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NTL 2018 Champion Permit

Congratulations to all involved on another successful National Touch League campaign with Sydney Scorpions retaining the champion permit Golden Boot trophy.  Our NSW Scorpions Women’s successfully won back to back Elite 8 tiles and we had divisional success in the Men’s 30’s Men’s 40’s, Men’s 50’s & Men’s 55’s – with many other teams making it to their respective finals.  Also congratulations to our award winners from our annual NTL Dinner along with the new inductees into the Sydney Scorpions Hall of Fame.

Games in the finals of the National Touch League and Elite Eight 2018 couldn’t have been tighter, with 11 of the 16 grand final scores just one touchdown apart.  The Women’s Elite 8 went into a drop off, and, despite a slow start, the NSW Scorpions won 4-3 against the Broncos to claim back to back titles.  More close action in the Men’s 30’s (the Scorpions stung the Sharks, 9-8), and the Women’s 35’s (the Hornets beat the Cobras 3-2).  In the Men’s 40’s, the Scorpions got away from the Hornets, 10-6.  Another Sharks versus Scorpions challenge in the Men’s 45’s – but this time the Sharks took the win, 6-5. And another Scorpion vs Hornets match in the Women’s 45’s, where this time the Hornets came out on top, 3-2. The Scorpions won against the Sharks in the Men’s 50’s, and against Sunshine Coast in the 55’s.  But the Cyclones in the inaugural Men’s 60’s division at NTL managed to outperform the Scorps, with a win of 5-4.

NTL Players of the Final:
Women’s Elite 8: 
Laura Peattie (NSW Scorpions)
Men’s 30’s: Kyle Joyce (Sydney Scorpions)
Men’s 40’s: Darren Reynoldson (Sydney Scorpions)
Men’s 45’s: Bruce MacDonald (Sydney Scorpions)
Men’s 50’s: Brandon McDonald (Sydney Scorpions)
Men’s 55’s: David Cheung (Sydney Scorpions)

Scorpions Medals & Awards:
Men’s Elite 8 Boland Trophy – Ciaran Toner
Women’s Elite 8 Boland Trophy – Faith Nathan
Men’s T-League – Connor Hickey
Women’s T-League – Simone Rodgers
Women’s 27’s – Kate Van Beek
Senior Mixed – Vanessa Hunter
Men’s 30’s – Willie Bishop
Men’s 40’s – Steve Matthews
Women’s 40’s – Johanne Jo
Women’s 45’s – Katrina McIlwraith
Men’s 45’s – Mark Leonard
Men’s 50’s – James Marks
Men’s 55’s – David Cheung
Men’s 60’s – Phil O’Keefe

Junior Coach of the Year: Brandon McDonald
Senior Coach of the Year: Barry Gibson
Manager of the Year: Kerrie Doyle
Referee of the Year: Andrew Smith
Regional Directors Award (Brett Gillard Medal): Michelle Geros

Outstanding Achievement at Affiliate Level (new award category):
Craig Nicholls & Tracey Elliott – Rise of Carlingford Touch Association
Graham Knights – Rod Wise Medal & TFA Volunteer of the Year Recipient
Craig Beacroft – Hills Hornets Vawdon Cup Women’s Div 1 & State Cup WOB Champions 2017
Terry & Chris Cooper – Hornsby State Cup Men’s Open Champions 2017
Barry Gibson – Manly Warringah Vawdon & State Cup Women’s Open Champions 2017

In Appreciation Awards:
Sarah Nash – For administration support to Sydney Scorpions during NTL 2018
Julianne Bowen – For administration support to Sydney Scorpions during NTL 2018
Michael Donaghy – For Sports Science services to Sydney Scorpions
Parramatta Touch Association – For the use of Doyle Ground for team training & junior selection trials
Manly Touch Association – For the use of Nolan Reserve for team training and Scorpions Junior Gala Day

NTL Dinner Scorpions Medal Winners

Women’s Elite 8 Champions

Men’s 30’s Champions

Men’s 40’s Champions

Men’s 50’s Champions

Men’s 55’s Champions

2018 Junior Regional Teams

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their final teams to compete at the NSWTA Junior Regional Championships to be held at Penrith on 28-29 April, 2018.

Girls 14’s: Camille Berryman, Edie Burke, Emily Smith, Esme Sergi, Gillian Fa’aumu, Imogen Sayer, Lucy Forrest, MacKenzie Davis, Matilda Daniels, Milla Elaro, Olivia Rose Inkster, Sienna Hinwood, Thea Prasetya, Yasmin Aloisio. Shadows: Addison Cordery, Amelia Polley, Marissa Stubbs, Zara Halliday.

Boys 14’s: Aiden Flynn, Daniel Bertolissio, Dylan Coutts, Finn Watkins, Josh Turner, Luke Maroun, Malakai Latilevu, Nathan Hall, Ollie Cummins, Oscar Gray, Ryan Field, Savelio Tamale, Thomas Klem, Vikay Rawali. Shadows: Dylan Bissett, Dylan Charlier, Matt Chatten, Noah Read.

Girls 16’s: Adelaide Sylvester, Brearna Nathan, Caitlin Hickey, Ellie Kerr, Holli Raaf, Isabella Geros, Jessica Nagy, Kiiahla Duff, Lara Wilkinson, Macy Carrothers, Maddi McGrath, Maddie Binding, Malayika Russell, Millie Durdevic. Shadows: Gracie Carpenter, Jade Pond, Tia Young.

Boys 16’s: Cuban Porter-Sheen, Daniel O’Donnell, Harry Fryer, Jesse Michniewicz, Kyle Bowen, Lachoneus Paki, Liam Haskins, Liam Jones, Nathan Hassan, Nick Russell,  Tom Morrison, Witika Ress Hatu, Zach Couper, Tom Jarrett. Shadows: Brody Hoy, Harrison Read, Joseph Rahme, Keahlan Bray.

Girls 18’s: Bailee Nix, Billie Taylor, Briana Hibbert, Emily Phelps, Faith Nathan, Grace Hanks, Julia Zubak, Molly Donkin, Molly Donohoe, Olivia Steer, Paris Mooney, Sariah Paki, Tatum Bird, Tyler Pelligra.

Boys 18’s: Adrian Sciglitano, Alex Nolan, Ben Tait, Boehn Russell, Cody Morgan, Decan Ahipene, Ethan Klein, Jack Griffiths, Josh Menzies, Matt Swain, Nate Scranage, Tom Skelly, Tuatai Marsters, Tyreece Figota. Shadows: Lachlan Nolan, Ned Ritchie.