2019 NTL Gear Designs

Sydney Scorpions along with Inferno are pleased to release our 2019 National Touch League playing uniforms and off-field gear designs. We are also delighted to be able to acknowledge our 27 Scorpions Hall of Fame inductees with their names appearing within all playing numbers. It’s another great way we pay respect to those who have had such a huge contribution in making Scorpions the success it is today. Bring on NTL 2019!

Hall of Fame 2017/18: Adam Fahim, Barry Gibson, Bernard O’Donohue, Bill Slade, Brandon McDonald, Brett Gillard, Bruce Ager, Chris Benfield, David Cheung, David McDonald, David Roberts, Dean Murphy, Derek Duguid, Heath Cooper, Jason Martin, Jason Scharenguivel, Jeff Cheung, Katrina McIlwraith, Linda Patterson, Mark Boland, Michelle Smidt, Peter Wandl, Phil Jarrett, Terry Cooper, Tim Kitchingham, Tony Eltakchi, Vicki Humpherson