Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their coaching appointments for the 2024 NSWTA Junior Regionals. Event details such as dates and venue are still to be confirmed. The upcoming junior representative calendar including various Gala Days can be found via our Scorpions calendar with further junior campaign timelines and pathway information to be published in coming weeks. The Team Manager appointments will be announced closer to the event.

Boys 12’s
Head Coach – Indra Adnyana
Assistant Coach – Jane Armstrong

Girls 12’s
Head Coach – Chloe Butcher
Assistant Coach – Jo Lawson
Assistant Coach – Sailor Perrett

Boys 14’s
Head Coach – Heath Cooper
Head Coach – Willie Bishop
Assistant Coach – Joel Marsters

Girls 14’s
Head Coach – Te Aroha Paki
Assistant Coach – Kylie Nicholas
Assistant Coach – Mark Jones

Boys 16’s
Head Coach – Craig Lowe
Assistant Coach – Ian Kalms
Assistant Coach – Steve Matthews

Girls 16’s
Head Coach – Gloria Berryman
Head Coach – Kalani Duff-Berryman
Assistant Coach – Joel Begnell

Boys 18’s
Head Coach – Brad Curl
Assistant Coach – Phil McIlwraith

Girls 18’s
Head Coach – Keith Smith
Head Coach – Trevor McDougall