Scorpions Junior Regional Champion Permit 2016

The Sydney Scorpions continued their dominance of the Junior Regionals claiming the converted champion region title, their 7th year in a row, with the event being held at the home of Parkes Touch Association, Cheney Park. The Scorpions claimed three of the six divisions on offer and lost two other grand finals. Whilst the Scorpions were dominant they were pushed to the limits by the ever improving Hunter Western Hornets who only dropped two games across all the divisions on the Saturday. Scorpions had their inaugural Junior Presentation dinner on the Saturday night and this event was extremely well received and it bonded the teams and parents even closely together.  Read more……

For full tournament and team reports please click here with links to all photos below and also available via our Scorpions Facebook page.

Scorpions Team Photos
Scorpions Junior Presentation Dinner
Scorpions Junior Regionals Action Photos 1
Scorpions Junior Regionals Action Photos 2
Scorpions Junior Regionals Action Photos 3
NSWTA Junior Regionals Presentation