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Scorpions Boys & Girls 18 Teams

Sydney Scorpions is pleased to announce their Boys & Girls 18’s teams to compete at the 2017 NSWTA Junior Regional championships.  Teams of 14 players have been selected with a number of shadows named who are encouraged to actively train with the team.  Any final team player that does not adhere to the team training schedule can be replaced by a shadow.  Training will commence after the National Touch League (8-11 March, 2017).

Boys 18’s:  Conor Hickey, Dallas Paterson, Elijah Pai, Harry Haywood, Jack Walsh, Jez Allen, Keeley Bowen, Matt Swain, Ray Wehbe, Sam Edgley, Sam Kelly, Tom Suters, Tuatai Marsters, Will Bogunovic. Shadows: Fraser McGrath, Leon Frangi, Tyreese Figota

Girls 18’s: Abbey Steanes, Ally Dallaway, Alysse Cooper, Bailee Nix, Bella Duncan, Brittney Clifford, Chloe Scranage, Elise Wilson, Faith Nathan, Lexi Van Noort, Molly Bird, Olivia Steer, Tammy McGregor, Tatum Bird. Shadows: Abigael Shepherd, Jessica Drummond, Karsyn Toleafoa, Kiarra Williams-Browne

Additionally Sydney Scorpions is requesting accommodation requirements for all our Boys & Girls 14/16/18’s teams which will compete at the 2017 NSWTA Junior Regional Championships to be held in Ballina in the school holidays on Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 April 2017.  Our final Boys & Girls 18’s teams have been announced with our 14/16’s named on Sunday 5 March after our Junior Elite Camp.  All accommodation requests close on Sunday 12 March at 5pm.

– All final team players need to complete this form whether they require accommodation or not
– Minimum accommodation is Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday night is an optional extra
– Accommodation in Ballina will be made available for players & where possible families
– Once all requests are collected accommodation costs will be advised – these will be separate to Scorpions JR levy
– Players are expected to be in Ballina on the Friday night with team dinners to be arranged & additionally some teams will also have light training session most likely not starting earlier than 5.00pm
– The tournament will commence Saturday 22 April in the morning and is expected to conclude on the Saturday at 4.00pm, with our Scorpions Junior Regional Dinner to take place that evening at Ballina RSL with tickets for parents available online shortly
– Sunday games commence at 9.00am with finals games concluded prior to 2.00pm.  The presentations and announcement of Merit teams will follow the last game
– The event will be held at: Saunders Oval, 144/146 Tamar Street, Ballina NSW 2478


2017 Junior Regional Squads & Elite Camp

CAMP UPDATE @ Friday 9.30am – Despite the current wet weather the camp will still proceed.  Please find the updated Info Sheet and Code of Conduct information below.

Junior Elite Camp – Expectations of Behaviour – Code of Conduct:  All players when they register online for NSWTA events or their own local club competitions check a box to adhere by the Member Protection Policy & Codes of Ethics Behaviour.  As Scorpions are an entity of NSWTA, all players attending our camp have agreed to be bound by these policies through registering to play Touch Football. Any player found in breach of these policies can be stood down from representing Sydney Scorpions and/or their local affiliate and/or higher representative teams.  These policies can be found here: If any player or parents have any concerns or questions on above please make contact via  NB: Photo & video images may be taken at this camp and used for promotion purposes.

–  Scorpions Junior Elite Camp will take place on 4-5 March, 2017 at Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen
– Please find information on the camp in this document – Scorpions Junior Elite Camp Info Sheet – March17 v2.0
– This will act as the Boys & Girls 14/16’s final selection trial weekend for our 2017 Junior Regional teams
– The cost of this two day camp will be $100 per player inclusive of meals, accommodation and training singlet

We request that all 14/16 squad players (and/or parents) join the appropriate Facebook group as listed below:
Scorpions Boys 14’s Junior Regionals 2017:
Scorpions Girls 14’s Junior Regionals 2017:
Scorpions Boys 16’s Junior Regionals 2017:
Scorpions Girls 16’s Junior Regionals 2017: