Scorpions will announce our initial Junior Regional squads by 7 March, with selected players invited to trial on Sunday 17 March at Beacon Hill Reserve. Train-on squads from this initial squad trial will be published around 20 March.

Additionally, Sydney Scorpions will publish our Boys and Girls U10 merit teams, with players invited to attend a training session on Sunday 17 March at Beacon Hill Reserve.

The NSWTA Junior Regional event will take place on 27-28 April at the Glen Willow Regional Sporting Complex, Mudgee. No date or venue has been announced as yet via TFA in relation to the National Youth Championships with the Sunshine Coast Stadium and Kamana Sports Precinct unavailable due to pending redevelopment ahead of the 2032 Olympic Games.

Additional information can be found via here and via the Scorpions calendar.

Coaching appointments for the 2024 NSWTA Junior Regionals can be found below, with the remaining Team Manager appointments to be announced closer to the event.

Boys 12’s
Head Coach – Indra Adnyana
Head Coach – Joel Marsters
Assistant Coach – Paul Macpherson
Manager – Jane Armstrong

Girls 12’s
Head Coach – Chloe Butcher
Assistant Coach – Jo Lawson
Assistant Coach – Sailor Perrett

Boys 14’s
Head Coach – Heath Cooper
Head Coach – Willie Bishop

Girls 14’s
Head Coach – Te Aroha Paki
Assistant Coach – Kylie Nicholas
Assistant Coach – Mark Jones

Boys 16’s
Head Coach – Craig Lowe
Assistant Coach – Dallas Paterson

Girls 16’s
Head Coach – Gloria Berryman
Head Coach – Kalani Duff-Berryman

Boys 18’s
Head Coach – Brad Curl
Assistant Coach – Phil McIlwraith
Manager – Amy Alagna

Girls 18’s
Head Coach – Keith Smith
Head Coach – Trevor McDougall
Assistant Coach – Jordan Kelly