Scorpions 2015 Junior Regional Squads

Congratulations to the following players named in our 2015 Sydney Scorpions 14/16/18’s NSWTA Junior Regional Championship squads.  Players were selected from the Junior State Cup which took place over the weekend at Port Macquarie.  We apologise in advance if there are any spelling errors with names, to have them corrected please get in contact.  Additionally we apologise as some affiliates did not provide the requested team registrations sheets so we could only identify and name player via their shirt number.  As per Sydney Scorpions policy section 4.9, “In regards to the Sydney Scorpions squads selected from the NSWTA Junior State Cup to complete at the NSWTA Junior Regionals (Girls & Boys 14/16/18 divisions), all players that were in previous years final team (excluding shadows) will be automatically included in the next year’s squad. For example, if a player made the 14 Girls team in 2014 and she is eligible for the 14 Girls again, she will automatically be included in the 14 Girls squad in 2015. However if she is now eligible for 16 Girls then she is not an automatic selection in the 16 Girls squad”

Girls 18’s: Abbey Urwin (Parramatta), Annabelle Mawhinney (Hornsby), Ashleigh Newlan (Parramatta), Brianna Sorbello (Carlingford), Caitlin Cimorosti (Renegades), Chloe Cheney (Manly), Clare Vanzino (Renegades), Geogia Randall (Renegades), Georgia Toovey (Manly), Georgia Voura (Parramatta), Hayley Goodson (Carlingford), Hannah Dyball (Manly), Hayley Jepson (Carlingford), Jane Vanzino (Renegades), Jasmine Mandy (Hornsby), Jordan Roughan (Carlingford), Kaitlin McCaffery (Parramatta), Kasey Dragisic (Manly), Katelyn Bramwell (Hornsby), Kristie Leonard (Manly), Logan Glasson (Renegades), Michala Ford (Parramatta), Nicole Saldern (Renegades), Rachelle Davis (Manly), Sinead McNamara (Manly), Stephanie Maiolo (Manly), Talisha Maruta (Parramatta), Tayla Clifford (Manly), Tayla Duguid (Parramatta).

Boy’s 18’s: Bill Eltakchi (Ryde Eastwood), Brad Cincotta (Ryde Eastwood), Brad Gibson (Ryde Eastwood), Bradley Stevenson (Parramatta), Cameron Dow (Ryde Eastwood), Daniel Curry (Hills), Dylan Peppernell (Manly), Edward McGeogh (Norths), Gregory Robinson (Manly), Jackson Mills, Jacob Harrington (Parramatta), Jarrah Rogan (Manly), Jaycob Fong (Manly), Joshua Wandl (Manly), Kai Simbolon (Parramatta), Kurt Lovett (Ryde Eastwood), Lachlan Bell (Ryde Eastwood), Lawrence Bingham (Parramatta), Luke Mansour (Parramatta), Luke Osbourne (Parramatta), Mark Kilpatrick (Norths), Marley Simbolon (Parramatta), Mason McDonald (Manly), Matt Wilson (Ryde Eastwood), Matthew Rocca (Manly), Max Simons (Manly), Mitchell Hyde (Parramatta), Nathan Cooper (Ryde Eastwood), Regan Walsh (Ryde Eastwood), Richard Takchi (Ryde Eastwood), Sam Watkins (Hills), Tom Collins (Manly), Tom Wong (Ryde Eastwood), Troy Black (Parramatta), William Hartwig (Norths), Zac Simons (Manly), Zane O’Neill (Manly).

Girls 16’s: Aaliyah Paki (Manly), Abbey Steanes (Manly), Abigael Shepherd (Parramatta), Alexia Van Noort (Hornsby), Ashleigh Donohue (Hornsby 2), Bailey Nix (Renegades), Brittney Clifford (Manly), Capri Vidler (Hills), Chloe Scranage (Manly), Dana Griffen (Parramatta), Ellie May Asprey (Manly), Emily Lewis (Carlingford), Faith Nathan (Manly), Isabella Beach (Manly), Isabella Duncan (Hills), Jaala Harrison (Manly), Katrina Smith (Hornsby ), Lauren Pruscino (Parramatta), Maddison Hartmann (Manly), Maddison Ivanhoff (Ryde Eastwood), Madeline Ferguson (Hills), Madielyn Nolan, Makenzie Glasson (Parramatta), Paige French (Manly), Rachel Fear (Manly), Rose Murray (Hornsby), Ruby Reid (Renegades), Shannyn Bissett (Parramatta), Tamaryn McGregor (Hornsby), Tamia Keams (Hills), Tatum Bird (Parramatta), Tully Marr (Manly), Tyana Wallace (Hills), # 11 (Norths), # 13 (Norths), # 6 (Norths), Jessica Drummond, (Carlingford) Kiarra Williams-Brown (Carlingford)

Boy’s 16’s: Adam Mrazek (Hills), Alec Arnold (Hornsby), Benjamin Farrugia (Parramatta), Bradley Attuell (Hills), Conor Hickey (Manly), Elijah Pai (Renegades), Evan Kaporis (Renegades), Fraser McGrath (Manly), Harrison Haywood (Manly), Harry Binding (Renegades), Jack Gray (Parramatta), Jack Walsh (Manly), Jerome Van Der Heise (Manly), Jordan Do Rozario (Hornsby), Joshu Anstee (Manly), Keeley Bowen (Hornsby), Luke Maiolo (Manly), Luke Spencer (Hornsby), Matt Swain (Manly), Michael Bechara (Parramatta), Mitch Donnelly (Renegades), Nathan Van Buuren (Manly), Ray Wehbe (Hills), Sam Kelly (Manly), Samuel Edgley (Manly), Shannon Gardiner (Hills), Tom Suters (Manly), Travis Osbourne (Parramatta), Tuatai Marsters (Manly), Will Bogunovic (Renegades), William O’Toole (Manly), Zach Stracey (Renegades).

Girls 14’s: Abbie Lewis (Ryde Eastwood), Billie Taylor (Manly), Chelsea McGregor (Hornsby), Chelsea Quinn (Ryde Eastwood), Eden Fraser (Ryde Eastwood), Emily Tan (Hornsby), Emma Vandervelde (Hornsby), Grace McInerny (Hornsby), Isabella Geros (Manly), Josie Bee (Ryde Eastwood), Julia Zubak (Parramatta), Karina Dombrovskis (Parramatta), Kate Ryan (Manly), Kiera Simula (Ryde Eastwood), Lily Tomlin (Carlingford), Lucy McDonald (Manly), Maddison Pritchard (Parramatta), Madison Ashby (Manly), Molly Donkin (Parramatta), Mya Geros (Manly), Paris Mooney (Parramatta), Pihuka Duff (Manly), Sariah Paki (Manly), Sinead Dunphy (Carlingford), Sophie Wickham (Manly), Taliah Simbolon (Parramatta), Tasma Woolley (Manly), Taylah Nicholls (Carlingford), Terasa Anjoul (Parramatta), Tianah Geros (Manly), Tiarne Alba (Carlingford), Tyler Pelligra (Parramatta), Zoe Warland (Carlingford), # 1 (Hills), # 14 Piper Martin, # 12 (Renegades), # 9 (Renegades), # 8 (Renegades), # 10 (Renegades), # 3 (Renegades), # 7 (Renegades).

Boy’s 14’s: Ben Trbojevic (Manly), Braithen Aspin (Hills), Campbell Byrd (Hills), Connor McCann (Parramatta), Decan Ahipene (Manly), Dylan Bosschieter (Manly), Etahn Klein (Parramatta), Flynn Agles Corke (Parramatta), Griffin Bamford (Manly), Jayme Elisa (Carlingford), Jesse Provan (Carlingford), Johnny Lee Gabriel (Parramatta), Joshu Fraser (Carlingford), Joshu Menzies (Manly), Joshu Rizk (Parramatta), Justin Dalby (Hills), Lachlan Bamford (Manly), Lachlan Brooke (Parramatta), Liam Jones (Parramatta), Mitchell Painter (Manly), Mitchell Quetcher (Manly), Nate Scranage (Manly), Oscar McMillan (Manly), Thomas Edgley (Manly), Tyrone Rotondo (Ryde Eastwood), Zane Camroux (Ryde Eastwood), Ned Ritchie (Renegades), Tyrese Walker (Renegades), Charlie Norrish (Renegades), Kaya Walker (Renegades), Jordan Hill (Renegades), Jason Smyth (Renegades), Tom Baum (Renegades), Hilton Ovenden (Renegades).