Tim Kitchingham Retirement

The recent Trans-Tasman series was played in Queensland with the Australian’s wining the series 12-0. Our own Scorpions Hall of Famer Tim Kitchingham captained the Men’s 50’s with this series his last at national level in the green and gold colours following his retirement. We asked Kitch some questions about his stellar career which included 25 years continuous Australian representative years.

National Playing History?
NSW State level 1992 – 2016
25 years straight Australian level 1997 – 2017 (85 caps)
49 World Cup caps
9 Trans Tasman caps
10 All Nations caps
17 other international caps

6 World Cups (5 times as Champions)
2003 World Cup Australian flag bearer

Year of First National Cap?  1997 World Cup

Do you recall your Aussie debut?   Haha, yep…..nervous as hell.

Best player played with?  Too many…David Cheung, John Samin, Mark Hearndon, Andy Yangiou, Dean McManus, Garry Lawless, Brett Gillard, Darren Currie, Tony Eltakchi

Best player played against?  Locally, Mark Boland…..many years ago. Also Scott Notley and internationally, Peter Walters.

Toughest opposition?  Always NZ internationally. Sharks locally at NTL’s, Wests in Sydney.

Best team played in?  2006 NSW team in Brisbane, beat Qld 12 – 1 in last game of the series plus any Australian team.

Best coach?  Again too many…John Singh, Peter Vincent, Mick McCall, Mark Edwards, Dennis Coffey taught me a lot about recovery.

Most memorable moment?   First Australian selection announcement on the Gold Coast, 2003 Flag Bearer, 2003 World Cup Final.

Worst moment?  Injuries…shoulder in 2015 World Cup Final.

Advice for young players?  Never take anything for granted, and always work hard to ensure that you have no excuses.

Never fancied coaching – why? Haha, gave my 2 bobs worth as coach in most of the teams I was in.

What’s next for Kitch? Enjoy the last of my playing days with mates at Penrith and Scorpions.