2015/16 Sydney Scorpions Committee

Message from Anthony Dudeck – June 2015

Following our recently held AGM, Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce our new committee and newly formed Scorpions Working Group.  First of all special recognition and thanks must go to Brett Gillard who has now completed his tenure as Regional Director.  I am extremely fortunate to have been entrusted with his role and would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate Brett for his successful leadership at the top of Scorpions for many years.  Brett has most certainly left our permit in a healthy and strong position, with success a regular occurrence both on and off the field over a sustained period of time.  It’s no secret that Brett’s right-hand man during his time at the top has been Tim Kitchingham, and I am very fortunate to have his support in my new role.

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Our objective for the Scorpions permit is very simple – we are aiming to surround ourselves with the “best of the best” from around our region.  We are confident this approach will form an extremely strong leadership team, and from this position of strength Scorpions will continue to improve, move forward and be leaders at both state and national level.

As has been the case for many years now, Dave Nolan will continue to lead the way with our juniors as our Regional Juniors Director.  This is an area that we feel we have continued to make strong inroads and improvements over the past few years, however the job is not yet complete and over the next 12 months we will look to allocate more resources into this area.

Brad Mitchell has vacated his Junior Coaching Director position and has now moved onto the Executive Committee and into the Technical Director role.  Brad has had great success over the past 12 months at affiliate level with Hills Touch and we are lucky to have him with us again, this time overseeing the technical arm of the permit.

We are delighted to welcome NSWTA & TFA Hall of Fame member Mick McCall onto our team as our Senior Coaching Director.  Mick brings with him an obvious wealth of experience and additionally he will be sitting within our Scorpions Working Group. Bill Slade, Bruce Ager, and Sandra Dyball all continue in their roles with Monique Nolan joining us to assist as our joint Merchandise Manager.  There are a number of opportunities to join our team through the vacant roles outlined further below, with interested parties encouraged to apply.

As previously mentioned we have formed the Scorpions Working Group.  The members of which include a number of the Scorpions committee members and additionally others who bring their own unique skill-set, experience and value to our permit.   On this group are new faces Adam Fahim and Stuart Geros, along with Brett Gillard who we are pleased has agreed to continue his involvement with Scorpions.  Adam Fahim is the current President of Parramatta Touch and Stuart Geros has impressed in his Junior Representative Director role at Manly Warringah Touch.

2015/16 Scorpions Working Group: Adam Fahim, Anthony Dudeck, Brad Mitchell, Brett Gillard, Dave Nolan, Ian Kalms, Mick McCall, Stuart Geros, Tim Kitchingham.

The primary objectives of this working group are as follows:
1. To meet together as a group with the outcomes of these meetings both clear and actionable
2. All members are encouraged to make active contributions and should be willing and able to take on responsibility for actions as appropriate to their skills and expertise
3. Scorpions committee members should provide assistance outside of their portfolio where extra resources are required for continued and ongoing success
4. Share a common goal that the general workload involved in running the permit be distributed evenly amongst the Committee & Working Group
5. Where possible partner and collaborate with the games governing bodies in both NSW Touch Association & Touch Football Australia

So once again it’s another huge and exciting year ahead, filled with many opportunities on and off the field.

Until next time…. Go Scorps!

Anthony Dudeck
Regional Director

2015/16 Sydney Scorpions Committee:
Regional Director – Anthony Dudeck
Assistant Regional Director – Tim Kitchingham
Regional Technical Director – Brad Mitchell
Regional Finance Director – Tim Kitchingham
Regional Juniors Director – Dave Nolan
Regional Selectors Director – Bruce Ager
Regional Referees Director – Bill Slade
Regional Senior Coaching Director – Mick McCall
Regional Merchandise Managers – Tim Kitchingham & Monique Nolan
Regional Communications Managers – Anthony Dudeck & Brad Mitchell
Regional Tournament Managers – Sandra Dyball & Scorpions Working Group

Applications for the vacant roles below are now being taken via email@sydneyscorpions.com
Sydney Scorpions Regional Junior Coaching Director
Sydney Scorpions Regional Participation Director
Sydney Scorpions Regional Sports Science Manager