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Scorpions 2015 Junior Regional Squads

Congratulations to the following players named in our 2015 Sydney Scorpions 14/16/18’s NSWTA Junior Regional Championship squads.  Players were selected from the Junior State Cup which took place over the weekend at Port Macquarie.  We apologise in advance if there are any spelling errors with names, to have them corrected please get in contact.  Additionally we apologise as some affiliates did not provide the requested team registrations sheets so we could only identify and name player via their shirt number.  As per Sydney Scorpions policy section 4.9, “In regards to the Sydney Scorpions squads selected from the NSWTA Junior State Cup to complete at the NSWTA Junior Regionals (Girls & Boys 14/16/18 divisions), all players that were in previous years final team (excluding shadows) will be automatically included in the next year’s squad. For example, if a player made the 14 Girls team in 2014 and she is eligible for the 14 Girls again, she will automatically be included in the 14 Girls squad in 2015. However if she is now eligible for 16 Girls then she is not an automatic selection in the 16 Girls squad”Continue Reading