Final Mixed & T-League Teams

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their Men’s & Women’s T-League plus Mixed Open final teams to compete at the upcoming 2017 National Touch League.  Competition for final selection has been extremely impressive with our TalentID process conducted over the past few months with the intent of selecting the strongest teams. Congratulations to all players involved and a special well done to those that will be making their Sydney Scorpions debut.  Further information in regards to training calendars is available directly through your team management.

Mixed Open (16 players): Alex Nicholls, Annalise Kay, Ben Astley, Brittney Haskins, Campbell Marks, Chad McMillan, Chloe Butcher, Conor Hickey, Eddie Johnson, Emma Williams, Jye Malcolm, Luke Eisenhuth, Mark Roberts, Nathan Van Buuren, Rachael Van Buizen, Stephanie Haskins.

Men’s T-League (16 players): Brad Cincotta, Brad Davoren, Brad Gibson, Cameron Dow, Jaycob Fong, Jean Louis Jones, Joe Callaughan, Keeley Bowen, Luke Mansour, Mason McDonald, Matt Swain, Regan Walsh, Sam Watkins, Tom Collins, Tom Suters, Zac Simons.

Women’s T-League 1 (16 players): Ally Dallaway, Bailee Nix, Caitlin Cimarosti, Clare Belfanti, Clare Vanzino, Emily Goodsir, Jane Vanzino, Larissa Canning, Lucy McDonald, Nicole Saldern, Olivia Steer, Sabrina Green, Sariah Paki, Shannyn Bissett, Simone Rodgers, Tatum Bird.

Women’s T-League 2 (16 players): Amelia Suters, Ash Clegg, Ash Newlan, Brearna Nathan, Briana Hibbert, Caitlin Rodgers, Charmaine Nathan, Hayley Bird, Isabella Geros, Jacelyn Maher, Jade Geros, Kate Ryan, Lara Grzechnik, Madison Graham, Molly Bird, Taylah Nicholls.