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Coaching Appointments – Junior Regionals 2017

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their coaching teams for the 2017 NSW Touch Junior Regional tournament.  This event is held in April 2017 with exact dates and venue still to be advised via NSW Touch.  Scorpions have a proud tradition at this tournament being crowned Champion Permit for the past seven years.  Our final selection trial for our 14/16’s teams will be via our Junior Elite Camp to be held at Sydney Sports Academy at Narrabeen on 4-5 March 2017.  Further information on our Scorpions STING Junior Development program can be found via

Sydney Scorpions 2017 Junior Regional Coaching Appointments:

Boys 14’s:  Head Coach – Brandon McDonald  Assistant Coach – Matt Lawson
Boys 16’s:  Head Coach – Matthew Scranage  Assistant Coach – Tua Marsters
Boys 18’s:  Head Coach – Brad Curl  Assistant Coach – Alex Ferro  Manager – Keith Lee

Girls 14’s: Head Coach – Peter Langmack Assistant Coaches – Andrew Windsor & Craig Beacroft
Girls 16’s: Head Coaches – Anthony Dudeck & Keith Smith  Assistant Coach – Carol Jones
Girls 18’s: Head Coach – Melissa Mitchell  Assistant Coach – Tracey Elliot

Scorps JR Coaches

Scorpions STING – Sunday 23 October

Our next Scorpions STING development & TalentID training session takes place this Sunday. Incumbent players that did not attend the first STING session are expected to be at this second session to assist selectors with TalentID. These sessions are an excellent opportunity for players to take their touch game to the next level and also be seen in front our Scorps coaches and selectors. This upcoming Junior Regional campaign promises to be our biggest yet with initial squads being selected from the 2017 NSW Touch Junior State Cup. Players from our 14/16’s squads will then be invited to our inaugural Scorps Junior Elite Camp. This two day camp will be held at the Sydney Academy of Sport at Narrabeen on 4-5 March 2017, and will act as our final selection weekend for our Girls & Boys 14’s & 16’s teams.

Scorpions STING Girls & Boys 14’s:
Session 2 – Sunday 23 October 8.00am-9.30am
Girls & Boys 14’s – Eligible for U/14’s Division at 2017 Junior State Cup, i.e. Born during 2003 & 2004

Scorpions STING Girls & Boys 16’s:
Session 2 – Sunday 23 October 9.30am-11.00am
Girls & Boys 16’s – Eligible for U/16’s Division at 2017 Junior State Cup, i.e. Born during 2001 & 2002

Venue: Narrabeen Sports High All Weather Facility, North Narrabeen
What to Bring: Water bottle, sunscreen & wear your local touch club colours
Online Rego: Open Now via

Highlights of the STING program include the following:
– Two development & TalentID training sessions to be held for Boys & Girls 14/16’s during September & October 2016, at the Narrabeen Sports High All Weather facility
– Increased focus, development and TalentID on our Boys & Girls 18’s & T-League squads leading up to the 2017 Junior Regional & National Touch League tournaments
– The inaugural Scorpions Boys & Girls 14/16’s Junior Elite Camp to be held as our final selection trial weekend on 4-5 March 2017 at the Sydney Academy of Sport at Narrabeen



Scorpions STING Coaching Team:  Alex Ferro, Anthony Dudeck, Andy Windsor, Barry Gibson, Brad Curl, Brad Mitchell, Brandon McDonald, Carol Jones, Craig Beacroft, Dave Nolan, Jason Martin, Keith Lee, Keith Smith, Matt Lawson, Matt Scranage, Mel Mitchell, Peter Langmack, Tracey Elliot, Tua Marsters.

Scorpions STING Junior Elite Camp:
Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 March, 2017 at Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen
– Will act as the Boys & Girls 14/16’s final selection trial weekend for our 2017 Junior Regional teams
– 24 player squads selected from the NSW Touch Junior State Cup are invited to the camp
– Further info including schedule and costs to be provided in coming months
– 18’s teams finalised via two trials on Friday 24 & Sunday 26 February

All Sydney Scorpions event dates can be found via our calendar which also includes the NSW Touch & TFA calendars found via Sydney Scorpions Events Calendar.

Scorpions STING Junior Dev Program 2016-17 – Program Launch Info Deck – July16

Scorps STING 2016-17

NTL 2017 T-League Information

Sydney Scorpions are pleased to announce their updated Women’s T-League train-on squads. Two squads have been published as Scorpions will be sending two teams to the NTL. Additional players who have previously played Elite 8 will most likely be added over coming weeks. Players can still be moved from one squad to another as the selection process continues over coming weeks. Any interested coaches that would like to be involved in the second Women’s T-League team should make contact with Scorpions Coaching Director via Further information and expressions of interest from players that have not trialled as yet can be made via

Women’s T-League 1 (27 players as at 20/10/16): Abbey Steanes, Amelia Suters, Annalise Kay, Bailee Nix, Briana Hibbert, Caitlin Cimarosti, Chloe Scranage, Clare Belfanti, Clare Vanzino, Courtney Milone, Emily Goodsir, Isabella Geros, Jade Geros, Jane Hill, Jane Vanzino, Larissa Canning, Lucy McDonald, Madison Higgins-Ashby, Michala Ford, Nicole Saldern, Olivia Steer, Sabrina Green, Shannyn Bissett, Simone Rodgers, Talisha Maruta, Tatum Bird, Taylah Nicholls.

Women’s T-League 2 (18 players as at 24/10/16): Alana Barlow, Ash Clegg, Ash Newlan, Brianna Sorbello, Brittney Haskins, Caitlin Rodgers, Hayley Bird, Hayley Creed, Jacelyn Maher, Kate Ryan, Lara Grzechnik, Maddy Graham, Madeline Wright, Mel Harrison, Molly Bird, Olwen Higgins, Sarah Woodrow, Stephanie Haskins.

Sydney Scorpions is pleased to announce their updated Men’s T-League squad. Another trial will take place in late October with further information available in coming weeks. This squad will be more than likely impacted by the NSWTA Elite 8 squads, of which further information will be available in coming weeks. Further information and contact via

Men’s T-League (27 players as at 24/10/16): Anthony Mercieca, Brad Davoren, Campbell Marks, Charlie Suters, Jacob Eldick, Jacob Harrington, Jarrah Rogan, Jaycob Fong, Jeremy Wallace,  Josh O’Connor, Josh Phillips, Keeley Bowen, Lawrence Bingham, Liam Simbolon, Luke Maiolo, Luke Osborne, Marley Simbolon, Mason McDonald, Ray Wehbe, Rodjay Gonzales, Sam Edgley, Sam Kelly, Sam Watkins, Tom Collins, Tom Suters, Trevor Yiu, Zac Simons.

– T-League players need to be born in or after 1997 (no minimum age), with no age restriction for up to six players
– Ongoing Talent ID will take place during the 2016 Vawdon Cup season and State of Origin series
– The T-League trial will take place on Sunday 25 September 10.30am-12.30pm at Narrabeen Sports High All Weather Facility, North Narrabeen
– Following this trial squad training will commence to finalise teams, taking into account some players may be included in Elite 8 draft which will be conducted later in the year
– Further information via

Men’s T-League:  Head Coach – Brad Curl  Assistant Coaches – Anthony Dudeck & Matt Lawson  Manager – Keith Lee
Women’s T-League:  Head Coach – Brandon McDonald  Assistant Coaches – Craig Beacroft & Keith Smith  Interim Manager – Keith Smith
Mixed Open:  Head Coach – Jye Malcolm  Assistant Coach – Andrew Windsor  Manager – TBC

NTL 2017 Senior Squads

Sydney Scorpions 2017 National Touch League updated squads for our senior teams can now be found below.  The tournament will take place in Coffs Harbour from 8-11 March, 2017.  Squad training will continue to take place during September/October with all teams finalised by 14 November, 2016.   Contact details for each team can be found below and additionally you can make contact via

NTL 2017 – Key Dates:
Mon 14 November – NTL updated senior squads published (all included need to submit deposits & uniform info)
Mon 21 November – NTL uniforms, player deposits due
Wed 7 December – NTL final senior teams published (post State Cup)
During Dec/Jan – Accommodation requests taken & levy payments due

NTL Senior Squads Train-on Squad / Trials:
Women’s T-League 
– Sunday 16 October 10am-12noon at TG Millner Field, Marsfield
Women’s 27’s – Friday 4 November 7.00pm at Wrights Road Reserve, Kellyville
Women’s 40’s – Sunday 23 October 9.15am at Nolan Reserve, North Manly
Women’s 45’s – Sunday 23 October 3.00pm at Nolan Reserve, North Manly
Men’s T-League – TBC next trial will be around the end of October 2016
Men’s 30’s – Sunday 6 November 3.00pm at TG Millner Field, Marsfield
Men’s 40’s – Sunday 6 November 3.00pm at TG Millner Field, Marsfield
*More trial info published here when it comes to hand

NTL Coaching Appointments:
Mixed Opens:
Head Coach – Jye Malcolm  Assistant Coach – Andrew Windsor   Email:
Senior Mixed: Head Coach – Shannon Warren  Email:
Men’s 30’s: Head Coach – Terry Cooper  Email:
Men’s 40’s: Head Coach – Ron Larcombe  Email:
Men’s 50’s: Head Coach – Brett Gillard  Email:
Men’s 55’s: Head Coach – Cliff Lyons  Email:
Women’s 27’s: Head Coach – Charlie Hassarati  Manager – Cindy Dawson Email:
Women’s 40’s: Head Coach – Lynda Robertson  Manager – Kerrie Doyle  Email:
Women’s 45’s: Head Coach – Paul Robinson  Email:

NTL Senior Squads updated as at 13/10/16:



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