2015 NSWTA Junior Regional Champion Permit

Congratulations to all involved with Sydney Scorpions once again the 2015 NSWTA Junior Regional Champion Permit. We had title wins with the 14 Boys, 14 Girls & 18 Girls. Our 18 Boys went down in their Final against the Sydney Rebels 4-3 in a drop-off.  The 16 Boys lost in a semi final drop-off to Sydney Mets 4-3 and our 16 Girls also lost in a semi final drop-off against Southern Suns 4-3. Well done to all on another successful campaign.

Congratulations to the following Scorpions Nolan Medal recipients for 2015:
Boys 14’s – Thomas Edgley
Girls 14’s – Pihuka Duff
Boys 16’s – Conor Hickey
Girls 16’s – Chloe Scranage
Boys 18’s – Jackson Mills
Girls 18’s – Kaitlin McCaffery

Sydney Scorpions wishes to congratulate the following players who were selected in the 2015 NSWTA State Merit teams:


Girls 14’s – Pihuka Duff, Lucy McDonald, Madison Higgins-Ashby, Taylah Nicholls, Sariah Paki


Girls 16’s – Faith Nathan, Brittney Clifford, Chloe Scranage, Aaliyah Paki, Rachel Fear, Abigael Shepard

Boys 14’s – Tom Baum,  Thomas Edgley, Ben Trbojevic, Decan Ahipene


oys 16’s – Shannon Gardiner, Ray Wehbe, Conor Hickey, Harrison Haywood

2015 REGIONAL CHAMPIONS – Boys 14’s – Ben Trbojevic (Manly), Connor McCann (Parramatta), Decan Ahipene (Manly), Ethan Klein (Parramatta), Flynn Angles-Corke (Parramatta), Griffin Bamford (Manly), Jesse Provan (Carlingford), Joshua Menzies (Manly), Joshua Rizk (Parramatta), Lachlan Bamford (Manly), Liam Jones (Parramatta), Thomas Edgley (Manly), Tom Baum (Northern Beaches), Tyrone Rotondo (Ryde Eastwood).

NSWTA JR 2015 Scorpions 14 Boys

2015 REGIONAL SEMI-FINALISTS – Boys 16’sConor Hickey (Manly), Elijah Pai (Northern Beaches), Harrison Haywood (Manly), Jeremy Allen (Northern Beaches), Jerome Van Der Heide (Manly), Jordan Dorozario (Hornsby), Keeley Bowen (Hornsby), Luke Maiolo (Manly), Nathan Van Buuren (Manly), Ray Wehbe (Hills), Sam Kelly (Manly), Samuel Edgley (Manly), Shannon Gardiner (Hills), Tom Suters (Manly). Shadows: Harry Binding,  (Northern Beaches), Fraser McGrath (Manly).

NSWTA JR 2015 Scorpions 16 Boys

2015 REGIONAL RUNNERS UP – Boys 18’s – Lachlan Bell (Ryde-Eastwood), Tom Collins (Manly), Brad Cincotta (Ryde-Eastwood), Cameron Dow (Ryde-Eastwood), Billy Eltakchi (Ryde-Eastwood), Brad Gibson (Ryde-Eastwood), Jacob Harrington (Parramatta), Jackson Mills (Parramatta), Luke Osbourne (Parramatta), Matt Rocca (Manly), Jarrah Rogan (Manly), Kai Simbolon (Parramatta), Richard Takchi (Ryde-Eastwood), Regan Walsh (Ryde-Eastwood). Shadows: Zac Simons (Manly), Mitchell Hyde (Parramatta).

NSWTA JR 2015 Scorpions 18 Boys

2015 REGIONAL CHAMPIONS – Girls 14’s – Billie Taylor (Manly), Isabella Geros (Manly), Julie Zubak (Parramatta), Kate Ryan (Manly), Lucy McDonald (Manly), Macy Corrothers (Northern Beaches), Madison Ashby (Manly), Mya Geros (Manly), Olivia Senior (Northern Beaches), Pihuka Duff (Manly),  Ruby Cooper (Ryde Eastwood), Sariah Paki (Manly), Taylah Nicholls (Carlingford), Tianah Geros (Manly).  Shadows: Josie Bee (Ryde Eastwood), Kira Stubbs (Northern Beaches).

NSWTA JR 2015 Scorpions 14 Girls

2015 REGIONAL SEMI-FINALS – Girls 16’s – Aaliyah Paki (Manly), Abbey Steanes (Manly), Abigael Shepard (Parramatta), Bailey Nix (Northern Beaches), Brittney Clifford (Manly), Chloe Scranage (Manly), Faith Nathan (Manly), Isabella Duncan (Hills), Madielyn Nolan (Manly), Paige French (Manly), Rachel Fear (Manly), Shannyn Bissett (Parramatta), Tamaryn McGregor (Hornsby), Tatum Bird (Parramatta), Shadows: Emily Lewis (Carlingford), Rose Murray (Hornsby).

NSWTA JR 2015 Scorpions 16 Girls

2015 REGIONAL CHAMPIONS – Girls 18’s Abbey Urwin (Parramatta), Chloe Cheney (Manly), Clare Vanzino (Northern Beaches), Georgia Voura (Parramatta), Jordan Roughan (Carlingford), Kaitlin McCaffery (Parramatta), Kasey Dragisic (Manly), Michala Ford (Parramatta), Nicole Saldern (Northern Beaches), Rachelle Davis (Manly), Steph Maiolo (Manly), Talisha Maruta (Parramatta), Tayla Clifford (Manly), Tayla Duguid (Parramatta). Shadows: Caitlin Cimorosti (Northern Beaches), Logan Glasson (Northern Beaches).

NSWTA JR 2015 Scorpions 18 Girls

Sydney Scorps JR Inferno 2015 - LowRes