Scorpions are also pleased to announce our Juniors Directors and High Performance Managers for the campaign and beyond.

Boys 12’s:
Head Coach – Craig Lowe
Assistant Coach – Liam Liston
Interim Manager – Lena Lowe

Girls 12’s:
Head Coach – Gloria Berryman

Assistant Coach – Kylie Nicholas
Assistant Coach – Tim Sleigh
Interim Manager – Kellie Cohen

Boys 14’s:
Head Coach – Harry Berryman
Assistant Coach – Brad Curl
Assistant Coach – Mark Jones
Interim Manager- Chanelle Berryman

Girls 14’s:
Head Coach – Keith Smith

Assistant Coach – Andre Bali
Assistant Coach – Trevor McDougall
Interim Manager – Keith Smith

Boys 16’s:
Head Coach – Matt Lawson

Assistant Coach – Terry Joe
Assistant Coach – Phil McIlwraith
Manager – Jo Lawson

Girls 16’s:
Head Coach – Anthony Dudeck

Head Coach – Melissa Mitchell
Assistant Coach – Carol Jones
Manager – Johanne Joe

Boys 18’s:
Head Coach – Brandon McDonald

Assistant Coach – Nhut Trinh
Assistant Coach – Tim Kitchingham
Interim Manager – Dean Michniewicz

Girls 18’s:
Head Coach – Edith Nathan

Head Coach – Roha Paki
Assistant Coach – Kalani Duff
Interim Manager – Michelle Geros

Regional Juniors Directors (Boys) – Craig Lowe, Nhut Trinh
Regional Juniors Directors (Girls) – Carol Jones, Edith Nathan
Regional High Performance Managers – Anthony Dudeck, Johanne Joe, Michael Donaghy, Michelle Geros