Scorpions Hall of Fame

Wednesday 1st March 2017

In conjunction with the 21st National Touch League that will take place next week in Coffs Harbour, Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce the introduction of the Scorpions Hall of Fame.  The objective is to recognise the outstanding contributions made to the permit by players, coaches, referees and administrators.  As is tradition our annual Scorpions Dinner will take place on Friday 10 March at Coffs C-ex Club and at this event we will announce the first 21 Scorpions Hall of Fame inductions.

Scorpions Life Member Brett Gillard has been working on this idea for a few years and with the 21st NTL upon us Scorpions knew now was the ideal time to introduce this new acknowledgement.

Gillard explained, “Yes it’s been on my mind for quite a while now. We formed a committee and with the help of Cary Thompson’s excellent touch almanac we reviewed all the information and came up with many notable nominees.  The final 21 names that will be inducted in this first year have all most definitely played a significant part in where Sydney Scorpions finds itself today.  Each year we will review new candidates, of which new inductee’s will be announced at our annual NTL Scorpions Dinner and no-doubt this will be a prestigious honour to have bestowed”.

The announcement of the first 21 Scorpions Hall of Fame inductees next week will add to an already special event in which the Scorpions Croft Medals, Regional Directors Award (Brett Gillard Medal), Mark Boland Elite 8 Trophy’s; along with the Junior & Senior Coach of the Year, Manager of the Year and Referee of the Year will all be presented.